Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh the Agony Update

I really do think the writers are outdoing themselves lately and I’m not sure which story line I love more the Rosie/Craig romance or the Mike Baldwin tragedy. Very smart writing and superb acting all around.

How about ‘Agador Sparticus’?
Sean and Violet are still talking about the child they want to produce in 5 years and offer up names like Hamish Algernon or Lucrecia Lilly.

Violet seems sufficiently scared by this prospect and I think both parties realize that the 2011 baby may not happen.

Just as things get too sad, Jack pops his head around the corner to ask Sean for some assistance. He would like to use some tanning lotion in order to not be pastey white for his portrait sitting.

Jack being Jack of course, overdoes it on the lotion and comes back into the Rovers looking like an orange lobster. Vera is furious because she believes he’s grooming himself for a fancy lady.


And Sally’s a Bitch
Gayle after hearing about the Rosie affair from Audrey heads over to Sally’s house to offer some advice and words of comfort. Gayle is actually a decent human being here because she has practical advice as a mother from the land of ‘been there, done that’.

She tells Sally how heartbroken and worried she was when Sarah became pregnant, etc., etc. Sally responds with, ‘Yeah, but Rosie’s different, she’s an academic.’ (Not like your loser daughter….). Gayle once again handles the situation like a mensch and reminds Sally that not everyone is so unhappy with a simple life in Weatherfield.

Later, Haley pays a visit to Sally to talk about Sophie and how upset she is about the bra situation. Sally takes a shot at Haley’s coming of age as a boy and then tells her to stop trying to take her kids just because she can’t have kids of her own.


Bev is worried about going on the cruise with Liz because she might be the third party to Liz and Vern’s love cruise. She ends up inviting Fred who gladly, I say GLADLY accepts the offer.

When she tells Liz, Liz makes fun of Fred’s appearance until Bev explains that she has feelings for Fred. Then Liz, well, makes fun of Fred’s appearance.


Mr. Ed
Ed and Emily have been getting chummy much to the approval of Rita and the dismay of Norris. When all three go out for drinks, Norris is perfectly rude to Ed and the lady’s are embarrassed.

As the evening wears on and Emily and Rita get a bit ‘dizzy’ with the sherry, Ed becomes even more delightful to them. Norris is fit to be tied.

A bit later up at the bar, Mr. Ed buys the last package of pork rinds that Eileen had her eye on. When she makes a comment he gives them to her and there are some maybe romantical/interested looks between him.

I have no idea what this guy is up to now. I’m putting my money down on a cult.

Break Out the Hankies

Well, Penny ended up saying, ‘I’m flattered, but no thanks to the marriage’ and Mike’s response is to go marching out of the restaurant nearly in tears. Penny tries to follow him, but the waiter wants the bill paid so she has to deal with that.

Mike quickly gets lost in the car and has to ask directions to ‘Weatherfield’ from some stranger. When the guy says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Mike responds with, ‘It’s the place with the gate that you need to unlock.’ He then remembers Weatherfield Keys and the stranger gives him instructions that even I couldn’t follow.

He eventually ends up at the Rovers and greets Rita and Emily and asks where Bet is. Rita assumes she heard wrong and points to Bev. Mike seems to be happy in a place he recognizes and even more happy when Penny finds him. He’s forgotten all about the fight in the restaurant and is looking forward to going home.

Back home Penny reminds him about the proposal and he is upset that she doesn’t want to marry him because she thinks he’s losing it. Adam enters the room and Mike begins to assure them that he’s okay by telling them what’s on the table behind him.

He continues on this game until Penny asks, ‘What day is it?’ This is all too real for Adam who leaves the flat and Penny is faced with the task of showing Mike the reality of his situation.

He then storms off and when he comes back…..

Brace yourselves…..

He’s got Penny’s bags packed and is throwing her out of the house accusing her and Adam of trying to put him in a home to take his money.

She cries that she loves him and only wants to help him but..

Seriously, brace yourself…

He grabs her by the arm and tosses her out as she is crying that she loves him and he shouts, ‘You’ve never loved me and I’ve never loved you, get out you skinny little bitch.’

Last scene is of Penny crying with her face against the door window.



Anonymous said...

I've been preparing myself for the Mike storyline, the heartbreak and all. I was shocked at how horrible Sally was to Haley tho!!! Does Sally even have any friends?? I dislike Tracey for obvious reasons,(yet enjoy the dastardly way she can be) but Sally just knocks the socks off me as to how rude and uncaring she is.

papasmurf said...

Sally is indeed a cow.

Karen said...

Holy Sh#t! I knew I should have stayed home last night. I was planning on watching Corrie Street during the week this week because I'm doing the Run for the CUre on Sunday and will miss it. Dangnabit. Sounds like it was super exciting! Poor Mike/Penny/Adam and oh yeah, Sally is once again showing her true colours and trying to steal the title of Corrie Street's Biggest Bitch.

John said...

I watched this episode in a country pub in Scotland last year. After the big emotional scene with Mike and Penny, some drunken Scotsman behind me bellowed, "Aye, that's brilliant, that is!"

I always get a little pissed off with how intolerant the people on the street are to Hayley. She and Roy are probably the only honest, trustworthy people around and people treat them like crap.

Sally is a horrid little cow.

Liz should be so lucky to have a guy like Fred. Vernon's a semi-employed drummer who recruits his 50 year old girlfriends as roadies. Fred's a successful businessman, loving father and grandfather, and a gentleman who treats the women in his life like queens.

I still think Ed is after a place in Emily's will.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the look on Ed's face when he was introduced to Mike Baldwin in the Rovers? Emily introduced him saying something about Mike having been living on Coronation Street a long time and there was almost a panic look on Ed's face. I don't know if I just imagined it or not.


Pamer said...

Pauline: I saw that look too. Like he was staring the devil in the face. Maybe there is more history that we don't know, maybe it's a relative of Alma

Anonymous said...

I'm so upset that I accidently saw a spoiler for the story regarding Ed. It seems that whenever I think I am on a 'safe' Corrie UK page I find something - you would think I would learn by now!

I hate when people leak spoilers so don't worry, I won't tell. But I will just say the story looks interesting!


Anonymous said...

begin snip: He grabs her by the arm and tosses her out as she is crying that she loves him and he shouts, ‘You’ve never loved me and I’ve never loved you, get out you skinny little bitch.’

Last scene is of Penny crying with her face against the door window.


posted by Jacqueline


ahem.... I believe he called her a scheming little bitch. Anyone have close caption on? Not like that damn thing is accurate, some of the "translations" are way off the mark, esp when dealing with Brit slang. I've seen the damn thing stop dead when Steve Mac is talking, it is obvious the translator can't understand him either, hehe.

OK, enough sweating the details - another powerful scene for Mr Briggs, his face was so dark when Penny asked him what day it was. Brilliant again!


S. Poole

missusmac said...

Ooo, I thought he said skinny bitch too. I thought that was odd, but hey, Mike's been odd lately.

Excellent synopsis!

John, I'm with you about Roy and Hayley. The two nicest people on the street, the two most honest and trustworthy, yet the two most likely to be ridiculed or condemned or blackmailed or cheated.