Monday, August 28, 2006

Update for Last Friday

Show Me the Money
What’s up with Keith? He tells Audrey that he is deliverying the newpapers because he needs the money.

Is there something I missed? Why is Keith in such dire straights?

Audrey apologizes about the suit mishmash and they kiss and make up of a sorts and go to the Rovers for a pint…(on Keith).

Rumble in the Rovers
As predicted, Danny, Frankie, Jamie and Leanne have a ruckus in the Rovers and everyone except for Jamie feel the need to leave. It all explodes when Danny tells Frankie how Jamie warned Leanne to not become a pathetic wreck like Frankie.

Frankie is furious that Jamie thinks so poorly of her and runs home for a cry. Jamie comes home and asks Carol to tear herself away from her ‘Wheel of Fortune’ show and give them some privacy.

Frankie and Jamie also make up and Frankie makes Jamie promise that Leanne will never step foot in her house again.

Carol, not being the center of attention, fakes a fall down the stairs in order to bring the story back to her.

(See I kind of thought it was the booze that made Carol a jerk. I guess I was wrong.)

Disco Stu, Has a Job For You!
Diggory gets fed up with Liz’s tardiness and general lame ass work ethic and fires her.

Liz is only upset for a millisecond because she has a date with Vernon in the Rovers. They meet up with Deidre and he seems to be a generally okay bloke and says Liz can help him sell LP’s on the market.

The Trouble With Tracey
Tracey, that monument to security and self esteem, starts to question Nathan again about his walk home with Frankie.

He assures her that nothing happens and she then turns her attention to all the women in the pub. She begins to slag each of them to Nathan and Charlie including saying that Frankie is “Like some kind of desperate stand up comic’ (get it?)

Nathan finally stands up and tells them they are through.

Because…..Wait for it….

‘You’re an ugly person, Tracey.’, says our Nathan.


Pamer said...

I thik that Grandad Keef has always winged about not having enough money from his pension to support our Craig. My question is what if his wife hadn't passed on? Would they both be destitute? What ever happened to Freedom 55?

That look that Frankie gave Danny at the bar...holy crap, that would burn through at least two layers of Dolly Parton makeup.

Carol tumbling down the stairs made me spit up my Cheerios.

I don't "get" the frankie as a stand up comedien...fill us in ya?

Now that Nath kicked Trace to the curb can you imagine the type of damage her and Charile can cause if/when they get together??

I thought Moley had hit the bricks...

John said...

I so want Charlie and Tracy to get together ASAP. They deserve each other.

I think Keith is one of those working class guys who never had enough money for any kind of savings or RRSP for his retirement so all he has to go on his is government pension.

I think the stand-up comedian crack was referring to the fact that Deborah Stephenson, who plays Frankie, is a stand-up comic (and singer).

Pamer said...

oh... iknew Deborah was a singer...din't know she was a comedienne.

Shannon said...

OH man, I missed this episode but knowing what happened is great! This blog rocks. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall that night at the Rovers...

Rob said...

Didn't you LOVE the way Nathan dumped Tracey? I had a warm glow on all weekend - sweet justice at last.

Or is he just clearin' the way for a run at Frankie - damn, is this show making me cynical?

GoBetty said...

THE TROUBLE WITH TRACY - the best CDN show ever.

missusmac said...

Thank you GoBetty, everyone else thinks I'm making up the fact there was a Canadian show called The Trouble with Tracy! But I remember it!

Well, I remember her, and her brother, and not much else. I was kind of young. Was it the late 60s or early 70s?

I also remember a show called Drop In, after school, and Canadian Bandstand in the early 70s. Lots of kids with long hair and most of the boys wore parkas and stood around.

Guess the parkas made it Canadian?