Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Update - August 2, 2006 - Daddy Issues Edition

Who's Your Daddy? Okay not everyone all at once.

Sunita is coming to grips with the fact that Amber is Dev's daughter. Ravinder tells her that Dev and she argued about telling Sunita but he feared he would lose her. Ravinder says that Amber doesn't know Dev is her father but he's a good bloke in that he takes care of his kids.

Kids? Kids?!? Sunita is shocked (again) and Ravinder tells her to talk to Sandra at the shop in Gorton.

Sunita calls Sandra and tells her to close the shop early come round. Yes, she'll get paid.
When Sandra arrives, Sunita confronts her and asks her relationship with Dev. She reveals that she has two kids with Dev and that they'll be just as entitled to his money as his. In fact they should have been married if it weren't for Sandra's opinion that Dev wanted a nice Asian girl he could boss around.

Sunita tells her to get out but Sandra asks if she's spoken to Ravinder. Or Shareen? It's clear she hasn't. Sandra leaves her with, 'You are having a bad day, aren't you?'

At home, Sunita confronts Dev about his kids and demands to know why he led her to believe the unborn twins were his first children. She tells him to tell her everything.

Dev goes into full Dev mode: 'It was in the PAST! I love YOU, SUN-IT-A!' She asks how many more children are out there, besides Ravinder's and Sandra's. He says he's told her everything.

There's a buzz at the door and it's Shareen, carrying a baby. (Let's assume the baby is < six months old which would have had its conception during the Mad Maya story - I think?)

Sunita packs her bags as Dev protests that the baby isn't his. Sunita says she's had enough of his lies and walks out. Dev cries then walks out and impregnates four more women in corner shops.

She Won't Be Ignored

Jason and Violet discuss their plans for a date. Violet suggests she go home and change and Jason, not really caring about the torn T-shirt, says he'll stay and have another pint.

He later gets a call to go meet Charlie for some quick business, much to Sean's disapproval. Jason arrives to find Sarah-Lou at yard. She says she thinks he feels something for her and goes in for a kiss. When he tries to reciprocate, she pulls away and coyly says she isn't playing games either. Step away from Sarah-Lou now, Jason. It'll all end in tears.

Back at the Rover's Sean takes Jason to task for his attire and he takes it on Violet. She says he can't do anything right by her (even though she's quite patient with him) and he storms off.

Later at the yard, he says Sarah again who tells him she'll back off if he want her to.

I Guess She Took That Drink

Carol has gone on an instant bender at the Rover's, beligerantly demanding that Joanne buy her a drink. Janice's plan of pushing someone with a disease back to the bottle so her son won't be able to go on a date with someone not sleeping with Danny Baldwin and then would have to go back to his ex, seems to have worked.

Joanne buys her a drink as Jamie walks in and explodes on her for doing it. Carol's story about the break-in was a lie, it seems as she just wanted to see her son. Jamie drags her to Streetcars and asks Eileen how much is it to Birmingham.

Eileen laughs and says, "Oy, your accent. I thought you said 'Burn Me Mum!'"

Instead Carol ends up back at Frankies were she passes out. Frankie tells him not to be too hard on Joanne as she didn't know about Carol and anyway Carol would have found some booze if she wanted.

Later Jamie and Joanne share some chips and he says he appreciates that she still has time for him after their two horrible dates. They kiss, in view of Leanne, who is discouraged.

Not as Cool as Ponys

Kevin and Sally are shopping Jesse's hockey bag full of knock-off trainers. She offers them 'Suede-ique' for a fiver. They eventually accept and give them to Sophie, telling them Suede-ique means 'trendy.'

Kevin later says to Sally that he wanted to buy her some new shoes and she said no. Then she changes her mind and he has to go along with it. I think Sally just want to buy them for Sophie herself so she wouldn't look like the bad mum.

Anyone notice how quickly Eileen managed to get from Frankie's to the Rover's? It's like she was in two places at once!

So did anyone else recognise Ravinder? It was bugging me until I figured out that she played PC Maggie Habib on the Rowan Atkinson sit-com The Thin Blue Line.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning where you'd seen Ravinder before. It has been bugging me too trying to remember where I'd seen her! She was good in The Thin Blue Line too.

papasmurf said...

I'm guessing the trainers will melt the first time it rains.

Jason needs to get a grip.

So much for Carol and her DIY twelve step program.

missusmac said...

Well, I'm totally shocked. While I thought Dev was Amber's daddy, I never suspected he'd fathered an entire cricket team as well. And one in the last 18 months or so!

Sandra tricked him -- TWICE?!?!? Yeah, I hate it when that happens...

Anyone else think Sunita looked a little Maya-ish on her way out, with her hair all over her face?

Jacqueline said...

The gafaws from Mr. Glacia last night were abundant as Dev does his squirming. Especially about being tricked twice.

Last night, no joke, I dreamt about an all Indian production of The Sound of Music. All the children and Dev with his little ship's whistle to keep them in line.

'How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ravinder?'

Lisa said...

Dying at your comments Great write up John & I love the pic that opens it. I'm willing to donate the curtains required for dressing the spawn of Dev for your musical though I expect I may need the curtains of a small nation to accomplish this task.

Sings "Up on the hill there's lonely Dev" Yodelay- Yodelay Yodelayhehoo

Mushy Pea said...

I thought I was watching some kind of comic spoof of Corrie with this Dev fiasco. One child ok maybe believable but how many??? With all of his other love affairs in past episodes and leading up to Maya and Sunita he must have been very busy!!! Also I think that Jason and Sarah deserve each other in their airheadedness and Violet should be with someone who's better for her.
Boy I feel nasty right now.

papasmurf said...

The Shops are Alive with the Sound of (Dev's) Children

John said...

Does that make Amber Leisel? She is sixteen, going on seventeen, after all.

Debbie said...

Can I tell you how much I loved last night's episode. Almost as much as I loved this line: "Dev cries then walks out and impregnates four more women in corner shops."

That was shocking.

Also, Sarah Platt is coming of super aggressive and a bit psycho. I think the look she gives him is supposed to be seductive, but it is kind of crazy.

Poor JoJo. I can't beleive jamie yelled at her like that.

Kristin said...

well, sarah lou has lived with enough psychos in her short life. it was only bound to be a matter of time before that behaviour rubbed off on her!

Anonymous said...

I think Amber is Sunita's child!! They're images of one another - prominent proboscis, shy chins, kinda whiny.....