Monday, August 21, 2006

Thursday/Friday Update Omnibus

Sorry I am late with this, I was pre-occupied this weekend.

Jacqueline BD 045

The Secret Trader’s Other Ball
The square dealers are having some sort of shindig and Diggory is looking for a date. He asks Liz repeatedly – who repeatedly says no until he offers to pay her wages to go. She agrees under the condition that he keeps his paws to himself.

Fred casually asks Bev to attend with him and seems shocked when she actually agrees.

Kir-keh’s Fizzy Pop
After Fizz stands up to Molly, Kir-keh realizes how much he loves her and goes back to her waiting arms. Fizz is happy but insists that he fire Molly from the job.

Kir-keh tries to fire her, but Molly and Diggory let him know that that’s unfair dismissal. So he gives her a pay raise instead.

Nathan fesses up to Fred that he the fight between him and Ashley happened outside of the ring and without the gloves on. Fred is unsure how to take this news until Ashley tells him to treat Nathan as a friend.

Neither Nathan nor Ashley will say what the fight was about, but everyone suspects its about Claire. Who, btw, is not so forgiving and wants Nathan to stay away.

Tracey makes snide remarks, finds out how bad Ashley is, feels bad for a millisecond and then deals with her guilt by making more snide remarks.

Nathan meanwhile tells Kevin how he was raised in a nice middle class home but how he was a reckless wild youth and is now alienated from his family.

Ashley could lose the vision in his eye, but we’ll have to see.

Danny, Mike, Bob and Carol
Danny tries to win Frankie back on the anniversary of their engagement by sending flowers around. When that doesn’t work, he decides to go for something bigger.

With all the tact of a baseball stadium proposal, he gets some sort blimp shaped balloon thing to rise above the factory with a sign, ‘Frankie – I Love You – Danny’.

He mutters to himself, ‘She’s just got to take me back now.’

She doesn’t. Surprisingly enough, she found the whole thing a bit sick and twisted.

He comes over that evening to sweet talk her back into his arms and is almost successful until Jamie walks in and tosses him out.

Mike is really starting to lose it. He was supposed to deposit a check to the bank and not only did he forget to do it, but he forgot that he even had a check.

Carol seems to be doing nicely with the sober thingy. She did need some convincing to go the AA meeting, but other than that she’s been off the booze.


papasmurf said...

Doesn't that make Liz some kind of an escort?

John said...

Well, yeah.

Funny, I don't remember a scene with Tracy licking the tablecloth. I must have been in the kitchen.

Karen said...

Not only did Liz convince Diggory to pay her wages, I believe she made him pay her time and 1/2. That makes a slightly more expensive ... um ... escort.

Kristin said...

I'd like to think that Liz is just working overtime.

I'm certain that Liz will end up ditching Diggory before the night is through, too.

missusmac said...

Now, just before we get too critical of everyone's favorite skanky grandma, let's recall a story line that had Ken -- yes, KEN -- as a paid escort.

It was all fun and extra cash, until someone died. Isn't that always the way?

Pamer said...

Jacqueline is dressed as a slapper...oops I mean a flapper

John said...

Maybe Liz can take a page from Ken's book and bore Diggory to death.

The stuff with Mike - I know it's a done deal but when he was forgetting about that cheque, all I could think was that I just don't to see this happen to him.

Jacqueline said...

no Pamer, you're right the first time. Slapper.

Anonymous said...

But wait...Liz will sharpened up and get a new hairdo and it will look good...and it is not from the Corrie Bad Hair Fairy either! Check out itv to see it...