Thursday, August 17, 2006



I'm on the quest to find out about the Joshua storyline.

I'm not sure myself how Tracey would know about Little J's parentage. In addition, I'm also not sure that it's 100% that Matt was J's daddy.

I'm doing the research and have sent an email to Glenda from to see if she remembers.


Pamer said...

I remember after Max dies that Ash went to have the paternity test. I remember him finding out and saying that even if it wasn't his baby, it was Maxine's and he still loved her blah blah blah

The only reason Tracey would know is because everyone knows everything on that blasted street.

Debbie said...

As I remember, Matt Ramsden is indeed Josh's daddy. I believe that Matt was Maxine's doctor and romance sparked.

Everyone does know everything in the street. The fictional lives are moved forward by gossip. Fantastic, spectacular gossip.

I have to say, and I fully admit this is nasty, that little Josh is super cute, unlike little Bethany Platt, who clearly fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Regarding Tracey Barlow, there is a corrie special that recounts how she became so nasty.

Pamer said...

That original Amy was also on the hoemly side. This new one seems to be pretty cute though...but she's got a wicked smokers cough.

I wonder if they use Dierdre as the soundFX for baby cough.

missusmac said...

I really thought there was only an 'inner circle' of people who knew, like Fred, Audrey, Ashley, and Claire. (And supposedly Dr. Matt).

I may have missed episodes where someone mentioned the secret to someone else?

I only remember that when Maxine was still alive and Josh was an infant, Ashley was going to have the test then, but changed his mind in the parking lot.

missusmac said...

P.S. Jacqueline, thanks for tracking this info down!

Debbie said...

I'm sure Matt Ramsden does know that he is Josh's dad.
Yes, this new Amy is cute. The smoker's cough comment was killer.

I thought that the woman who plays Deirdry was putting the voice on, then I heard her in an interview. Harsh.

Mind you, I love Deirdry. I especially love that she always wears tight v-necks and a belt over them. She's a right bobby dazzler!

Kristin said...

Matt does know that he's the father. I don't think that he was on the show when the paternity results came back, but he was certain of it before leaving.

I think Tracey was just being plain mean to Ashley and Claire. She referred to Maxine as Ashley's ex-wife.

Jacqueline said...

From Glenda:

To the best of my knowledge, it's not general knowledge that Josh is not Ashley's real son. I think only the family know (eg Fred and Claire and Matt and his missus. I think Audrey knows too).

I seem to recall a paternity test at some point, yes, there must have been I'm sure otherwise how would Ashley know little Josh isn't his? I'm sure there was one but can't remember when or anything about it - sorry!

Rob said...

That little Platt spawn Bethany has always bothered me. What is the heck is so interesting off-stage that she keeps looking at, and why don't they move it onto the set so she looks vaguely involved?

I was just reading about her in "" (yes, I've become all-consumed like the rest of you lot) and was reminded that she suffered an electrical shock in the flat where she lived wiith her mum and Gay Todd.

This 'splains a lot about the strange child...

Sparkles said...

I am so glad you are looking into this -- I was totally shocked when Tracey came out with that comment about Ashley not being Josh's bio daddy. How does she know???

Matt knows for sure - I remember after Maxine died that Ashley received a vaguely threatening call from Matt and I was sure it was going to spin off into a custody battle story line but it didn't materialize - at least not yet!

Anonymous said...

I love that Cilla line...."right bobby dazzler"....

I understand some Brit slng but the "bobby" part is unknown to me? Meaning anyone??

Anonymous said...

Bobby-dazzler means “something striking or excellent”. The earliest citation in the full Oxford English Dictionary for bobby-dazzler is 1866, and is interesting in itself. It says: “what a Lancashire man would call a regular bobby-dazzler, a Cornishman would call ‘a regular morgan rattler’”. (“Morgan rattler” is a strange one we’ll have to leave for another day.) So, where does this expression bobby-dazzler come from, and how come dazzling is a property particularly belonging to Robert (rather than, say, John or Paul or George)? The verb “to dazzle” came into English in 15th century and seems to come from an Old Norse word meaning “to confound or confuse”. This rapidly came to mean “to bewilder, confound or confuse the eyes or the vision”. Anyone so attractive as to do so came to be called “a dazzler” – a word that turns up around 1800. On the other hand, behind “bobby” (used as an adjective) is an 18th century word “bobbish” meaning “in good health, in good spirits, in good humour”. So anyone who is both sparkling with good health and good humour, and attractive to the eye, is a bobby-dazzler.

bookluver1965 said...

A "bobby" is also a police officer in Britain, so maybe the expression has some reference to police officers(?)