Monday, August 07, 2006

Simon Gregson Guilty of DUI

Simon Gregson, our Steve Macdonald, has been convicted of drunk-driving after failing a breath test:

Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald in the soap, was stopped when a police officer saw his Jaguar going the wrong way down a one-way street in Cheshire.

He gave a positive roadside test and two further tests were positive.

Mr Gregson, 31, of Wilmslow, who denied drink-driving, was bailed for sentencing on 4 September.

The court heard that two police station readings were 60 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath - the legal limit is 35.

First of all Simon:

- Arsehole, you could have killed someone.
- You're one of the stars of one of the top-rated shows in the UK. Why mess with that?

The police reports did not indicate if Gregson claimed to "own Wilmslow," nor did it indicate if Gregson referred to any female constables as "sugar tits" and there is no indication of any references to his opinion of Jewish people.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out he could have killed someone and calling him an arsehole...I lost a girlfriend to a drunk driver almost 25 years ago and her family has suffered ever since. Simon you suck!

Karen said...

It certainly seems that there are quite a few Corrie stars lately who are having problems with drugs and alcohol. Who would have thought life on the street could be so stressful.

Sugar tits? Ha ha ha ha ha... did MG really say that?

Pamer said...

oh Simon Simon Simon, you great Pillock!!

Jacqueline said...

he needs to be suspended from the show for a bit.

missusmac said...

So far, Jim, Dev, Lister, Steve, Curly and Mike have made news for booze/drug addictions, while Vera had her own drinking phase a few years back.

Meanwhile, the woman who played Maxine had sobriety issues made public after she left the show; i.e. disoriented on planes, etc., and our Jason was recently caught driving our Sarah's car without a licence.

Does celebrity status mean never having to say you're sorry, or just never having to believe anything you do is wrong?

John said...

I think money + fame = refusal to admit responsibility. It always boggles my mind that someone who's won what I'd call "the life lottery" would risk chucking it all

James said...

I am of course not defending drunk driving having two friend's who lost siblings to it BUT if I'm reading the numbers right Simon was under the legal limit in Ontario. I realize he was over the UK limit of 0.035 with a 0.060 reading.

Unless I've missed something he drank half a beer and missed a one-way traffic sign. Have you ever tried to get around downtown Ottawa?

Debbie said...

Ottawa has a downtown?