Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Facts of Life Update

First of all, ta to everyone for the birthday wishes. Very much appreciated.

Second of all, Kowy, was this the hooker?

Fact of Life #1 – You Can’t Chose Your Family

Sophie wants to hang around with cousin Nicolette, but Sal puts a stop to that right away with an improptu winter picnic. When the Websters return from that sojourn, Sal tries to hustle everyone back into the house for a rousing game of Monopoly.

Unfortunately, before she gets anyone in the house she is stopped by wee Nicolette yelling, ‘Hello Aunty Sal’ from across the street. Sophie runs off with her cousin and ends up sitting on the Platts stone border.

Nicolette quickly gets bored an makes a pass at David walking down the street, when he tells her to go to hell she then tells Chesney he can kiss her for a price. (Isn’t this technically hooking?)

Gayle tries to scoot both girls away and has to enlist Sally’s help. When Nicolette begins with a litugy of the family tree, Sally gives the girls some money for sweets and sends them on their way.

She quickly explains to Audrey and Gayle that the girl is her 15th cousin 4 times removed and is adopted anyway.

Facts of Life # 2 – When You Lie With Dogs, You Wake Up With Fleas.

Danny and Leanne and seem resigned to their fate of being stuck with each other. They realized that Frankie catching them has destroyed any chance of Frankie or Jamie forgiving them. Seeing as they are both fairly insecure and need a warm body in the bed, they decide to hang together.

Such depressing despair - it’s kind of like if Edvard Munch wrote a Corrie story line.

Facts of Life # 3 – Beauty is Only Skin Deep

All the 75 barmaids are chatting about the Traders Ball and the gossip about how each date turned out. Bev seems pretty happy with her date with Fred even though the consensus is that it was a pity date.

When Bev tells Shel that Fred kissed her, Shel says,


She warns her mom of Fred’s compulsive proposal, but Bev says it’s cool. Regardless, Shel checks with Fred to make sure he isn’t going to ask Bev to marry him and he tells Shel that it’s cool.

Then Fred tells Bev that it’s all cool and Bev says it’s all cool.

But I’m beginning to think Bev has a crush on the Butcher of Weatherfield.

Facts of Life #4 – Wait, I Forget.

Mike apologizes to Danny about the cheque fiasco and asks him to come over for dinner. The Baldwins all ‘enjoy’ a lamb dinner and as they get up from the table, Mike goes to the cutlery drawer and gets forks and knives out. When Penny asks what he’s doing, he tells her that he’s setting the table for dinner.

She tells him that they’ve just had dinner and embarrassed, he tells her to stop nattering at him.

Danny, meanwhile, caught up in his own drama tells Mike that he wants to move back to London. Mike pleads with him to stay because he wants his family close.

Facts of Life #5 – An Eye for An Eye Makes the Whole World Blind

Ashley, upset about the eye situation, has lost the will to live and chooses to sit on his big sofa and yell at everyone. He chases everyone out of the house – but Claire comes home and they kiss and make up.

Facts of Life #6 – Don’t Be Such a God Damn Bitch

In the pub, Tracey, Nathan and Charlie sit together and notice a very sad Frankie at the bar. Tracey starts mouthing off about Frankie’s bad luck and you can see Nathan starting to get fed up with her schadenfreude-ness.

When Charlie twirls his mustache and says he’d go for Frankie, Tracey invites her over with the plan to get her stinking drunk and have Charlie have his wicked way with her. When the time comes to walk Frankie home, however, Nathan jumps in and takes Frankie himself.

Tracey and Charlie, turned on by each other general jerkiness, start making sexual innuendos and sparks start to fly.

Meanwhile, Danny sees Nathan trying to get Frankie into the house and accuses him of trying to take advantage of her. At that time however, Jamie and Carol arrive back take Frankie off Nathan’s hands and thank him, then tell Danny to shove off.

Carol and Jamie put Frankie on the couch and Carol tells Jamie that she’ll tuck her in.

Then something weird happens, she gets all warm and fuzzy talking to the passed out Frankie making comparisons between her alcoholic breakdown and Frankie’s booze up. ‘Poor thing left all alone with nothing but a bottle to comfort her.’, she tells Frankie and then promises to make everything right.

I have no idea if that line was meant as a comfort or a threat.


Kristin said...

me thinks nathan may be coming to his senses....

missusmac said...

I'm pretty sure Carol's solo conversation with Frankie was a threat.

It's like living with the enemy for Frankie.

BTW, who wouldn't Charlie sleep with? Emily?

papasmurf said...

Isn't using 'wicked' redundant in any sentence making reference to Charlie?

Nicolette and Sophie need to get some rabbit fur jackets - like the rest of the working girls on the street.

Pamer said...

Blair Warner and Frankie Baldwin have the exact same hair-do

John said...

I think Keith Appleyard should raise rabbits, instead of pigs, in his backyard. Then he can make coats and sell them to all the girls on the street. It would certainly help his Christmas present fund.

Can't be that hard. My grandfather used to raise mink.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that short bit that focused on the old flower shop that Tracey used to work at? It was a green awning with "Lucy's Flowers" on it. Why would they show that now that Peter is gone and so is Lucy? Weird continuity or something...

John said...

They recently established that Tracy still works at the flower shop, at least part-time. Why it's still open and called Lucy's is beyond me.

I guess the producers thought it was too expensive to paint over the sign.

That actually brings me to something I hate about CBC. In the UK, when the show cuts to a commercial, there is a "bumper," a bit of the theme with the logo over the scene. When they return, it's the theme music again with the show title while play for a few seconds as the action begins.

What CBC does is cut off the bumper so that we often rejoin the show as a character is cut off mid-sentence.

Last summer during the lock-out, the two nightly episodes broadcast as they were intended, presumably because there was nobody to do that editing. I don't know why the CBC insists on doing that. It's disruptive to the broadcast and just bloody annoying.

(I'll stop ranting in the comments now)

missusmac said...

Isn't there a two-minute CBC deletion from each original episode so the show will fit?

I could be making this up, but I think I read that somewhere the original runs 24 and CBC slots 22 minutes. Would that explain it?

I'm not sure when Tracey went back to work, but she was the 'professional' behind Les and Cilla's first and unused wedding flowers.

John said...

I'm sure the CBC could free up some time fit in the entire, uncut episode if they would just let go of the need to inform us about 'Hustle' every 5 goddamn minutes.

No really, I'm done ranting now. ;)

Jacqueline said...

The Con is on.

John said...


Shannon said...

New poster here ( I watch Sunday mornings so little behind from y'all..) From this episode I found it so shocking that Charlie and Tracey were setting it for Charlie to take advantage of Frankie. Truly horrific. I'm glad Nathan stepped in, looks like they are gonna make him the bad guy turned into good guy character.