Monday, August 07, 2006

Bank Holiday Update August 7, 2006

The Broken Home

Shel convinces Sunita that she has to go and visit Dev and sort things out.

Sunita shows up at the new house and has a heart to heart with grandpa Dev. He tries to explain how he could neglect to mention the four children he has had with three different women before he married Sunita. It seems he wanted a fresh start, a new beginning for him and Sunita, and prefers not dwelling in the past. The other children were mistakes that he just blocks out of his mind. Sunita wonders if she and the twins might one day also be mistakes that Dev will block from his mind. Dev adamantly denies that this will ever happen, that he loves Sunita and the twins and nothing else matters. Sunita is understandably upset by his laissez faire attitude and that there are (at least) three other women who know more about him than she does.

In the end Sunita informs Dev that she will be seeking a divorce.

(I did an informal survey amongst my female friends and they all agree with her decsion)

The Messy Home

Kev tries to get the girls to do chores - on a Sunday of all things. Sal, playing the good cop, tells the girls it's a day of rest and they don't have to clean up - a bit of a mess is OK with her.

While Sally is out shopping Rosie discovers the list of chores Kev had in mind - but written in Mommy dearest's handwriting. It turns out Sal wants the girls to like her and is trying to get Kev to be the bad cop for a change. Kev explains to the girls what is going on and they decide that 'a bit of a mess' can be translated as trashing the house - just to wind Sally up a bit.

Sally returns home to the mess and true to form blows her top. Loving husband compares her to Sir Alec Ferguson, which loving wife doesn't appreciate overly. Kev explains what happened with the girls and the mess and that the girls love her even if Sally is a bitch. Sal is overjoyed to hear this and proceeds to make sweet sweet love to Kev in the landing. No wait, that only happened in my imagination, but that's what should have happened.

The Recovering Home

Carol and Jamie have an intense chat on the sofa - it turns out Jamie has signed his mom up for an alcoholics family support group. Carol tells Frankie that they are 'the luckiest moms in the world' - in reference to good son Jamie. (and I agree)

Danny slithers by to tell Frankie about a special 100th anniversary football match that son Warren is to be involved in down in Espana land. Since it's supposed to be a family event, he thought that she and Jamie might want to go - on his tab of course. Frankie informs him that she isn't in the poorhouse, and she will think about the whole idea of going to Spain. After Danny boy is gone Carol and Frankie have a bit of chin wag in the kitchen over a cuppa - agreeing that Danny is indeed a snake and that Frankie isn't to blame for happened in the past. (one of the 12 steps I think)

Frankie runs into Danny on the street (of course) and tells him to get bent. Carol then runs into Danny on the street (of course) and Danny shows a bit of his nasty side. He tries to give Carol the money he had for Frankie for the trip to Spain, telling her to use the money to drink herself to death for all he cares. In his best Baldwin way he tells his ex-wife 'You're a sad, lonely, pathetic, deluded drunk.'

Carol somehow ends up at Eileen's, in a bad way, (showing signs of delerium tremens) worried that she will mess up and start drinking again. Eileen, to her credit, doesn't throw Carol out on the street, and tells her to make a decision - either don't drink or help herself to the wine in the kitchen.

Jamie finds his mom at home later with a glass in her hand. He takes it from her and gives it a sniff, only to discover that there is no alcohol in it. Carol asks him if he would like to do a strip search for any hidden alcohol and then proceeds to throw the drink (whatever it was) all over Jamie. Frankie comes home to find him in a state, but he won't talk about it.


Pamer said...

god that was a dull episode

missusmac said...

I agree.

Why was Carol at Eileen's? Doesn't make sense ... not even with the "I didn't know where else to go" disclaimer.

John said...

I'm conflicted about Carol - on one hand, she clearly has a disease and needs help, which Jamie and Frankie are trying to give her. On the other hand, even when she's sober, she plys a lucrative trade in emotional blackmail.

Still, she's a great character even if the writers had to import someone to show the dangers of alcoholism, rather than use someone already established on the show.

Jacqueline said...

wxlqbpvI like the character on the show (even if I would never want to spend time with her.).

She's annoying, but real - as opposed to Sally who seems to be a caricature.

John said...

Alcoholic Sally would be awesome.