Tuesday, September 05, 2006

For All The Totty We Have Loved

Hey all, shameless plug here for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. This is my journey and how I help to end breast cancer.

This Friday Sept 8th is Day Zero. My team (Full Support), along with thousands of others, check in, get our tent assignments, watch a safety video and have a kick-off dinner.

Saturday is Day One. It starts VERY early (6am) at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds. We load our luggage onto the right truck, have a continental breakfast al fresco, meet up again with team Full Support, have a stretch and some opening ceremonies and start walking!

On Saturday we walk east on Lakeshore, up the Bayview extension, up University Avenue past Princess Margaret Hospital, over to Sunnybrook Park (all the way up to the cricket and rugby pitches), then dog-leg over to Yorkdale, up Keele and finally into camp at the former CFB Downsview, now some sort of gigantic park space. There our tents (already pitched!), hot showers, first aid and dinner await. We expect to get into camp around 3 or 4pm.

Sunday is Day Two. If you ever want to know the definition of pain and a sore, stiff body, waking up on Day Two is my benchmark (I remember two years ago having to pee so badly whilst in my tent and SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING peeing in my sleeping bag simply because I was so stiff and sore I didn't think I could make it to the port-a-potties... but of course, I did make it!). On Day Two you get up, pack your bag, dump it for pickup by the trucks, have a hot breakfast, and again walk, this time south almost in a straight line down to the CNE grounds. Once there you participate in cheering everyone else in and closing ceremonies.

I will walk OVER 60km for breast cancer!

Some Corrie Canuckers have already donated to my walk and for this I thank you! If anyone else would like to, please click on the above link and donate any amount. For all amounts you receive a tax receipt. I really appreciate this.

Cheers to all!

Mary Beth AKA GoBetty


John said...

Go Betty Go!

Good luck on this week's walk.

kowy said...

The Montreal walk was a couple of weeks ago and the overnight camp was right across the street from our house. Seing so many people (yes, there were SOME men) participating was really good to see and I really admire anyone who 1) raises that kind of money, and 2) commits to that kind of hike.

Good luck Betty.

GoBetty said...

THANKS! Really looking forward to this.

Jacqueline said...

I should come cheer you on .... I'm a couple of long blocks north of hte cne