Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't Hate - Update


The House of Scorned Women Who Have Rocky Relations With Their Mums
It was like the Weatherfield version of ‘The View’ as Corrie opened last night to Violet, Sunita and Shel all sitting over a misery cuppa.

Violet talks about how stupid she feels about being deceived and the other join in with a round of ‘Been there done that and aren’t men bastards?’ (Fred walks in at this point, smells castration in the air and immediately walks out again.)

Jason in the meantime explains to Charlie why he drank all his whiskey. When Charlie hears the whole story and how Jason wants Violet back, he says that he doesn’t blame him because, ‘She’s a great kisser’.

Charlie, are you mad? I honestly thought Jason was going to pop him one at that point. But he didn’t and Charlie offered to help Jason win Violet back.

Meanwhile, Xavier Hollander Platt is in her rabbit jacket again all ready for the Jason chase. He tells Sarah that he loves Violet, but somehow he just can’t quite stop kissing the Platt.

Xavier later brags in the Rovers about this kiss and when Violet (full of grace) hears this, she just tells Sarah that it’s okay but that she really doesn’t think they have anything to say to each other and walks out of the pub – dignity in tact.

Violet goes over to collect her stuff from Eileen’s and has a good cry with them but gets a bit pissed when she finds out that both Eileen and Sean knew about the Platt affair and didn’t tell her. She could forgive Eileen because Jason is her son, but feels betrayed by Sean.

Back at the Rovers, Jason tries to win Violet back but she tells him to screw off not so much for the affair, but for the hypocrisy after she told him about her and Charlie.

Jason goes back to Eileen to collect HIS stuff and there is a nice Mother/Son moment where Eileen tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him and that she has loved him since the moment she knew she was pregnant. Jason respond with tears and says that all he wants is a cuddle.

Glacia remains unclear on how to respond to this schmaltz moment.

Molly Told Me You Were Going to Write This.
Molly convinces Kir-keh that the only path to true happiness is to permanently break off with Fizz as she is a controlling dominatrix.

Kir-keh finds Fizz at the Battersby’s and sits her down to break the news.

‘But Kir-keh, I love you!’ cries Fizz

‘Molly said that you’d say that.’

‘But Kir-keh I just want what’s best for us.’

‘Molly said that you’d say that’

‘But Kir-keh, Molly’s just getting back at me for bullying her in school.’

‘Molly said that you’d say that’

At this point Fizz starts throwing items at Kir-keh and ends up driving him into Molly’s waiting arms at the Rovers.

Maybe Michael Douglas Would Be Interested
Given her poor luck with the military in Spain, Cilla is convinced that it is the aroma of marriage is turning her into something less than the sexual goddess that she is. “I know I’m no Catherine Zeta Jones without me makeup, but when I doll myself up, I’m a right bobby dazzler.’

She is therefore leery about marrying Les for real, until Fizz tells her that if she has lost her sexual prowess, Les might be her last chance at some slap and tickle.

Please Baby Jesus, Make This Happen

Haley contemplates a new hair do.

This Claire Bear Has Claws
More forced time together with Claire brings out brings out Tracey’s ‘nasty’ side. When Nathan and Ashley decided to share a pint, she and Claire are face to face once again.

Small talk for Tracey means a hurl of abuses directed at our Claire-Bear and let’s not forget that she’s still pissed about the false alarm with Amy so she feels even more justified in making attacks.

She reminds Claire that Amy is her daughter, but that she wouldn’t know what that’s like seeing as she is childless. But wait, she continues, Ashley isn’t a parent either.* Tracey rants on about how thank god Joah isn’t related to either of them so he won’t inherit Ashley’s voice and Claire’s personality and oh my god, wasn’t Ashley’s first wife Maxine so much pretty, cooler, sexier, blah, blah than ‘dull as dishwater’ Claire.

When Nathan finally tells her to cool it, she says that she can’t help it because Claire bores the liver out of her. Nathan then replies, ‘I thought it was a kidney you were missing’**

Finally, Claire stands up and throws a glass of water at Tracey to reveal that Ms. Barlow is the ‘black bra, white top’ wearing kind of gal.

‘Classy’ says Claire as Ashley whisks her out of the Rovers.

Historical Notes:
*Joshua is the child of Ashley’s dead wife Maxine. Maxine had an affair with Matt Ramsden and was later killed by serial killer Richard Hillman (Gayle’s ex husband).

** Way back in 1995 a young Tracey Barlow did some drugs at a party and ended up damaging her kidney to the point where she needed a new one. Upon hearing this news, Deidre returned to Weatherfield from Morroco where she was living with her boy-toy hubby Samir Rachid.

Turns out that Samir was the perfect donor for Tracey and he was walking to the hospital to go under the knife when he was attacked by a gang of yobs who basically beat him into a brain dead coma. The doctors were able to get the kidney out before he died so that Tracey may live.

Deidre totally blamed Tracey for the death of her husband and refused to see her in the hospital. When Tracey realizes that she’s been abandoned by her mother she becomes more than a little pissed and can only be consoled by the likes of Percy Sugden.

If anyone of you have been watching the Classic Corrie, I think you can see the spawning of Evil Tracey.

Just fyi to you newbies to the show – Ken and Deidre had a track record of falling short of making Tracey feel welcomed in their lives. She got in the way of their Ken/Deidre/Mike/Denise/Samir dramas.


Pamer said...

The best moment os when Fiz is chucking crap at Kirkeh and he runs screaming like a little wuss out of the house. THEN he tells Moll that Fiz hit him with a "Spanish Lady". I nearly plotzed.

Moll: "That's assault that is"

Pamer said...

Also, the Happy Hooker and her Nutria coat crack me up evertime I see her. LOL

She reminds me of Dave Foley dressed up as the French hooker on Kids in the Hall

John said...

I loved that Hayley, while browsing the hairdo magazine, lit up as soon as she saw the plainest hairstyle in there. Maybe Julie Hesmondhalgh has demanded a new Hayley wig.

If Tracy told Nathan about carrying Samir's kidney, I wonder if he's seen her family photos.

"Gee, Tracy, it's like you were a completely different person back then."

Also, I think Evil Tracy began when Ken curtly told her one New Year's Eve that he'd rather be spending it with Deirdre, who was off in Paris with her new fancy man.

Debbie said...

I think Cilla's "right bobby dazzler" line was one of my favourites in that show.

I am going to start using it, in reference to myself, in my regular parlance.

Today, I am wearing a sexy v-neck and and my hair looks great. I'm a right bobby dazzler!

John said...

Speaking of Ken&Deidre&Mike&Denise&Samir, whatever happened to Daniel Osbourne, Ken's son with Denise? She didn't take him with her when she left Weatherfield.

Working From Home Today said...

My Trevor pointed out that Hayley seemed to be ooh'ing over "before" pictures. I missed it, but wouldn't that be funny!

I was hoping for a Kirkeh and Fiz plotline. Fiz seemed genuinely beaten up and tired when she concedes defeat. And was it me, or did Molly have a stunned look at when Fiz 'gives' Kirkeh to her? I take it she doesn't really want him for herself afterall.

Jacqueline said...

Denise did take Daniel away... I suspect we will see him in years to come.

Rob said...

Being a 'newbie' to the show, I'm a bit lost sometime (so thanks Jacqeline for the asterisked notes), and somewhat depressed at just how much I've missed, and how much work I'm going to have to do to catch up.

My God, these people have been busy! Ken and Deirdre are a couple of right minks aren't they though?

Sigh, so much to learn, so little time...

missusmac said...

Wait! Is it general knowledge on the street that Ashley isn't Josh's biological dad?

I know after Maxine died, he was worried the good doctor would come take Josh away, but I can't remember what happened at that point.

Did Corrie's own Dr. McDreamy say he didn't want anything to do with Josh?

Kristin said...

At this point, only a few people on the street know that Matt is Joshua's biological father...Ashley, Claire, Fred, Audrey, and Matt, of course. I think that's all. He did want the baby when Maxine was alive, but fled with his wife Charlie. They'd been suffering marital difficulties due to his infidelities, which led to her to tip the elbow at work. btw, she taught at an elementary school and ken barlow ratted her out to the administration!

missusmac said...

Thanks for the info. However, I'm still not sure how Tracey would know that Ashley isn't Josh's biological dad -- and so be able to use it to tease him about it the other night at Rover's:

to Clair and Ashley -- oh, that's right, neither one of you are really a parent.

(Which I'm not sure we know for certain. If I recall, Ashley was going to be tested, and then decided not to. I don't think there was ever testing on Matt?)

After Maxine died, he told Fred about Maxine's affair, and they did some legal stuff.