Friday, August 11, 2006

Update for Episode # 6168 August 11, 2006

Better call Oprah

Phil pops into have a visit at chez Platt and gets a right earful from Gail and the gang. Showing amazing flexibilty in her moral code, Gail somehow thinks it is alright to get Jason a little bit in trouble with the law, but sending him to prison would be a little over the top. A question of loyalties. It is alright to be deceitful as long as you are being loyal. (not loyal to your morals that is) Yes, I am as confused by it as you are.

David skulks off upstairs while the adults have a debate about teenage angst and all the trials and tribulations that David has been through. (if only Richard had done a better job with the whole car in the canal thing) It seems that the foot fiddler has seen his share of unpleasantness in his time as well. (no doubt any morning he wakes up next to Gail) However, it seems that David has had too hard a life, which somehow explains his asocial behaviour of late.

David finally gives a reason why he and young Scrimshaw were scrapping in the street, it seems Jason said some unkind things about Billy Platt dying and that is what set David off. (if that were true David would be fully justified in his actions)

In the end the evil son gets his revenge on Sarah and Jason. David manipulates his niece Bethany to tell her grandmother Gail that she 'doesn't want Jason for her daddy'. The secret is out it would seem.

Poor Violet however is still in the dark about the strange behaviour of her beau. Her and Eileen have a chat in Roys Rolls, trying to figure out what is going on with Jason. Vera of course has some helpful advice based on her lifetime of experience with Jack. (I think we need more Jack on the program)

Later on in The Rovers Sarah remains convinved that she and Jason are an item, in spite of the fact that he is canoodling with Violet at the other end of the bar while Sarah is sitting in plain sight. Hopefully one of the two women will come to their senses soon - without Violet getting hurt in the process. (she's dreamy)

Maybe Oprah can come for a visit

Deirdre stops in for a visit with Sunita with some gifts for the babies. (I thought you were supposed to wait for the babies to be born first before doing that) Deirdre flaps on for awhile about how lovely the wedding was and how the love was shining out of Sunita's face and how she should think about things. Sunita screams at her to get out - understandably so.

Later Sunita is feeling unwell so Shel and Bev take her to the hospital to make sure everything is alright. While in the waiting room the mother and daughter have a grim little chat about life and death and love and the like.

It turns out that everything is good with the twins, Sunita heard their heartbeats and it was like a wave of peace washing over her. Hurrah for Sunita, she deserves a little happiness.

On the other hand, Dev deserves a little unhappiness. This fortuitously is provided in the form of Sunita's brother, Jayesh. He has come looking for his sister, to bring her back to their family so they can take care of her. Dev refuses to tell him where she is. The brothers-in-law have an argument about who has caused Sunita more grief or is able to bring her more happiness. Jayesh finally gives Dev a good smack and threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave Sunita alone

The ongoing spat between Tracey and Claire continues apace. After getting a ride home from shopping, Tracey refuses to pay Claire, since she has a special dispensation as the mother of the child of the owner of the cab firm. Claire expresses some concern over the coughing of young Amy. (who apparently is smoking a pack of fags a day, from the sounds of it) Tracey, exhibiting her finest bitchy qualities, tell Claire to get stuffed, calling her 'Florence flaming Nightingale'. Poor Claire, she just cares too much.

It seem Oprah was on holiday in Spain

Early on in the episode, in the background of a scene, we see Les stealing some flowers from the front of the shop. It turns out that Cilla is due back from her honeymoon in Spain and he wants everything to be perfect when she returns home.

Cilla makes an appearance in due course, and is in the best of spirits. She has expensive gifts for everyone, that are still unopened, with receipts as well. Fiz is suspicious of this unusual behaviour but Les and Chesney are over the moon. Cilla promises to make Les the happiest man alive - behind closed doors though. Where did Cilla get the money for the expensive swag? Why is she in such a good mood? No doubt there is a good story waiting to be told.


missusmac said...

David used to make me laugh with his sarcastic presence. Now, he's a wee bit scary.

Poor Fizz. She's been totally out-manouvered by Molly, who seems to Sarah's new best friend now Candice is gone.

Did anyone notice Dr. Phil stood in the street when he backed up Jason's story, but Gail stood up on the sidewalk.

Then I remembered that the actress who plays Eileen said when she was in Halifax that any scene she has to do with Mike Baldwin outside, she stands in the street, he stands up on the sidewalk.

On a box, too, probably!

Pamer said...

I watched the omnibus today since I missed the Wednesday ep....anyway, did anyone else notice Dave referring to Dev as Dick Turpin?? I don't quite get teh reference. trupin was a highwayman or a robber yes?? Was David sayign that buying not selling him beer Dev was robbing him of his right to get drunk? LOL

John said...

Dick Turpin was indeed a highwayman. David's reference was that Dev's prices were too high.

I loved it when Dev got all Shatner on Jayesh:


GoBetty said...

I have hated chinless wonder Gail blindly defending loser-child David. She always looks hysterical when she's stupidly yammering on about her idiotic children. They are always to blame. Hasn't she figured that out yet? Audrey is the only sane person in that whole family. Even Bethany is a dolt: "Oi downe won Jayson to be me daddi..." WHO IS THIS CHILD'S DADDY ANYWAY?

John said...

Bethany Platt is the daughter of the late Neil Fearns, who conceived with Sarah-Lou when she was 12.

Neil died in a car crash some years back.