Monday, August 14, 2006

Update for Epiosde # 6169 August 14, 2006

Relationship Drama

The episode begins with a quaint family dinner at the Platt residence. Sarah decides to skip dinner, opting to go for a stroll to the nearest street corner in her newest outfit from 'Sluts R' Us'. Gail, being the perceptive mother that she is, gives her daughter a bit of stick about what she is doing and who she is doing it with.

In a rare moment of agreement David and Phil beat a hasty retreat before the fur really starts to fly.

Sarah says she's in love. Gail says it's only sex - and Sarah should be good at that since she's been doing it she was 13. Sarah says being in love with Jason makes the bad bits bearable. Gail says a bottle of vodka will do the same job. Gail asks about Violet. Sarah says Jason hasn't had the opportunity to break up with Violet yet. Gail calls him a soft pillock. All in all a glowing example of what mother/daughter relations should be.

Meanwhile across the street at the Grimshaw residence the fab four are deciding what to order in from the chinese take away. Sean seems to be interested in any dish that has the word 'balls' in it. After much deliberation they send Jason to get the food. He runs into Sarah on the street and does his best to avoid falling prey to her charms.

Before long Sarah decides to take matters into her own hands and is pounding on the Grimshaw's door. Much yelling and shouting ensues. Gail tries to keep Sarah from doing what she is trying to do but to no avail. The truth that Jason has been working so hard to hide and explains his strange behaviour is finally out in the open. Jason has been cheating and lying on top of being a hypocrite.

Violet and Jason have an intense discussion out back. She wants to know when he was getting a leg over with Sarah. He defends himself by saying it happened when they were broken up, so it wasn't really cheating. Violet confonts him with why he was so hard on her for a drunken snog with Charlie, and that maybe Jason was getting his revenge by sleeping with Sarah. He does his best to talk his way out of the mess he has made for himself but Violet is done with him.

Violet makes a dramatic departure from the house, with all and sundry looking quite distraught. Eileen calls him a stupid pillock for letting Violet go. Jason responds by saying he would be able to act like a proper bloke if his mother could ever get one to stick around. Eileen gives him a deserved slap. We last see Violet disappear down the street, with Jason shouting after her, and Sarah taking it all in from the window across the way.

More Relationship Drama

We see Dev in The Rovers looking like hell having a chat with Fred, who is doing his best to give advice without taking sides. He fills Dev in with some of the recent events with Sunita, and wisely advises him to let her have some space.

Meanwhile across the bar the Battersby-Browns are having a lovely night out with Yana and Fiz, recounting their honeymoon adventure in Spain. It seems their resort was next to an Air Force base (sounds like a peaceful locale) and Yana was doing her best to keep the spirits (or something) of the service men up. Fiz can't believe that Cilla was faithful the whole time they were away, but Yana assures her that she was. Not for a lack of trying though. It seems Cilla was throwing herself at the men in Esapana, but they weren't having anything to do with her. The 'stench' of being a married woman was hanging over Cilla and that kept the men away.

It seems that the two women had a wonderful time, what with the kebabs being Cordon Bleu and all. And remember all you Scrabblers, cucumber has a 'Q' in it - somewhere.

Bad Relations

The spat between Claire and Tracey continues to heat up. Deirdre is taking care of Amy when she runs into Claire on the street. Some pleasant small talk follows, Claire asks (with the best of intentions) what the doctors thought about Amy and her impending whooping cough. This is the first Deirdre has heard about it and naturally panics, rushing Amy off to the A&E. (accidents and emergency)

Tracey is worried sick until Deirdre gets home and explains what has happened. Tracey reacts in her usual gracious manner, and later in The Rovers bitches out Claire, who has come in for an innocent drink with LLoyd. When things settle down Claire make a sotto comment that in the old days they would have ducked Tracey in a pond - and she would have floated.


Rob said...

Apparently it's official then ...Jason IS a pillock. Now, is he a stupid one, or a soft one? ...or both?

What IS a pillock anyway?

John said...

Pillock = idiot

As if my hatred of Gail couldn't grow any more, SHE has to be the one to tell Violet about Sarah and Jason.

Line of the night goes to Violet:

"The only thing I know about Sarah is that she had a kid when she was, like, nine or something..."

Jacqueline said...

My line of the evening goes to Tracey (acutally two lines)regarding Claire:

'Specky Fours'

'She dresses like a CareBear'

Tracey gets all the best insults.

Note to Jason, 'We were on a break' didn't work for Ross either.

Jacqueline said...

Sorry - that was 'Specky Four Eyes'.

Working From Home Today said...

That was a fantastic episode. The actress who plays Violet did a great job. Nice update, too! I can't stand Tracey, but I guess it's a love to hate kind of thing.

GoBetty said...

Good episode and wrap up. We are really enjoying everything these days... Isn't the emerg also called "Casualty"?

Pamer said...

I am so glad Violet finally grew a set. Maybe now we'll get to see her smile instead of always grimacing and pouting.

i thought Deidre was taking AMy to the Arts and Entertainment centre

Specky Four eyes was a good one

what was that duck in the pond thing all about??

papasmurf said...

Ducked in the pond was the old way to see if someone was a witch.

If you drowned you had no supernatural powers so you were innocent of all charges. (but dead)

If you floated it showed you had witch type powers so they would burn you at the stake.

A real win win situation

Jackie said...

I think the duck in the pond thing is referring to witches, if you sink, then you are good, if you float, then you are proven a witch. Along the same lines as throwing a "suspected witch" over a cliff, if she flies, then she is proven a witch, if she falls then she is redeamed (dead, but redeamed!) lol

Oh, and didn't the little smile that Sara gave to Jason at the end of the show with Violet walking away just make you sick, and want to smack her???

Rob said...

What if the witch can tread water?

And what about Gail? She's a witch - how come she wasn't dragged out and killed after she floated out of Richard's minivan when it went in the canal?