Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tracey or Claire Bear?

Okay - question time!

Who would your rather be (or date - depending on your persuasion) Tracey or Claire.

I've weighed this one.

Claire has happiness and self esteem on her side - but Tracey doesn't have to dress like a moron.

As far as dating goes, Tracey will probably steal your car, but she will let you take up boxing if you want.

I think it's anyone's guess who is better in the sack.

Glacia thought hard about this. Tracey is a bitch to be sure, but I think I laugh to heartily at her insults about Claire. So ultimately, I'd rather be a miserable bitch than wear sensible shoes.


papasmurf said...

Claire without a doubt.

She has the best hidden jubblies on the street. My spidey sense tells me she would be a tiger in the sack as well.

Tracey is too bitchy. Sorry.

Jacqueline said...

I get the impression she'd be good too and Tracey might actually be more talk than action.

Pamer said...

I agree with PSmurf on teh hidden jubblies...plus she showed she could have a rip roaring time at Les' stag-do...she was the one coming up withteh drinking games...many points in her favour...but her Speckys have the go, and that little pursed lip/dimply chin thing kind of bugs me

I always got he impression Trace would be the likker in bed moreso thatn Claire...but what do I know, Gail Platt is getting laid ferchrissakes!!!

John said...

My Spidey-sense also tingles when I see Claire (although I prefer Violet, especially now that she's on the market).

In bed, Tracy would likely be selfish and lazy and probably doesn't get much out of it. Claire is definitely a minx in the sack.

Also, Tracy's bitchiness has no point to it. She just does it, as Deirdre said, to make other people as miserable as she is. Claire's done nothing Tracy so all Tracy is doing is bullying her. I have no problem with bitchiness so long as it has a reason for it. As is often the case with Tracy lately, it's all pointless.

Also, being Claire is better because she gets choice cuts of meat from her father in law. What do Ken and Deidre ever bring home for Tracy?

Anonymous said...

This is my theory about what will happen when Kate Ford leaves Corrie....

Tracey will be sent to prison for killing Charlie. She kills him in a fit of rage when she finds out his affair with Maria...Of course Maria is dumping Charlie supposedly so either she goes back to Charlie later or Charlie starts up something with another character and Tracy finds out.

Mark my words! :)

Karen said...

Tracey also gets to date hotties like Nathan. Sure Claire has Ashley and under that butcher's apron, he's got a nice little body. However, his annoying whiny voice would make me want to run him over with one of Steve's cabs.

Rob said...

That's Ashley under that butcher's apron? I thought he was hiding a soup bone under there.

But wot's this about our Maria and Charlie? Did I miss sommet?

papasmurf said...

Charlie + Maria = spoiler I think

missusmac said...

I agree with that equation, papsmurf. There have been a few things mentioned recently that fall in that equation.

Hopefully, people posting will know/remember that we are nine million years behind the British airing dates...

Please don't spoil it for us!

GoBetty said...

My husband likes Violet. I think they're all plain janes but what do I know.

Debbie said...

I'd rather be Claire. She is happy and has a lovely husband. Also, she is no push-over!

Oh keepers of the blog, the anonymous poster is a spoiler!