Saturday, August 26, 2006

Missusmac asks:

Annie Walker and Betty Turpin circa 1567

With regards to the black and white video, 'Who are these people and why is there a seal in their tub?'

They are Annie and Jack Walker, who owned the Rovers when Corrie started. I am too young to remember Jack, but I DEFINATELY remember Annie running the pub after Jack passed away. A formidable landlady.

I couldn't find a pic of Jack unfortunately, but for more info on Annie, clickez vous ici.

Now, how the seal got in their tub, I'll never know.


eden said...

Dennis Tanner, Elsie's son, was in show business. He had arranged for the seals to act in a show he was putting on back in the '60's. When he needed to find the seals a place to stay, he ended up putting them in Jack and Annies bath tub while they were out. They discovered them upon arriving home to t'Rovers.
The episode is available on dvd in the 1960 Coronation Street Box Set.

missusmac said...

Hey Eden, thanks for the answer. I have seen old clips of Elsie, and son Dennis, so I even know who you're talking about!