Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Update - Episode #6171 August 16th - "I Must Break You" Edition

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses An Eye

At Fred Elliot's butcher shop, Ashley is angrily chopping up some innocent meat. Fred thinks it's because he and Claire are having a row. Claire comes and says she's surprised Ashley isn't at the gym. Ashley says he's too upset to go the gym after all the mean things Tracy said to her. Claire tells him she's not bothered and to go to the gym anyway and train with Nathan. If a punching bag happens to look like Tracy after all, so much the better.

At the gym, Tracy is winding up Nathan, telling him that he's afraid of Ashley. Nathan counters that he could take Ashley without breaking a sweat. I don't think this is boasting. It's probably true.

Ashley arrives and Nathan asks Tracy to leave, saying he's never brought girlfriends to training before and it was a bad idea to start now. Tracy is insulted and leaves, throwing a few Claire-related insults of her own on her way out.

After sparing a bit, Nathan says Ashley has found his "inner demon" today. Ashley says it's because of Tracy and he's none too please with Nathan for laughing along with her. Nathan says it was bit of banter that went too far, thanks to the drink.

Afterward, Ashley is giving Nathan the silent treatment until the subject of Claire and Tracy again comes up. Nathan says Claire is a bit innocent but that's part of her charm. Ashley takes offence as Nathan tries to make amends but it all comes out wrong. Then Ashley starts in on Tracy - bringing up selling her baby to the Croppers, breaking up Steve and Karen's marriage.

Words become more personal and Nathan becomes more and more infuriated until he whips around and punches Ashley in the face, knocking him to the floor. He runs downstairs to take a few more punches on a locker before bursting into tears.

Later, Nathan goes back upstairs to find Ashley still lying on the floor, unconscious. As he rouses him awake, Ashley feebly complains that his head hurts and worse, he can't see properly. Nathan quickly dials 999 on his mobile.

Claire and Fred arrive at the hospital where Nathan explains it was an accident, an unlucky punch. The doctor tells them that Ashley's retina in his left eye may have detached and haemorrhaged. There is a good chance that he may fully recover but there is also a chance that he may lose sight in that eye.

Nathan looks crushed as the realisation comes over him that he may have permanantly injured his friend.

Sarah and Jason Up A Tree, B-O-R-I-N-G Me

At the Rover's Violet is telling Sunita, Bev, and Shelley that Sean knew Jason and Sarah were having an affair but he said nothing. Some friend he turned out to be. Shelley says the more she thinks on it, the more she believes men and women cannot be friends.

Fred overhears and says men may be arrogant but they're not deaf.

Sean is sad because Violet won't speak to him. Shelley suggests re-ordering the roster so they don't have to work together (wow, talk about your flexible work schedule). Sean says no, it would be best if they work at the same time so she'll have to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Jason laments to Charlie that he doesn't regret what he did, just the way it happened. Sarah comes over and suggests they now go out on a proper date. Now that it's all out in the open, she can assume her position as Jason's girlfriend and possibly, assume a few other positions as well.

I'm Getting Married in the Morn--Oh Forget It

At Wong's Yana is boasting that she will soon be the local regiment's new mascot. New bike, more like. *ahem* Anyway, Fizz and Les and Chesney come in to tell her that there's been a last minute cancellation at the registry office and they can get married today. Cilla takes off with Yana in tow, claiming her place as Maid of Honour.

"After that holiday?" says Cilla, and reminds her that someone needs to mind the shop. They grab Kirk on the way out, saying this is his chance to be a best man.

They return an hour later as Mr and Mrs Battersby-Brown. Even Chesney gets the double-barrelled name which Les thinks should place him at Eton, not Weatherfield High. Chesney wonders if he should start calling Les 'Dad' but they both agree that Uncle Les will do for now.

Girlfight! Girlfight! Girlfight!

Kirk tells Molly he's upset about Fiz. Molly reminds him that Fiz is like his favourite cheeseburger: tasty now but she'll kill you in the end. She then takes Kirk into a hug and suggests they go out for a cheeseburger and wash it down in the Rover's afterward.

Later after the wedding party returned, Kirk tries to tell Fiz something but sees Molly and the words fail to come out as he leaves her.

In the Rover's Molly is flirting with Kirk. Maria asks what's going and Kirk reveals that he believes there may be a possibility that Molly fancies him. However, he does not share those feelings and in truth loves Fiz and everything about her, except for the bullying.

Fiz walks in and sees Molly attempting to canoodle with Kirk.

"Take your hands off him," she shouts. Molly asks what she's going to do: give her a Chinese burn or take her lunch money.

Fiz asks Kirk to listen to her. Molly says she forgot, it's Kirk she bullies now. Kirk tells Fiz he's tired of the bullying.

Molly starts needling Fiz that she doesn't like it when people stand up to her. Fiz agrees with this and requests that Molly sit down. She then punches Molly in the face, giving her a bloody nose.

Shelley tells Fiz to leave, but Molly and Kirk leave instead. Pity, I was hoping to hear Shelley say "Yer barred!"

Later, Kirk is helping Molly with her sore nose and is shocked at what Fiz did. Molly leans in for a kiss but Kirk becomes flustered and runs away.


GoBetty said...

Corrie's been very violent lately.

Kristin said...

2 punches in 1 night....

Pamer said...

man....LOL that punch from Fiz accompanied by the cartoon punch soundFX. Classic!

And Ashley spitting up baby formula, Priceless!

missusmac said...

Can Kirk really be that stupid?

My best plot scenario is to have Cilla give Fiz advice on how to take Molly down with pure Cilla-like scheming.

Also, bit of a pot calling the kettle black with Sunita and Shelly moaning on how Sean should have been a 'real friend' and told Violet about Jason and Sarah.

Umm, wasn't Sunita and everyone else in the world a real friend and told Shelly what a jerk Charlie was?

Yeah, that worked real well. All that honesty didn't hurts those friendships at all. Noooooo....

John said...

For all this concern over a punch in the eye, it's a good thing Nathan didn't kick Ashley with his huge centaur legs.

('cuz, like, the guy who plays Nathan played Firenze in Harry Potter...oh never mind...)