Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anyone Know?

Corrie Canuck Terri asks:


Does anyone know of a pub in the Toronto area, which broadcasts Corrie on a Sunday morning and serves breakfast?

Many years ago, someone told me of such a place ( I believe it was downtown Toronto) and I would love to know if this event was still happening.

Any feedback would be appreciated! Just think… Corrie on the big screen, and a waitress taking breakfast orders – how lovely!

Cheery thanks,


Karen said...

Oooooh ditto for Edmonton if anyone has that information!


Deborah said...

I recently read about this place on a myspace Corrie site. ..if you live in Toronto or plan on visiting, just so you know you can enjoy Coronation Street Brunch at The Crooked Star Pub on Ossington and Dundas every Sunday at 12:00. They record it in the morning and even fast forward the commercials for you! Takes a long time to order food cause they only have a tiny tiny kitchen at the bar, but its good and worth it to watch corrie with other fans!

If you happen to try it, you'll have to let us know how it is.


papasmurf said...

If you happen to be in Thunder Bay I can get Rob from England to do a good fry up for you.

You'll have to bring your own brown sauce though.

Jacqueline said...


That's close to my house too!