Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hen Party!

hen nightg

Two of our Corrie Canucks are getting married this fall, Working from Home and R (who's name I will only reveal if given permission).

So we've decided to do an impormtu (meaning Glacia quickly googles 'Hen Party' to find out what is actually done) Hen Party.

Come join us to send off our Corrie Brides off (gents welcome as long as they wear their pulling jackets).

Wednesday - September 13
7 pm
Auld Spot Pub (on the Danforth).


Anonymous said...

Did you read that that actor who plays Archie had a heart attack? His name is Roy Hudd. He had the heart attack as he was filming his character in Corrie Street. The poor man!Sending good thoughts out to him!!

MJ said...

I read an article about it but don't Google it as the story contains a major spoiler.

Working From Home Today said...

"How big a spoiler could it be?" I said to myself. Damn, that's one heckuva spoiler. DO NOT go clicking about if you don't want to ruin things.

As for the Hen Party, Jacqueline, let me know if there's anything I can do / bring for the Hen Night.

papasmurf said...

Toronto is a bit far for a Wednesday night but in the spirit of the day I shall don my best pulling jacket and go to the local cougar bar with my mates and have a pint or two.

GoBetty said...

Nice about the Hen Party but I am indisposed that night (pedi - facial - wax!)

Jacqueline said...

where? we'll just join you Betty.

jigsaw said...

can anyone tell me the episodes, names and numbers, that played on sunday sept 3rd, on cbc canada. It would have been the recap of the last week of august

GoBetty said...

I like Uptown Spa at Leslie and York Mills... That's where I'll be.

Anonymous said...

for jigsaw:


A great service when you miss a few eps... make sure you read the Canadian pages though or you'll get major spoilage!

S. Poole

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