Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Update - August 9, 2006


Hey I finally get to use a photo I actually took myself.

*UPDATE* The missus claims she took the photo. I'm pretty sure the camera was in my hand at the time, which is why I added that photo to my Flickr set. Now I'm not so sure. I was drunk most of that trip.


We open with a still half-naked Jason and Sarah-Lou being caught by David. Jason thinks of a cunning plan:

'Well, Miss, your shelves are just about done...'

Jason says he and Sarah are just mates. Sarah takes offense, saying, 'We are SO not!' Jason warns David to keep his pie-hole shut.

Sarah says if David does tell Violet, then Jason wouldn't have to tell her they're through. Jason requests that Sarah-Lou stop being a cow. She says they're fated to be together. Jason worries about the fate that will befall them should their mothers discover their illicit liason. He tells Sarah that he still cares about Violet and goes off to work.

Later, Jason comes to Sarah after receiving an urgent text. The urgency is her need of Jason's, well, urgency as she reveals a new black Victorian bodice. They says it's this season's must have. Jason thinks Sarah is this season's must have as they urgently rush inside for an urgent rogering.

Later on the street, David is still threatening to tell Violet. Jason agrees to pay him 20 quid to stay quiet, calling it blackmail. David is mock offended: "How very dare you!"

Tragic, I say, it's Tragic

Sunita is in the backroom at the Rovers where she tells Shelley that Dev thinks if he keeps talking at her long enough, she'll come 'round. She says to tell him tell it, you'd think he was the injured party.

Bev offers that Sunita may want to look at things a different way. She's not taking his side but she is married to him, unlike his other baby mommas, and therefore she has status. Besides, when she's doing all the early morning feedings, she may want someone around, even if it's a low-life like Dev.

In the shop, said low-life shows Fred Sunita's divorce letter. Dev seems resigned to things and said he'll at least try to make things as painless as possible.

Later that evening, David comes in to attempt to buy some lager (presumably with the twenty quid Jason gave him). Dev refuses even as he says it's a surprise for Dr. Phil. Jack Duckworth walks in and offers to buy them for him until Dev points out the 'No Buying Booze for Surly 14 Year Olds' rule. David says Dev's just upset because he's "up the hump" with Sunita. Jack says he's sorry to hear he and Sunita have finished.

Later in the Rover's Fred tells Sunita Dev has accepted her demand for a divorce. He says it's tragic. Sunita agrees but says it's only way forward for her and her twins.

Coming soon to the Food Network

Roy shows Vera his now laminated newspaper article. Vera says Jack was in the paper once - for drink driving (yeah, him and half the cast, luv). Also their son Terry was in the paper when he did a runner from the courts. It was on pages 3,4, and 5.

At Underworld, Hayley is reading the article to everyone at work. They say she could become a celebrity like Jamie Oliver's wife.

Later at Roy's Hayley tells him he's the toast of Manchester but Roy seems to be doubtful of the good this attention will bring:

'Kipling said that you should treat both triumph and disaster as impostors'

Hayley says they should leave Kipling to his exceedingly good cakes and crack open the Pommagne from the church raffle.

You Know What I Admire About PETA? Their Subtlety.

At Roy's, Keith is still angry with Craig for his PETA stunt yesterday. He tells him it's the food chain - they eat grass and we eat them. Roy arrives with two lasagne dinners. Craig reminds Keith that he is now a veggie. Keith takes Craig's helping of lasagne and tells him the potatoes and vegetables are more than enough for him to stay anemic looking.

Rosie comes in and Keith leaves them to sit around looking dark and interesting. Rosie says they need to change tactics and get more in people's faces about where meat comes from.

To do this, they take Porky out for a walk and to Tyrone's door (?) . Tyrone tells them he was just eating Porky's cousin. Rosie and Craig start reeling off the facts of food production, with added dramatic licence, and Tyrone suddenly feels terrible.

The missus also pointed out how convenient it was that Rosie and Craig had the pig in a studded leather harness. It matched their Goth-wear exceedingly well.

Fizz and Kirk

Molly's plan to get Kirk away from Fizz is working pretty well. Kirk now demands that Fizz treat him better. In the Rover's, Fizz complains to Maria and Tyrone that he was once all cuddly and useless, but now Molly's spoiled it. Memo to Fizz - if you think of your boyfriend as useless, he's gonna to get the message sooner or later, even Kirk.

Did anyone get the reference when Molly called Fiz, 'Fiona'? Is that Fiz's real name? (update - I guess it is)

Also revealed this episode: The shocking revelation that left-wing Ken Barlow reads The Guardian. Hayley held it up and said that Ken left it in the café. She also made a little joke when she held up what looked like The Independent (left-wing and intellectual, like the Guardian) and said it must be Les and Cilla's, who are obviously Sun readers.


GoBetty said...

Yep, I noticed when Molly tauntingly called Fiz "Fiona".

Jacqueline said...

Alcoholic David and Rabbit wearing Sarah are CREEPING me right out!

That family...I can barely stand to look at them anymore.

Thanks for the Dare You research. I was all..what...the...hell.

The Bookie's goes back to the day of Des Barnes, I just never realized it was still in operation.

missusmac said...

It's official. Sarah does all her shopping at Skanks 'R Us...

I was wondering where David's pet rabbit went after Keith stuffed it...

Isn't Carol, like, really, really, really late for work at the bookies? I remember Peter sold it to someone, who was never revealed, before he left.

Last night not only was I wondering how many people worked at the Rovers -- apparently more than at the local McDonalds -- but also wondering why the pregnant Sunita had to kip on the couch when there are two bedrooms at the Rovers?

And then Bev walked into the backroom and I (A) remembered she existed and (B) remembered she has the second bedroom.

Anonymous said...

How about when Kirk use that clang word "cabbaging? as saying he was tired? Too funny!

So a few months ago I read that ITV was getting rid of the Platts. Now there is nothing in the Corrie News about that bit of info. Anyone care to elaborate?

John said...

I'm semi-spoilered as to the comings and goings on the street but I haven't read of any Platt-related departures, sadly. I swear the producers must love them or something.