Saturday, August 26, 2006

Glacia Can't Breathe....

It's Hilda, it's Bet, it's the last real man on Corrie - Percy 'Freakin' Sugden (my hero)! It's the ducks and Hilda's 'Muriel'.

This is a brilliant, brilliant video. You can even see Sally as the very sweet girl I remember and Moustached Kev.

TY Anon for pointing it out!

This is back in the day when they gave characters REAL send offs.

I love Hilda Ogden philosophy:

'When you get a skipping rope and the other girl gets a doll you realize that life might be a dissappointment.'

'Many a night I came in cold, wet and without a penny in pocket and those ducks lifted my spirits.'

'Stan was my real life, this cottage is just make believe.'


Anonymous said...

Bloody fab! The brutal events at Dr Lowther's(sp?) scarred me as a child.

Great to see Percy too. Bill was getting a little long in the tooth by then but the character was better with the odd slip-up in his lines, made him more human.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, missed Phyllis with the blue rinse in my haste to leave kudos. Scenes with Phyllis courting Percy were the best. Then there was the chap who carried a dog (named Dougal) in a bowling bag, that would have made it a hat trick!

S. Poole

missusmac said...

Who was that young masked Sally? How sweet, how thoughtful, how hugely less twisted than she is today.

Did you see Kev in the background at the pub, kissing everyone who walked by?

Great clip. Thanks for posting it.

GoBetty said...

Nice clip that. But anon @1.41am.. what's it mean "the brutal events at Dr. Lowther's...?" Is that the posh place she went to as housekeeper? What happened there?

Anonymous said...

There was a break in if I recall correctly. The young thugs used the Lowther's own candlesticks to bash someone (possibly the good Dr himself) about the head. Poor Hilda had been singing the classy couples praises in Rovers, so proud of the fact she was working for such nice (and wealthy) people -- then the burglary happened. Someone with fresher grey matter may be able to fill in the blanks, I was a wee lad of 14 when this transpired.

S. Poole

Anonymous said...

The thugs killed Mrs. Lowther and put Hilda in the hospital. Dr. Lowther asked Hilda to move to the country to be his housekeeper.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous who found this gem on YouTube...You are very welcome...Is there any way I can get a real name here? I love your blog and I never miss it...Gawd help me...I am over in the USA...Michigan the Mitten State...