Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Corrie Housekeeping

Okay 1,2,3 things.

Last of the Summer Pingfest
I'll send out an evite later but want to see if Aug 29th works for peeps for the Corrie Canuck Toronto Pub Night.

Events include another round of 'Win Corrie Crap That Jacqueline Wins on Ebay'.

Drop a note here if Aug 29 is a yea or nay.

Word Verification
Everyone seems to hate it.

I put it up because we were getting spam on our comments, but we can try again without the word verifiation.

Shall I? Yea or nay?

On Air Magazine
Zelda from Huntsville writes:

=I just learned that On The Air Magazine has been sold and that
there will not be a August/September issue. I have a subscription for this
and thought I would share this with you as there maybe other readers that
have a subscription too.


John said...

The word verification is a pain but I vote to keep it. Comment spam is a bigger pain.

Pamer said...

I'm pretty much used to it by now, so I say keep it for the sake of a spam free community

missusmac said...

I'm fine with word verification. The weird positioning of letters helps me improve my typing skills.

Ang said...

August 29th works for me! I'd love to have a gathering in my backyard sometime before the summer is through. Anyone interested? a little bbq?

eps said...

Keep the word verification if it works for you all. It really is little bother