Friday, August 04, 2006

Pregnancy Update


Before I begin, I thought I'd just let you all know that I'm pregnant with Dev's child. While this isn't the best news I've ever brought to Mr. Glacia, he is thankful for the potentional free housing and crisps we'll be entitled to whenever visiting Manchester.

So it's not all bad news, I suppose.


The episode opens with Dev looking like hell in the flat and trying to call Sunita on his cell. She is at Shel's determined NOT to answer the phone. Oh Dev, I don't think a phone call is going to do it.

Sunita is comforted by Shel who does her damnedest to keep Dev away from Sunita - even though he knows she's at the back of the pub. He goes back to the shop and has to withstand smarmy comments from Tracey and a visit from a real estate agent with the largest teeth in her Majesty's domain. Real estate dude drops off the keys to their new home,a bottle of champagne, and his best regards to the Mrs.

Dev goes to the new home (which I might add is pretty freakin' swank and the shallow girl in me was thinking, Sunita, are you sure you're THAT upset?) Aaaaaaaaaanyway, Dev is so moved by stepping into the house he and Sunita were to share that he rushes back to the Rovers and pushes past Shelly (all Charlie style and all) to get to 'his wife'.

A lot of begging and blathering ensues.

Now, here's the interesting part, yesterday when Sunita screams at him about Shareen's baby, he does say, 'It's not my baby.' I was kind of thinking that Carol had set him up just to get Sunita more upset. Although Shareen did seem a bit too comfortable coming into the flat.

Brace yourselves, chickens, brace yourself.

When Sunita brings up Shareen's baby again at the Rovers he says,

(Are you sitting?)

'Shareen's my daughter.'

Then he adds, 'The baby's nothing to do with me.'

Glacia looks around the room and thinks, 'Um, no dude, that be your grandchild.'

Dev is a freakin' grandfather!!!

And Sunita implodes.

The final bit is when Dev says that she's carrying his children she tells him that she's going to have an abortion.

?????!!!!!!! Without opening up any pro-choice/pro-life discussions in our non-political bloggy here, isn't she too far gone for an abortion?

Here, Jamie, Let Me Give You This Website Addy
Carol wakes up from her drunken evening in Frankie and Jamie's place and is trying to hurry to the washer with her bedsheets. Both Jamie and Frankie try to take the sheets from her to wash themselves, aaaaaaaaaaaaand they both discover that the bedsheets are 'wet'.


This on top of her barfing act in the cab the night before is giving Jamie a glimpse into the more glamourous life of an alcoholic.

He is determined to help his mom because she really, really needs him but Frankie is trying to tell him that he needs to show some tough love because she won't get better and all she'll do is screw up his life.

Carol wants Jamie to share a flat with her, which he wisely declines. Frankie, in a remarkable move tells Carol she can move in with them but the minute she takes a drink she's out.

This is a fabulous storyline and the writer's are dead on about what it's like being invovled with an alcoholic.

Bizarre Love Triangle
Not much can be said here. Sarah flirts with Jason with her come here, go away routine. Jason goes for it, then feels guility and runs to Violet to ease his guilt. Then Sarah comes back and Jason goes for it again.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

The last we see of Jason and Sarah is them locked in an passionate embrace in Charlie's office.

And Kev Gets a Pair
Turns out that 'Suede-ique' is just French for 'cardboard' as we find out during the rainstorm that dissovles the shoes that Jesse was flogging.

Sophie ends up in a fight at school about her biodegradible shoes and Sally has to pick her up from the headmaster's office. By the time they get back to the street Sophie is refusing to get out of the car and walk home in the shoes.

Then, this man I've never seen on the street before shows up. He's like Kev, but different somehow. He pulls Sophie out of the car and sends her in the house to change and get back to school. Then he goes over to Jesse and demands the 5'er for the shoes, plus another 5 for to compensate for the time Sal had to take off to get Sophie.

Sally practically rips off all her clothes at the sight of new and improved macho Kev. She suggests that they reverse roles more often and he gets to be the 'bad' guy with the girl.

10 comments: said...

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out Shireen was Dev's kid. Holy moly.

Non-political agreement - I think Sunita IS too far along for an abortion.

papasmurf said...

I was reminded of the scene in 'Trainspotting' when Spud tries to wash the bedsheets the morning after a night of debauchery.

The house Dev bought did seem quite swank - especially by England real estate standards. Did anyone hear a price mentioned in a previous episode?

missusmac said...

Don't recall hearing a price, but didn't he need to be bought out from the cab company just to pay for the house?

Have to agree upon sight of the house that Sunita might want to re-think that leaving Grampa Dev decision.

Are these spawn of Dev are all girls? I'm wondering because Sondra said Dev only wanted an Asian wife. But two of the three Dev ladies involved here -- although we haven't seen Shareen's mother --are Asian.

So why not marry one of them? Even briefly? Or did he? (extra plot line?) Or is he waiting for, as he keeps telling Sunita, 'the son and heir'? Is that why he doesn't acknowledge these other kids?

Frankie must have been drunk when she offered to take in Carol.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the photo of the chick with the babies in strollers.

I am sick to death of Sarah's antics. The girl has the judgement of a bananna slug. It's just one stuip screw-up after another with her and it makes her character boring. Oddly enough, I think the same of her mother.

Jason is a numbskull - they deserve one another.

What's with this "word verification" thing?

eps said...

How did striving for style stop with Audry?

Just think what Maya would have done with the discovery of this passelof children. THAT would have been fun to watch.


Lisa said...

That pic of the ho with the strollers is our lovely Trac-eh from Little Britain. She & Dev should get together... oh wait... maybe they already did!

Jacqueline said...

oh lisa....oh lisa....the ho is Vicki Pollard

Lisa said...

D'oh! Mea Culpa. I just bought Season 1 & 2 of Little Britain- I best brush up. In the meantime I will hang my head in shame...

Paulo Sempre said...

ok....five chlildrens..
Explosão demografica??

Anonymous said...

Sarah is a very nice looking gal, but when she tries to do "sexy", the only words that pop into my head are "deranged", "Tourette's" and "run like the wind".