Monday, September 18, 2006

Portrait of an Update


Manchester Gothic
Vera calls up Hillary the artist to tell her to keep her hands off of her husband. Her call apparantly is so filled with raw passion that Hillary has to come down to the Rovers to meet her. Vera's face fills with anger and we cut to commerical.

When we return, HIllary is soaking and I couldn't quite figure out why. Turns out our Vera gave her the classic Rovers hose down - a pint of beer in the face.

This just makes Hillary fall more in love with her and she insists that both Jack and Vera be subjects of her next paintings. Vera cautiously asks what the big idea about needing the deceased bodies is. I assumed that Hillary did one of those mummified body exhibits, but no... She explains that she does a series of paintings of a subject and when they die, she takes the cremated remains of her subject and mixes it with the paint to create a final piece.

I might be the only one saying this, but, 'Neat.' I actually thought that was a cool idea.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, Vera's not buying it so Hillary suggests a one off painting called, 'Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth, Portrait of a Marriage'.

Carol Returns
Carol comes back home and after getting blasted by Jamie and Frankie she apologies to Jamie for staying out all night, saying that she's not used to people worrying about her.

Then as an aside to him, she tells him that the reason she stayed out is because she couldn't stand to see what was going on in the house, with Frankie trying to steal him from her.

Jamie tells her to go to bed and she stomps off like a tempermental 12 year old.

The writing and acting on this story line is SUPERB! Ever taken care of an alcoholic? They got this pretty much dead on as far as I'm concerned.

Speaking of 12 Year Olds
Sophie is pissed that she didnt' get her Fredricks of Hollywood bra and is taking it out on Kev and Sally by being beligerant.

A Problem Like Michael
Penny comes to Danny and begs him to talk to Mike about seeing a doctor and to start getting his affairs in order. Leanne flits around in the background making stupid comments about Viv stealing Mike while Danny seems non-plus about the whole thing.

Finally, seeing how upset Penny is, Danny agrees to talk to Mike. Later, at the Rovers, Lady MacBeth, I mean Leanne encourages Danny to suck up to Mike and maybe get Adam off of the inheritence list.

Danny says not to worry because unless Mike marries Penny, he's still gonna get half of everything.

Too bad a few scenes back we see Mike buy an engagement ring for Penny.

Finally we get to the Danny/Mike heart to heart. Danny tries to persuade Mike to retire, but he won't hear of it. Mike then explains how he wants to split the business down the middle between Danny and Adam.

(Get out your sliderulers here, folks.)

Danny says fine, but remember that he already bought 49% of the business and that when Mike gives him half of the other 51%, Danny will own 'free quaters of de buznezz.'

Mike says, 'Oh no, no, no...I'll give you 1% and Adam 50% to keep it all equal. He says he needs the money that Danny paid to help him through retirement.

Then he asks Danny if he should go to the doctor like Penny and Adam keep suggesting. Danny, seething with inner rage, tells him that he's as fit as a fiddle and that Penny and Adam are just trying to scheme behind his back.

There's gonna be some GOOD storyline coming up.

Holey Moley
Moley goes to the jail to talk to Jimmy, under much protest from Steve. There's so much screaming now with these two that it's begining to hurt my ears.

Moley goes to Jimmy and he tells her that if she doesn't give back the money, he'll kill her. She says that she's keeping the money and if he bitches, she'll tell the courts about the rest of hte money and he'll be in jail for a very long time and she tosses her hair back and storms out.

Really Steve, I'm thinking she's more trouble than she's worth.

In Other News
There's a gratuitous bare chest scene of Richard Fleischman.

Vern used to be with Simply Red before they were Simly Red....back when they were Plaid, I guess.

the end.

In Other


Rob said...

Whatever happened to that ring that Mike got for Penny?

He left it in the office remember, but when he went back to the factory to get it he forgot what he was doing there, and Penny (who's a saint isn't she?) got the road atlas for her Christmas box.

Anonymous said...

As Reg Holdsworth once said "All will be revealed!"

I am loving the scenes with Danny and Mike, gold my friends, pure gold.

S. Poole

Anonymous said...

Is Mike on crack? He would honestly think giving one son 1 per cent, and the other son 50 per cent is fair and equal?

To be fair, and in light of what I think is going to come, Danny did do his best to point out that he already WAS a partner, regardless of kinship -- but Mike just wasn't listening.

Jacqueline said...

I totally think Danny's right to be pissed.

Rob said...

My friend Mary thinks that Steve is so sweet, but I can't figure out his appeal. Let's see now - since I've been watching, there's been Karen, Tracey, the Oyrish gurl, and now Ronnie. Can one of you women explain it to me please?

He dresses like he sleeps in his clothes, he's not the brightest light on the Chrissy tree, and that scene after Christmas with him and Moley curled up on the sofa...remember Steve in his underwear and socks?...and the two of them having that scintillating debate about the origins of the term 'Boxing Day'...

He's got to be pretty good in the sack is all I can think of...or have some pretty large hidden assets...

Jacqueline said...

I think a long time ago, when he was in his youth, Steve had some sex appeal with his eyes.

Now I just think he is starting to creep towards some kind of Homer Simpson/Jack Duckworthness

Karen said...

Definately Steve had a lot of potential for sexy hotness at one point...remember when he was a bad boy and went to prison? Grrrr.... now? Yep, definately seeing shades of Jack there. However, he'll always be hotter than Andy.

Anonymous said...

Steve was wasn't so bad looking when he had hair....

Mrs. D

kowy said...

Don't go knocking poor Andy. I thought he was awesome and MUCH better looking than his brother.

Then again, Steve looks uncannily like my brother and that is creepy in so many, many ways.

missusmac said...

I think he has the puppy dog look going for him. Plus, he's funny, can be quite witty. He also runs/owns his own business, which is attractive to women.

And he's nice to his mother, and she really doesn't deserve it.