Monday, September 11, 2006


(Sorry Papa - hope I'm not jumping the gun on you... there's been discussion about this. Forgive me.)

I lived with 4.5 million of these things around the house.

I hated them...they were like the evil clown bed. Always laughing and threatening to kill me in my sleep.

BTW - this baby goes for $350Au and in other places around the web $200 USD or $240Eur.

"King Edward VII is particularly interesting because he is a limited edition. On verso of base is a handwritten number, 1893, as well as a certificate of authenticity signed by Stuart R. Lyons, chairman of Royal Doulton Ltd. Henry VIII is dated 1975 and is stamped with a signature on verso of base and hand-painted with the number 71"



Anonymous said...

I saw the mug in the episode tonight that Jack pulled out of the box...How ugly can a mug be?? That was one ugly and scary mug!

Karen said...

It's so ugly it's awesome. I want one now too. Somehow, this mug is just screams "Vera" to me!