Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Update - August 22, 2006 - But What About Prom? Edition

The Old People's Prom

The snows came early to Weatherfield this year. Norris and Rita are preparing to leave for the prom, arguing over who will pay the taxi fare. Emily sees them off but seems a little sad that nobody asked her to go the Old People's Prom Weatherfield Traders Ball.

Meanwhile, Keith and Audrey are also preparing to leave. Keith's new suit of clothes - a charity shop "find" from Audrey - is uncomfortable.

David notes that Audrey said that she bought it new. David is dispatched as Keith rows with Audrey over the expensive jacket she bought him.

"I bet you've all had a ruddy great laugh at me," he says. "What do you take me for -- some kind of gigolo?"

Audrey laughs, despite herself and Keith, having taken great offense, storms off.

At the Old People's Prom Weatherfield Traders Ball, Liz arrives with Diggory and Liz is none too comfortable.

Diggory is proud to have Liz on his arm, from which she is trying to unhook herself. Liz notes that he is paying her time and a half. But Diggory is undeterred. He asks that Liz not think of him as her boss, a baker, or even the president of the traders' association.

"No, tonight, Elizabeth, I am a man." He says as he oggles her. "And you're a woman."

He says she's much better than Mildred from't wool shop.

But it isn't the President of the Weatherfield Traders Association that has Liz's eye; it's the drummer for the house band. He looks like a 50 year old Disco Stu. In other word's, he's Liz's perfect match.

As Liz exchanges glances with the drummer, Fred and Bev are dancing. Norris, meanwhile, is schmoozing, much to Rita and Audrey's disapproval.

"I wouldn't mind, but they're hardly business tycoons," Rita, who's getting a little drunk, says. "Him with the bald head runs that wallpaper shop near't Flying 'Orse."

Audrey laments that men have bought her dresses and she's never thrown them back. Rita says one man slapped Norris on the back and told him what a lucky fellow he was.

Meanwhile Liz is fondly stroking drummer's ... drumsticks. She establishes that she is there a a single gal as she brushes some imaginary lint off his waistcoat as Diggory looks on, unnoticed and feeling unloved.

Later, Liz and Audrey are watching the drummer, whose name, Liz says, is Vernon and she adds, he has lovely wrist action. Liz wonders if musicians are more passionate than regular blokes. Audrey says she thought Liz was with Diggory.

"I'd have to be more than desperate to go out with Diggory," Liz says, in earshot of Diggory, who starts downing more booze.

Beverly and Fred are discussing Ashley. Bev thinks he'll be ok.

"Have you seen Fred and Ginger?" she asks as we cut to Norris and Rita fancing out of time.

"Which one's Ginger?" asks Fred.

Norris thinks Rita can't keep up with him because she's drunk. Rita complains that Norris is letting people think they're a pair.

"Nobody believes we do any more than share a counter," Norris scoffs. "Anyway, it's obvious I'm years younger than you." This pisses off Rita as she tosses him out of her way and carries on dancing.

Later, Liz goes to sit by Rita. She asks he if Rita and Norris are an item. Rita shoots back, "We're just business partners."

"I just was thinking," Liz starts.

"Oh, I know what you were thinking," Rita finishes.

Audrey sits by Fred and tells him she knows he's put a little disappointed because she asked Keith and not him. Audrey tries to get Fred on to the dance floor, but he says he's spoken for and drags Bev on to the floor instead.

Keith arrives apologises for being stupid and asks her to dance. But she says no. She's had a miserable evening because of him. She tells him they're finished.

Later, drunken Diggory take the mike. He announces he's resigning his position of president of the Weatherfield Traders Association. He adds that he's life has beeing nothing but disappointment. His wife married him for his money, spent it, and then took off with the accountant.

"No-one ever sees beyond the fat man," he blurts out as the band starts up again. "I've got feelings!"

Fred tells Bev guys like he and Diggory set their sights too high.

"He should have stuck with Mildred, from't wool shop," he says.

He quickly apologises to Bev saying that he's honoured that she agreed to go with him. But says he he and Diggory are nothing alike.

"It's like comparing prime fillet with a bit of scrag end," she says.

Fred is turned on by her butchering metaphors and kisses her. She doesn't pull away.

Oh, Baby Give More Chance, to Show You I Love You

Eileen and Deirdre arrive at Frankie's to see how she is, which Carol somehow makes about how she never had any friends when Danny left her. Frankie is glad to see her friends.

Outside, Jamie meets Leanne on his way from the chippie. She tries to make amends and says they should go off together somewhere and start fresh. Jamie is having none of it and walks off. Danny finds her and invites her to the Flat Formerly Known as Martin Platt's, for all your May-December romance needs.

At Danny's, he says their relationship was just sex. Leanne feels bad about why she is the way she is and begins to cry. Danny takes her in his arms.

At Frankie's, she says Danny loved her.

"He told 75 guests and a vicar he loved me," Carol says. "It didn't stop him ruining me life."

Deirdre tactfully points out that she can't blame him for everything that's happened in her life, especially since they've been apart for twenty years. This makes Carol declare that she hates being sober and heads for the WC.

Frankie starts justifying Danny's behaviour as just sex but says she won't let him ruin her life.

But she's going to cancel her lawyer's appointment and give Danny another chance.

"I can't make myself stop loving him."

Later, Danny, wearing boxers and an unbuttoned shirt, answers a knock on the door. It's Frankie.

"Hi," she says, stepping close to him. "Can I come in?" It looks like she's going to take him back, right then and there.

"Now?" he asks. She suddenly clues in to what's happening and rushes to the bedroom and rushes out of the flat. Leanne emerges from the bedroom.

Frankie arrives home and collapses in tears on the sofa.

Back at his flat, Danny tells Leanne that he's realised he'll never get back together with Frankie. They both commiserate that they deserve their lot as Leanne agrees to stay the night.


Kristin said...

2 points:

1. diggory repulses me even more now than before.

2. do we see something blossoming between fred and bev?

missusmac said...

Kristin, I have always thought Diggory is like a creepy, repulsive version of Swedish chef from the Muppet Show.

I've never enjoyed his character. I think he's vile.

Bev and Fred would be nice together. Fred and Diggery are nothing alike. Fred's a romantic gentlemen in a Shrek body... Can you see Fred having to pay Shelley so she'd come to the ball? No.

Shame about Danny and Frankie. I did want them to get back together, if only to send Carol 'round the bend.

John said...

As much as I love the job the actor playing Carol is doing, every little thing is ALL! ABOUT! HER! isn't it?

Debbie said...

No one knows what it's like to be the fat man... to be the sad man...

Poor Diggory. Frankly, his lot in life was sewen up when his parents looked down at their bundle and said "We shall name him Diggory."

Debbie said...

Oh yes, I saw sparks between Fred and Bev. Also, didn't Bev look fantastic in that dress? She really looked lovely.

Please, someone explain Liz's hair. Although it kinda looked like the drummer's.

papasmurf said...

I like how Liz handles a drumstick.

Clever use of Disco Stu.

Why would Danny answer the knock on the door? How stupid can you be?

GoBetty said...

Liz's hair is just... inappropriate is the only way I can describe it. A style that went out in the 70's, stuck atop her leathery body. I think we've had this conversation before...?

Diggory's a right little Billy No Mates.

Why wasn't Dev at the Prom?

As much as Carol is annoying as a character (me, me, me), it's a meaty role isn't it. Great job, whoever you are...

Danny and Leanne... fated.

Anonymous said...

Dev couldn't get a date. All the shop girls had to work, or watch his children.


kowy said...

As annoying, I say annoying, as Fred can be, and as unattractive as he is, he would be a perfect mate for Bev.
He really does have a heart of gold and he'd treat her like a queen. I'm sure Bev knows this and the 'Old People's Prom' was the perfect way for them to get together. Just don't show any sex scenes...I may have to claw my eyeballs out.

Diggory....he comes across as an older version of Bubbles from TPB, if only for the glasses. Other than that, he's just a creepy old man who really needs to learn a wee bit of tact. He makes my skin crawl.

Danny and Leanne deserve eachother.

Frankie - does she have to wear the goofy rabbit-fur jacket all the time? It reminds me of that Facts of Life episode where Tootie ran away and made friends with a hooker.

John said...

I figured Dev didn't go to the Prom because, really, who would he take? Sunita? Or one of the 17 shopgirls he's knocked up?

John said...

whoops, anonymous beat me to the Dev joke...

Jacqueline said...

Of course the guy who plays diggory is 39.

Not sure how old that makes Diggory - but given Holly's age, I'd say in his early 40's.

Rob said...

I was wondering the same thing as you, papasmurf, about Danny's

We all know what a lowlife he is, worming his way (so to speak) back
into Leanne's good graces and knickers - but then the doorbell rings and like a good neighbour, off he toddles ("dum...de...dum...dum") to answer it in his skivvies...


It's a wonder he didn't shuffle to the door with his friggin' boxers down around his ankles!

GoBetty said...


About poor old Diggs... NO way is he like Bubbs. Bubbles is the best and most loveable part of Trailer Park Boys. Everyone loves Bubbles, but everyone HATES Diggory.