Friday, September 22, 2006

Late Update

Dear Corrie Street Writers,

You what?!!! You killed her off?

Well, screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew you!

At this point I don’t really care about the Websters or the Baldwins or anyone else because my heart is broken.

Tracey tries to pawn of Amy on to Blanche who is on her way out to a funeral. She tells Tracey too bad so sad, her friend Lena and her are going to a service.

A few hours later, Deidre finds Blanche in the sitting room (oh don’t worry, they didn’t kill of Blanche) – looking out into to space. Why? Because when she went to go pick up Lena, she was discovered dead in her room.

Blanche needs a drink and quite frankly so does Glacia! WHO is to be my role model of a 100 year old cougar? (I’m suspecting Liz.)

Damn you writers!

Anyway, Blanche worries that no one will be around to hear her last words, so she tells Deidre so that she will say them for her.

The last words of Blanche Hunt are:

‘You lot, you’re alright. Yes, you’re alright.’

She makes Deidre promise not to mention a word of that to anyone until she is gone and buried…especially Ken.

RIP LENA – I for one will miss you.




Romeo and Julie Ain’t Getting No More
How can I sum this up?

Kev is fit to be tied, Sal working on damage control and Rosie is locked in her room until she is 35.

The Websters have informed Rosie that she is not to see Craig again – which is not going over well as you can suspect.

When Keef and Audrey get home, Kev marches Rosie and Sal over so they can confront them about what happened the night before.

It doesn’t take long before Keef lets it slip that they had caught them at it the week before. Kev loses his mind.

A lot of screaming ensues and Sally says she doesn’t want to be like the Platts and be a grandmother next year. She has a go at Audrey and that’s when Keef tells them to leave.

All the while Rosie and Craig are telling each other how much they love each other. (And since Rosie's mobile's been taken away, they are reduced to smoke signals, American Sign Language and Morse code through stones at the window.)

So as it stands, both kids have been told by their respective guardians that they are not to see each other any more.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Weatherfield
Carol can not let go of the ‘Frankie/Jamie’ issue and it’s making Jamie feel so uncomfortable that he is now trying to avoid time with Frankie and he seems bothered when she cancels a date with Nathan Detroit.

Carol’s harping gets to be so much that Jamie packs his bags and starts to leave home. He tells Caorl that she’s sick and that Frankie’s been more of a mother to him than she has.

Then he hails a cab to the airport. Any guesses where he’s going? (Canada? Scotland? Spain?)

So poor Frankie the one person that means anything to her has walked out.

Oh well, at least she still has Carol.

Cilla’s been busily microwaving the whore’derves for the upcoming royal visit by Danny and Leane. Chelsey has been convienantly thrown out into the back yard so that the adults can have some very clever and witty banter.

Danny says he wasn’t sure what Les drank – white or red, but Les assures him that he drinks both. Danny is relieved because he bought red and Cilla is confused why he didn’t just bring both.

Les, former sommelier at the Ritz is pleased to see that Danny has brought them a fine 13% wine and says they’ll save it for a special occasion. (Like when your daughter brings around her fancy-man?)

Things go better than expected when Les regales Danny with stories of Leanne’s dress up days and hauls out a pic of the six year old ‘Nursie Lee’.

A Portrait of a Blackpool Landlady on Jubilee Day
Hillary meets Jack and Vera at the Rovers in order to take some photos for her work. Vera is pissed that Jack has worn his sloppy old clothes, but he maintains that this is how Hillary wants to capture them.

As expected, events become a knock down Jack and Vera quarrel with Hillary loving every minute and taking as many pics as possible.

I have to say, I did love Vera’s jacket – even if it was swiped from Minnie Pearl.

In Other News
Liz makes a new fashion state with a large ‘L’ dangling between her sagging breasts.

Milk and Pepsi anyone?



missusmac said...

I tried googling to see if the actress who played Lena had died, but all I got was glimpses of upcoming plot lines. I had to avert my eyes!

GoBetty said...

Though I shan't miss Lena as much as Glacia... I felt bad for Blanche. Poor old thing.

Rob said...

For the freakin' life of me, I can't figure out what the flippin' 'eck Carol is still doing living at Frankie's place...

Jacqueline said...

Maria Charles....still alive at 77

missusmac said...

Thanks Jacqueline! I like that old broad. Glad to hear she's still kicking in real life.