Monday, August 07, 2006

Half Ass Update for Last Friday

sorry, sorry, sorry....up to my elbows in DIY.

Feel free to add to this:

1) Roy's restaurant review was rave and it was announced in the article that he had the best full english breakfast in the North (West?).

2) Tracey wants to have a lunch time quickie with Nathan, but Claire tells him she needs her car asap so he runs off to fix that. Tracey mocks Claire's sex life.

3) Carol went I believe 4 hours sober. She took a swig out of the wine in the Baldwin's icebox (cleverly replacing it with water) then goes to the Rovers where she tries but fails to stay sober. Jamie and Frankie haul her home and when she sobers up, they tell her she has to leave.

A very good scene ensues where Carol begs Jamie to help her and he won't until she actually says she's an alcoholic which she eventually does. Two thumbs up on the writing for this one.

4) Dev cuts off all of Sunita's bank cards and credit cards and gets a court order to stop her from having an abortion. (Which apparantly she wasn't really planning to do anyway.

5) Snide words between Leanne and Joanne.

6) Sally is in full 'good cop' mode and buys Sophie expensive trainers and takes the girls out for le pizza.


John said...

What's up with Tracy's bullying of Claire? Is she just bored?

While their men have become best pals, it's obvious these two have nothing in common and don't like each other.I think it would be funnier if Claire and Tracy just had to make awkward small talk. The merciless needling of Claire is not necessary.

Anonymous said...

I sorta remember what a "full English breakfast" is from my trip there but can someone remind me again what is in it??? I know some of it was good and some was!

missusmac said...

I agree, John. It would be funnier to watch them try to find something, anything, to talk about.

Perhaps we're heading for another plotline where Claire puts another beating on another woman?

If anyone is going to punch Tracy in the face, it will be Claire.