Friday, September 29, 2006

Late Update

Yeah, gratuitious Frisky Friday totty shot from Fredricks of Hollywood for the boys. YOU'RE WELCOMED!

Sophie's Choice
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, Sophie has two choices, be a shit or don't. She is still whining about the Fredericks of Hollywood bra when doesn't Haley show up at the door.

Sophie immeidately starts in on her and when Haley tries to explain that she can relate to her bra/boobie trouble, Sophie makes an attack on Haley's transgenderness. It gets really nasty, but Haley takes it all in stride.

Finally she gives Sophie her present, a bra that she made for her and our favorite drama queen is all hugs for our favorite Haley.

(Oh, on a side note, I saw 'Transamerica' last night...very, very good stuff.)

David's Choice
David can be a shit or not, he chooses to be so.

He complains to Craig in the shop about Dr. Phil and Craig tells him to ease up on his mom. When Gayle comes into the shop, David smashes a bottle of (pickled eggs? not quite sure) and stomps off.

Later back at the ranch he tells Gayle that the reason Sarah is seeing Jason is because Gayle drove away Scooter. He says that Sarah will probably marry Jason and be miserable and it's all Gayle's fault.

Dr. Phil tells Gayle that she needs to relax and be firmer on the kids. He sends her upstairs for a bath while he cleans up the downstairs. David, meanwhile, blasts the music downstairs until Phil pulls out the plug. He tries to lay down the law to David and asks him to give his mom a break but there's even more delightful snottiness from David.

I'm amazed that Phil hasn't popped him one yet. If I remember from my own dealings with a Scottish gran, there must be a manual out there of Scottish parenting.

Chapter 1:
The look on that bairn's face? Skelp it oot him.

Chapter 2:
It does a bairn good tae be deined.

Come on Phil, step up to the tartan plate.

Fred's Choice
To go on the cruise or not.

He decides NOT to go on the cruise because he can barely resist telling Bev his true feelings as it is and to see her with the sea air dancing in her Aquanet sprayed hair would be more than any man could resist, I say, more than any man could resist.

Bev believes that he's not going on the trip because he doesn't fancy her.

An intervention is needed her, folks.

Feckle's Choice
To bite the hand that feeds her, or not.

Ken still has a bad relationship with the pooch but gets advice (good advice, btw) from Kirkeh about how he has to establish himself as top dog in the house. It works for a bit when Ken bribes her, but as soon as he turns his head, she bites him again.

Glacia's Choice
To give up on this lame ass title theme that's not really working.

Eileen ends up babysitting Bethany so that Jason and Sarah can go on a date. When Gayle sees Eileen and Bethany together she freaks saying that Eileen should be dissauding the two from dating.

Eileen replies that she's decided to not cause agro for her son and to do what makes him happy so that they can have a good relationship. She suggests that Gayle do the same.

Danny Baldwin is a .....
When Mike gets up in the morning, he can't remember what happened the night before and wonders why Adam is upset. When Adam reminds him, a lightbulb goes on inside Mike and he once again is convinced that Adam is sleeping with Penny and tells him to get out of the house.

Later in the pub, Mike wonders to Danny if he is imagining things and has aliented the two people closest to him. Danny assures Mike that his head is srewed on straight and that he did the right thing by chucking out Mark and Linda, I mean, Penny and Adam.

Mike says how he's going to try and mend the rift between him and Mark by sending a letter to Mark. Danny says, 'Good idea and if he doens't respond, you'll know he doesn't love you.'

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he adds, 'Ere, why dont' I post that letter for you.' You can all guess what happened to the letter, right?

Oh, yeah, Adam moved into the spacious Barlow compound.


Rob said...

Well, no wonder little Eccles bit Ken's hand - he was still holding one of the treats!

So...why is Adam moving into the Barlow's, and not somewhere - anywhere - else? What did I miss - I don't think I've ever seen him exchange a word with any of the Barlows.

And, like just how big are those little row houses anyway? Assuming that Ken and Deirdre have a room, and Blanche and the dog have one, and Tracey and Amy - that's 3 they've got a spare room...?

papasmurf said...

David needs a kick in the arse.

Fred does too.

Danny could use one as well.

Anonymous said...

Adam is Ken's grandson. His mother was Kens daughter Susan (Mike and Susan were married..briefly). Mike never knew that she had a baby (neither did Ken)and didn't find out till Adam was older. Susan was killed in a car crash trying to get away from Mike. (not sure about that detail) So Adam found out about a Dad and G'dad and lost his mum. Mike agreed to let Adam return to Scotland for boarding school and there he's been all these years.

missusmac said...

If I recall, Susan came back from the past about the same time Peter did. I can't remember how Mike found out about Adam, but once he did, he wanted to be part of his life.

Mike started visiting Scotland, big concern that he would take over (no, really?) so Susan packed up Adam and took off. Then the car crash, which killed Susan.

Yet one more reason why Ken hates Mike.

Ten bucks says Adam gets the front room.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of car (crashes) what kind of car is that the tartan jockstrap drives? Och wee, it is a bizarre looking thing.

S Poole

missusmac said...

I re-thought this. I think Susan went away to set up a new life, and left Adam behind while she sorted the details.

She crashed on the way to pick Adam up and bring him back. That's why he wasn't in the car.