Saturday, August 19, 2006

More Vintage Corrie

"Oh Coronation Street's alright. Mind, there's some you'll have to watch."

The first five minutes of the first episode ever broadcast. Florie Lindley has just taken over the corner shop after recently arriving to the street. Elsie and Dennis Tanner are arguing over money and local golden boy Ken Barlow is sitting down to his tea. It's funny how the actors specifically refer to the residents and their house number as a way of setting us up for their introduction.

"I think you want your head examining. Mind, that's just my opinion of course."

Annie and Jack Walker, owners of the Rover's.

"...foul-mouthed, beer-swilling moron like you!"

Aw, it's Ken Barlow's first bar fight. Sadly, it does not go well for him. He hasn't even hit the ground and they're already rolling the credits.


Karen said...

Despite knowing it for many years, it's still strange that William Roache has been on Corrie Street since the beginning. Wow, 46 years and counting. That's amazing.

I was just looking at his page on Did anyone else notice that his the last name of his first wife was "Cropper"? Ha ha ha...

Anonymous said...

I saw that as!

He was a looker back then wasn't he?? I love the hair...

How about posting the story about how The Beatles almost got on Corrie Street back in the day? They were big fans!

MJ said...

I've got the story on the Beatles. I'm getting ready to go on vacation but I can post it the first week of September if anyone's interested.

Ang said...

Wow thanks for posting the clips! they are great. First time I've seen them.

Anonymous said...

MJ said...

I've got the story on the Beatles. I'm getting ready to go on vacation but I can post it the first week of September if anyone's interested.


Yes, please!

When I started watching Corrie around 25 years ago Annie Walker's son Billy was on the street occasionally, romancing Bet Lynch I think. Kind of a scrubby looking chap with a beard, sort of hinted to be underhanded IIRC. Also brings Fred Gee to mind as well - and Tina the chesty barmaid who had a boyfriend named Eddie who was a brickie.

Wonder if the picture of Ken's uncle Albert is still visible from certain camera angles, heheh.

Jacqueline said...

This is Linda Cheveski - she married a pole - which is why she doesn't have a proper name.

Debbie said...

"This is Linda Cheveski, she married a pole."
That is a hilarious line. I last love that she totaly set up the relationship to the skinflint Tanners at Number 11 who are not nearly as respectible as the Barlows at number 3.

Hey, is Ken Barlow still at number 3? Or, are they are number 6 now? I think Craig and his grandfather are at number 6.

John said...

I tried to do a 'who lives where' post a few months back but i ended up mixing up some address. However, I'm pretty sure Ken and his clan are at Number 1 now and Emily Bishop is in Number 3. Keith and Craig are still across the street in Number 6.

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