Friday, August 25, 2006

Lowered Expectations Update


Silver Medal Finalist…Leanne
On the Baldwin front, Danny tries to talk to Frankie again to apologize and woo her back. She tells him to shove off. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Jamie, however, calls Leanne to say that he needs to talk to her. She meets up with him, all a titter at the thought of him asking her to get back together with him. Turns out he just wanted to warn Leanne about Danny’s evil ways and that she should be cautious not to become sad old alcoholics like Frankie and Carol.

Leanne is furious about this and tells him to mind his own business and that Danny is twice the man he his, then stomps out the door with a fine, ‘Well, screeeeeeeeeeeeew you!

Danny and Leanne re-group at the apartment and she expresses concerns that Danny only wants Frankie.

Danny says that he does want Frankie and that Leanne wants Jamie but that’s never going to happened so the reality is that Leanne is the best he can do. Leanne asks if he loves her. Danny says that he does if she wants him to and that they can be together and live happily every after (content with 2nd place).

Hurrah, says Leanne and they put on their glad rags to prance around the Rovers.

Lowered expectations……

Here’s Your G.D. Suit
Keith starts blathering on about being true to yourself and not letting anyone change you and with that resolve he goes marching over to the salon to give Audrey her suit back.

Later, Rita asks what Audrey is going to do about Keith and she seems to shrug her shoulders and says, ‘Oh I don’t know’ (which is code for I guess I’ll still go out with him.)

Lowered expectations…..

Liz is walking all over Diggory by coming in late after a booze up with Disco Stu the night before.

He tells her it’s okay, just not to lie about it. This then gives Liz carte blanche to yak on the phone and slack off.

He gives her a half hearted dressing down. She nods and then goes right back on the phone.

Lowered expectations…..

Tracey Barlow Investigates!
Tracey wants to know what REALLY happened between Nathan and Frankie as Nathan failed to return to the Rovers that night.

She confronts Nathan who tells her nothing happened, but she is not satisfied with that so she then confronts Frankie.

Frankie’s response, ‘I was at the Rovers?’. Girlfriend was far too wasted to remember anything of the night before. (Glacia wonders what it’s like to be that drunk. Naaaaaaah, I’m goofing on you! I can barely remember last night.)

Tracey then happily kisses Nathan telling her that she forgives him. He is pissed that she believes Frankie but not him - but decides Tracey’s bitchy behaviour is okay regardless.

Lowered expectations……

In other news.
Keith got a job at the Kabin as a paper boy.

Nicollete and Sophie give Roy a hard time at the café until Sal comes by and boxes their ears.

Ashley has forgiven Nathan and sits down with him for a pint.

Janice asks Danny to be gentle with Leanne. They have some kind of heart to heart about life and love.


missusmac said...

I've decided I don't like Keith very much. I liked him when he came to the family's rescue -- after all, someone had to keep an eye on R'Craig -- but he's a mean old man.

Can he be poorer than Emily Bishop on her pension? Maybe he should take in a boarder, too. (Hey, Liz!)

papasmurf said...

I love what Danny has done with his new place - very cozy.

Kristin said...

is danny living in martin's old flat?

papasmurf said...

Danny and Leanne are above Diggory's bakery.

I thought Martin lived over a hardware shop or something like that.

Rob said...

I know Diggory doesn't garner much sympathy among you lot, but I'm feelin' some pain for him...I wish he'd send Liz packing...

Anonymous said...

Well Liz was sacked tonight..thanks god...she looked dumb in the white hat...

Oh yes...I found another "right bobby dazzler" on YouTube...this time it is Rita saying it. This is awesome classic Corrie with all the younger versions of Sally, Kevin, Jack, Vera and Gail!