Monday, August 21, 2006

Update for Epiosde #6174 August 21, 2006

What Frankie envisions for old Danny boy.

The Baldwins

Carol is off to her new job at the bookies but is feeling nervous. Jamie the good son is making breakfast in bed for Frankie. Well, he isn't making the breakfast in know what I mean. Frankie makes an appearance and is in good form (so to speak) in spite of Danny's antics the previous day. Carol congratulates Frankie on her composure and advises her to 'wash that man right out of your hair'. (which could be a jingle from an old shampoo advert if memory serves me right)

Danny and Jamie yell at each other on the street.

Penny finds the missing cheque in one of Mike's pockets. He defends himself by saying he handles a lot of pieces of paper in a day, and if one goes missing, no big deal. If the cheque was in someone else's pocket, then they should start to worry.

Penny stops in at the factory for a visit with Danny to ask if he has noticed anything odd about Mike's behaviour of late. Danny, the self centered bastard that he is, of course has noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

Danny runs into Frankie on the street and tries to explain the rationale behind his strange gestures the previous day. They debate about how they hurt each other over and over again.

Frankie tells Danny she wants a divorce.

The Websters

Sophie tells her parents that she has invited a friend from school for tea. Someone who knows 'all about' Sally. The friend, named Nicolette, turns out to be a hellion with a bad attitude and a tattoo of a horny devil. Or a horned devil. Something like that. Kevin like her - she's rough asnd ready. Sally thinks that she's scum.

It turns out that Nicolette is a cousin of Sophie, from the side of the family that Sally has chosen not to mention to anyone. Sal's dad had a sister named Velda (sic) that was a bit on the wild side, (a lady of the evening it would seem) so any offspring from that side of the family tree must also be undesirable. Sally naturally assumes that Nicolette has been sent on a spying mission, to see how the better half live. (ie Kevin and Sally et al)

The Peacocks and Elliott

Fred and Claire have a serious chat in the kitchen about Ashley's future. A butcher needs perspective it seems, it is a delicate art to carve some meat. With only one eye Ashley would soon be losing fingers at work, and then would be losing customers. (no dount when they find a finger mixed in with their bratwurst)

Tracey stops in at The Rovers and ask if there is 'any new on Cyclops?' Bitch.

At the hospital the three of them wait for the doctor to come and take off the dressings from Ashley's eye. Fred carries on in a particularily unmanly fashion until Claire tells him to shut up. The doctor finally shows up, removes the dressing, only to discover that Ashley has no vision in the damaged eye whatsoever. It seems that with time there still mnight be some recovery of his vison, but only Claire seems very optimistic about this possibility.

Fred confronts Nathan later in The Rovers and tells him if he is any kind of a man he will go across the street and see the damage he has done. Tracey somehow thinks she has the right to act indignant towards Fred. I'll say it again. Bitch.

Later at home Claire tries to create a semblance of normalcy bringing Ashley some tea and talking about the great chops Fred brought home and how it would be nice to have a family dinner. (Claire is the best - really)

Ashley sits on the sofa not saying a word, a tear running down his cheek.

* Historical trivia note - Tracey makes reference to 'Peters & Lee' whilst talking about Ashley's situation. Lennie Peters was half of a musical team a few decades back. He lost sight in his left eye at age five when struck by a vehicle. He lost his sight in his right eye at age sixteen after getting struck with a brick thrown by some louts while he was sunbathing in Hampstead. They reattached the retina in the hospital, but he suffered permanent damage to the eye and lost his reamining vision when he tried to stop a fellow patient from falling out of his bed. The other patient died in spite of Lennie's efforts. I'm not making this up, really.

The Secret Traders Other Ball

Bev is excited that Fred has asked her to the Traders Association Dinner, and has gotten her best smock out of mothballs for the occasion. Fred decides against going, what with situation with Ashley and all he won't be able to enjoy himself.

Liz wants her girlfriends to be at the dinner to protect her from Diggory, who makes her feel like her flesh wants to crawl off her body. Yes, I'll be having nightmares about that too.

Audrey is bringing Keith to the dinner, in spite of his protests about not being a charity case. And speaking of charity - Audrey took the time to find a suit for Keith in the charity shop. Emily, who has volunteered in some charity shops, is very impressed at how little the suit has been worn. Why it's almost as if it's brand new... At least Keith volunteered to get a round in.

Emily would like to go to the dinner as well, have a night out, a bit of fun, do some dancing. Norris however, is not picking up on her clues, and somehow thinks that he is Rita's backup date for the big do.

After hearing the bad news at the hospital Fred has a change of heart and decides that he wants to go to the dinner with Bev. When asked by Bev why he has changed his mind he tells her when an opportunity for happiness in life comes along, you have to 'grab hold and suck the marrow out of it.' An appropriate metaphor for a butcher, but not very appealing to a woman, one would suspect.


Anonymous said...
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missusmac said...

The reference to 'suck the marrow' out of life rang a bell, so I looked it up.

Henry David Thoreau said it: I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

Pretty deep, I say, pretty deep for a butcher is our Fred.

Debbie said...

I think Fred probbaly rememberd the line from "Dead Poet's Society"

Debbie said...

Oh, BTW today I "worked from home" and watched a downloaded episode from September 27th 1965. Elsie Tanner was involved in a bit of a scandal, Emily was looking for new staff for her store, Mrs. Walkier talked to the police. It was really good.

Wow, my Corrie habit is beginning to take over my life.

Gracie said...

Bless the writers for being able to write Tracy so shockingly horrible that even when I'm not paying full attention they can choke the breath out of me.

Rob said...

I don't recall this 'Peters and Lee' - which number did they live at?

Jackie said...

I just about kissed the TV when Clarie yelled at Fred to shut up. It was so nice to see her get some "balls".

GoBetty said...

Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair is from South Pacific I believe.

missusmac said...

It is from South Pacific, which I've never seen all of at one time. It just seems to be on the TV from time to time when I walk into a room.

Claire actually does really well in telling people exactly what she thinks. She's stood up to Ashley and Fred before, and the boxer's girlfriend, so I'm still waiting to see just what she's going to do to Tracey in revenge!

papasmurf said...

Maybe the TV commercial was 'I'm going to wash that grey right out of my hair.'