Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nothing to do with Corrie - I Just Want To Tell the World

They are even MORE fabulous in real life.


Glacia: 'You guys are brilliant. My walls were builder's white. She (point to best friend) took me to builder's beige. But you took me to the promised land.

Colin and Justin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaah!!! (arms waiving) Fabulous!!!!

They signed my book, signed a photo, let me get a pic taken. Just as I was about to step away I remembered a question and Justin was super, super nice about letting me ask the question and gave me an answer.

they are nothing short of gods.

Oh, and they wore kilts to the show.

My god, I had Colin and Justin's arms around me, I will never wash my sides again.


MJ said...


GoBetty said...

Too funny. See, it pays to go to Home Shows.

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline: Forgive my igorance but who are those handsome fellows in the photo?

Jacqueline said...

They are Mr. Glacia's biggest competition.

Also, they are 'Colin and Justin' from BBC's 'How Not to Decorate'.

HGTV celebs.

Rob said...

So Justin isn't Justin Timberlake...?

Rob said...

But do they realize that they're touching our own celeb...?

...and are they Corrie fans...?

Ang said...

I'm jealous!!

Jacqueline said...

Rob, I think the could smell the perfume of fabulous-ness about me. (ha-ha!)

TY, darling.