Friday, August 11, 2006

Update - August 10, 2006

"You Suck. No, You Suck."

It's a glorious breakfast at Casa del Platt after another sexy evening of Gail climbing all over Dr. Phil. David grumbles about the arrangements until he brings up the topic of Jason with Sarah. Gail wants to know what they're arguing about but he keeps quiet.

Later that evening, David confronts Jason on the street and implies a desire for more hush money for which to buy more cheap n' nasty cider. He tells Jason if he won't pay, then to stay away from Sarah.

"Stay away from our Sarah," He says. "You're no good for her. None of you bloody Grimshaws are."

(note - isn't there some law about use of certain curse words on TV in the UK, like 'bloody'?)

David suddenly lunges towards a confused Jason, vowing an intent to kill him. Jason tries to fend him off as David falls to the ground. Dr. Phil watches the whole thing and, as Sarah arrives, helps David to his feet.

As Sarah leaves with David, Phil and Charlie ask what happened but Jason isn't telling.

At the Platt's, Gail asks what happen and David claims Jason started it. Gail calls the police, claiming the Grimshaws have hurt her family enough.

At the Rover's Charlie is still trying to find out what happened. Jason won't say in front of Violet as Eileen comes in demanding to know what happened. They leave to discuss the matter at home.

At the Grimshaw's, Eileen figures that this fight has something to do with Sarah but before Jason can discuss the matter, Violet comes in and Jason clams up.

The police arrive (actually, it's the same constable from the episode when Bev called the cops on Charlie) to investigate an assault complaint. Jason explains what happened - that he did not start the fight and only tried to hold David off. The policewoman says that his story differs from the person who made the compaint.

Speak of the devil, E.T. shows up and says she only wants that rotten son of Eileen's to get what's coming to him. The discussion becomes heated when Phil arrives and confirms Jason's side of the story.

The policewoman asks if Gail wishes to further pursue her complaint. She does not. Constable Cutie asks Jason if he wishes to press a charge but he says he only wishes to eat his tea in peace.
Well, that's sorted. Except for E.T. who's pissed at Phil for undermining her constant attempts to bring down the Grimshaws.

Hand in Glove

Fizz feels Kirk is slipping away, thanks to Molly, and starts going out of her way to be nice to him. She runs over to his place with a nice new shirt, all cleaned and ironed for him. She points out how old and dirty his shirt is and he could do with a new one. Kirk interprets this as her treating him like a kid and runs upstairs.

On the street, Tyrone asks Kirk what's going on between him and Fizz. He says she's always bossing him about and thinks there's something going on between him and Molly, which there isn't, he adds. He just wants things to be as they were before Fizz started 'pushing it.'

In Roy's café, Fizz and Kirk make up. Fizz says from now on they'll do whatever Kirk wants to do. But Kirk doesn't actually have any ideas as to what to do.

At Diggory's Bakery, he tells Molly as is well between Fizz and him again. Molly warns him that she's using the oldest trick in the book and she's playing him like Miss Piggy with her hand firmly up his ... glove. Molly takes Kirk to the Rover's where he demands that Fizz give him 'space.' Fizz looks crestfallen as Kirk takes his drink with Molly.

When Life Gets You Down, You Can Always Lay Down Your Burdens With That Chick You Banged that one Christmas, And The Mother You Banged the Year Before.

Norris comes into the shop to discuss Dev's maritial status buy some milk. Norris tries to commersirate with Dev, having gone through a divorce himself. Dev isn't interested in chatting with Norris. Not much happens here except for the fact that two bottles of milk cost 64p at Dev's. That can't be right.

Deirdre later comes in to see if Dev is alright when Tracy, the other woman he slept with, comes to rub his face in his misery. Deidre apologies for Tracy and gives Dev a hug. Both women leave the shop pregnant.

Meat is Murder But Also a Source of Income

Norris is disturbed to discover that Emily has cancelled their Christmas order of pork from Keith. Norris wants to know if they intend to go vegan this year. Emily says of course not but having gotten to know the pigs, she felt bad about eating them.

Sally overhears this and tells them she's sorry Rosie has been pestering them. Emily says not at all, she's glad to see a teenager with real convictions these days.

Later Sally gives the teens proper vegan beans on toast and praises them for being so socially conscious. Rosie requests that her mother stop being so tolerant as it's oppressive. Parenting Lesson #43: Wanna get your kids to stop doing something? Approve of it.

As it turns out, all the people who order pork from Keith cancelled it, thanks to Azrael Abyss and Circe Nightshade. They discover that Keith sold the pigs to Fred Elliot for a low price, who has likely already butchered them. He told them he was going to use the money from the meat sales to buy Christmas presents. Craig suddenly feels bad, not having realised that his actions can have consequences.

What did you think of the episode? Who knew milk was so cheap in corner shops?


Jacqueline said...

Thanks John!

BTW - I liked how Jason says to Violet after the police thing is cleared up, 'I hope you realize now what a liar that David is! You can't believe any crazy stuff he says.' (Like.....sarah and jason sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah what about 32 p milk? That would make it about 64 cents in American currency. Maybe it was the size of the little bottle. I love seeing those little milk bottles on Engliah doorsteps when I was in the UK.

missusmac said...

They were small milk bottles, but still...

I've begun to amuse myself by counting the inventive ways the director uses to get Dr. Phil and Gail in the same frame, given that Dr. Phil is roughly 17 feet taller than Gail.

i.e. Gail stands on the stairs, Phil stands at the bottom. Phil sits a lot too when Gail is in the room.

John said...

The price of milk thing has been bugging me so I did some research.

According to this news item, in 2004 a litre of milk cost 50p. It's reasonable to assume what Norris purchased were two 500 ml bottles for things like tea and cereal (remember that they don't guzzle milk as a beverage the way many people do in North America so they tend to buy it in smaller quantities. Sadly this means chocolate milk is hard to find). So 64p for one litre of milk in a corner shop is a reasonable premium over the 50p supermarket brand, which of course buys its products in larger volumes. This also assumes the abscence of strict pricing controls a la Canada's Milk Marketing Board.

Yes, I am obsessed with money and how it's spent on this show.

GoBetty said...

I liked the episode a lot. I LOVED how chinless wonder Gail was mad at her hard-won boyfriend for telling the truth about what a little lying ass David is. RUN FOR THE HILLS DOCTOR PHIL.