Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy New Year Update - Episode # 6195

The truth is revealed at last - Charlie Stubbs is indeed a real pecker.

Celebrating the New Year with a Bang

The Websters are all in fine spirits in anticipation of a festive evening. Kevin and Sally are out to the local for a few drinks and a laugh, Rosie is off to Craig's (with Keith as chaperone - in theory) and Sophie is doing something else that escapes me right now.

Keith heads out to visit Audrey leaving the two teens alone, but with a firm warning for them to behave.

Teens in love - of course they'll behave.

Craig orders some veggie pizza, but it will take at least three hours to arrive. (critical for later plot development) Craig tells Rosie he worships her. She tells him to unzip and unclip her. (I wish I knew the 'I worship you' line when I was fifteen - sigh) The two then proceed up to the goth passion palace to make sweet sweet love for a few hours.

Meanwhile Kevin and Sally are weaving their way home after a good night out. They seem quite happy without a care in the world. For a few moments at least.

The doorbell rings at Number 6 sometime after midnight. Craig tells Rosie not to worry, that it is the pizza being delivered at last. The goth prince puts on his black bath robe and opens to the door to find Mother Webster on the step. Sally is confused as to why Craig is only wearing his robe but puts two and two together when she sees Rosie's dress on the sofa - without Rosie in it.

Sally storms upstairs and finds Rosie in Craig's bed in her most natural state. Much crying and screeching ensues between mother and daughter. Craig protests valiantly, saying they have done nothing wrong since they are in love, but his words fall on deaf ears. Rosie gets dressed and is frogmarched across the street to her home.

When Kevin hears the news of what his daughter has been up to he is understandably upset. He tells Rosie that he can't bear to look at her and then makes ready to go over and kill Craig, or at least give him a good thumping. Sally stops him from committing GBH or worse,telling him that they can get it sorted in the morning when Keith is there.

Mother of the Year

Meanwhile at Number 1 Tracey is banging on about how everyone is so selfish because they won't stay home (on New Year's) with Amy so she can go out and have a little fun herself. To her credit Deirdre puts her foot down and tells Ken (who was starting to vacillate) that the two of them are going out, and that Tracey should have made other arrangements.

So Ken and Deirdre go to The Rovers for a few half pints of bitter and wine and end up having a good time, even if Ken complains a bit. At the end of the evening all Ken wants is Deirdre and a warm bed.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Tracey gets a phone call from Charlie - he's at the door with a bottle of champagne and wants her to come out and play. After a moment or two of doubt she decides that Amy will alright on her own for few hours while mommy goes out to be a mattress test pilot - after all Amy is almost two now.

Someone call the Children's Aid Society - quick.

Tracey manages to get home just before her parents do and does an admirable acting job pretending that she was asleep on the sofa with Amy in her arms the whole evening.

The Rovers

It is a big night at The Rovers - everyone is in a holiday mood. Shel gives the staff a pep talk and the festivities begin.

There seems to be a rule at the pub that only music by The Pogues can be played during the festive season.

Mike and Adam have a nice moment as father and son before Mike sends kilt boy off to have his own fun on the town with his mates.

Mike and Jamie have a nice moment when Mike asks his grandson to make sure that he gets home alright at the end of the evening, which Jamie promises to do.

Cilla and Les, (wearing his best pulling jacket and a pink shirt) hatch a scheme to get their hands on some of the Baldwin money - through Leanne of course. The Battersby-Browns invite the Baldwin-Battersbys for dinner the next day. Danny says they can't make it, they have a work do planned. Leanne gives Danny grief because he thinks she comes from low stock. (well duh) Danny apologizes and they decide they can make the dinner after all. That should be fun.

Carol apologizes to Mike for her poor behaviour at The Clock on Christmas Day, which was caused by the drink of course, which she is giving up in the New Year, of course.

Frankie, having had a few drinks with Nathan, are having a cozy time in the corner, and have a bit of a snog when the clock strikes midnight. Frankie asks Jamie to find out if Nathan fancies her, since the two of them are mates. Jamie seems a bit put off by this suggestion.

Carol, having had quite a few drinks, tells Nathan about the budding romance between Jamie and Frankie. Nathan asks Carol if she has got a screw loose.

Carol tries to tell Jamie some gossip about Frankie but he tells her that he has had enough of her poison and storms off in a huff.

At some point Danny and Frankie look into each other's eyes across the crowded room and a hint of sadness and regret can be seen between the two - for a moment.


Pamer said...

Hahaha great episode.

Papa: Sophie had to spend the night with Auntie Rita

I loved the Gothic love den with that electricity ball...tres cool

Was Sally trying to get Kev intrested in a threeway? She was going on and on about a tall stranger.

missusmac said...

She was looking for a first footer, a dark-haired man to go in their house first.

The tradition is that if your first visitor of the new year is a dark-haired man, you will be blessed for the year.

It wouldn't count tho if Kevin --no matter how tall -- went into his own house.

mistermac is dark-haired, and in our youth i our NB hometown he would earn a lot of rum between midnight and 1 as he visited friends with Scottish background.

My mother used to insist he be the first person into our house -- which is very unlike Craig and Rosie!

John said...

We tried to do first footing in Scotland last New Year's but ended just going back to some dude's house and getting shitfaced on single malts.

Pamer said...

First Footers! Thank you lot. Learning is fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, the first footer should bring money with them, bread and matches...meaning the people in the house will never be short of money, food or heat/light for the year.

missusmac said...

Back then, in the non-healthy 1980s, mistermac and I smoked -- so he always had a light -- and we hadn't any children yet, so we always had money.

I don't think he ever bothered carrying food/bread. I think his carrying of a pint bottle sufficed for everyone...they kept filling it anyway.

Ah, good memories.

Rob said...

Things have been very quiet at the Platt-family-Christmas, haven't they...?

With Phil the Foot Doctor staying over, and Sarah hot for Jason, I really expected some fireworks.

kristin said...

things can't stay quiet at the platts' for long!

Jacqueline said...

Am I the only one who is like, 'Oh Woody!! JD in your coffee?!!"

Rob said...

...I want slippers like that!