Monday, August 28, 2006

It's HYYYYDRO-Matic!

Another YouTube find: The boys from Corrie performing 'Grease Lightning.' Looks to be a few years old by the looks of Craig and David. And did Kirkeh just say 'pussy wagon'?

I like stuff like this because in Canada, we rarely see these actors in any other context than the actual show.

This was done as part of a special broadcast for Children in Need.


Johnnie said...

I recognise Ashley, Tyrone, David, Kevin, Craig, Kirk... But I can't for the life of me remember the other guys name. I think he was one of the cabbies?

And now I will have this song in my head for days... Oh joy.

John said...

I think his name was Pete(?). He was a cabbie. Slept with Eileen back in the day (she was unimpressed with his gear shaft, as I recall). He played in a ska band with Eileen in the 1980's. Also had a very brief fling with Janice. He's since left the show.

I like how Ashley's wig makes him look like Jon Voight.

missusmac said...

Thank you! I couldn't remember that guy either.

I love this out of context stuff. Really fun!

Lisa said...

The idea of Kir-keh saying 'pussy' is still making me cringe. Yikes!

John said...

Given that they're pretty strict about what words can and cannot be used on Corrie, it was surprising.

I think the show got in trouble when somebody said 'bastard.'

Of course, the real Kirkeh would think the car was intended to drive cats around.

Anonymous said...

They've been using the word bitch quite a lot lately though, which I've found surprising

Anonymous said...

I have got 3 more Clips from corrie 1960s.

I will give you code form Inbeding into your site.

Its Bet Lynchs First scence in corrie.

Steph said...

I'm pretty sure that his name was Patrick.

John said...

Steph - ah, you're right! I knew it was one of those P- names. ;)