Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mike's Three Sons

Okay, we needs some Mike history here to clear things up.

For the record, Mike has been married 4 times and has spawned 3 sons.

Susan Barlow
Ken's daughter and twin to Peter Barlow), Susan is the mom of Adam. Susan died tragically in a car accident and Adam was sent off to Scotland (the land of nannies.)

Jackie Ingram
Very short marriage, Mike only married her for her money and was already involved with bride-to-be number 3...

Alma Sedgewick
Their marriage ended in divorce and Alma tragically died of cancer

Linda Sykes Social climbing machinist from the factory.

Adam - from marriage to Susan - which makes Adam Ken's grandson

Mark Redman - from his affair with Maggie Dunlop, who ended up marrying Harry Redman. Mark got written out of the will by sleeping with Mike's fiance, Linda.

Danny Baldwin - the product of Mike's affair with his brother's wife, Vivian.


GoBetty said...

NICE ONE Jackie. Thanks. How was last night?

Karen said...

Thanks Jackie! I was starting to think I'd need a flow chart to keep track of the Baldwin clan. I miss Linda - she was great...a bitch, sure, but a great bitch. Better than Karen and that's saying a lot (I loved Karen!).

Oooh could you do a poll on the Corrie Canuck blog? Corrie Street's favourite bitch? (pardon my language)

kristin said...'s a wonder that the baldwins keep passing leanne around. maybe they get a family discount at the std clinic!

missusmac said...

I loved Linda too. She was Karen's best friend, so the Karen apple didn't fall far from the tree.

I do remember Linda feeling a slight twinge of guilt at betraying Mike with his soon-to-be-blubbering son. But it was only a slight twinge.

Mark was always crying about betraying Mike. Didn't Mark show up on their wedding day, desperate to have Linda back? And didn't he cry for 2 hours straight?

I think he was the boy guilt equivalent of Kat-eh.

My favorite bitch -- Blanche. Hands down.

Cloudberry said...

The Baldwin family affairs prompted me to delurk (love your website) - Mike slept with his brother's wife, Mark slept with his father's fiancee, and Danny slept with his son's girlfriend. What's next - Adam and Penny? lol

Jacqueline said...

we love delurking