Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh, Avast Ye Updateys!

First Prize

First prize goes to Missusmac for calling the Dev storyline. I got to say, I really didn't think it was going to play out like that.

Amber Alert
Sunita, knowledged with the Malibu Porn Star Dev pic (Note to Papasmurf - if you do grow the 'stache your attendance at a Corrie Pub night is mandatory.), begins to feel a bit suspicion about Dev's relationship to Ravinder.

She visits Ravi in the hospital and feels a bit embarrassed when Ravinder confronts her about taking the picture. As she leaves the room, she runs into Ravi's mother who tries to give her a few bucks for taking care of Amber. She explains that she tried to give the money to Dev when he was visiting Ravinder, but he left before she could driving off too fast in his sports car.

Dev never mentioned visiting Ravinder to Sunita! Sunita trials to grill Dev about this, but he tells her that she's acting all crazy pregnant. She then finds out that Ravi doesn't pay Dev rent for her flat about the shop and becomes more suspicious. When she speaks to Shel about it, Shel too says, 'You can't think straight when you're in a panic.' (I'm thinking she held back saying, 'You can't think straight when your 18 months pregnant.'). Sunita does get a little wacky, thinking that maybe Shel's invovled in a cover up too.

Finally she goes to Ravinder, who requests that maybe Sunita doesn't bother her while she's recovering from surgery. Sunita then tells her that Dev has told her everything and that she might as well come clean.

Ravinder moans, 'I wanted him to tell you when you started dated.'

Sunita asks, 'How long as this been going on?'

Ravi, 'How long has what been going on?'

Sunita, 'Your affair.'

Ravi, 'We're not having an affair.'

Sunita, 'Then what's going on?'

And then Amber, endowed with perfect timing, walks into the room. Looks are exchanged, Amber is told to leave the room and the shoe drops. Amber is Dev's child. (Which explains her overabundnace of manners, I'm thinking.)

The Vortex of Roy
Roy happily shows the food guy around Roy's Rolls including the special vortex you need in boiling water to make a proper poach egg. Food guy continues to enjoy free food.

Finally he says that he's ready to write his restaurant review 'Victuals and Vortexes'. Roy freaks out and says that he would never have given him free food if he knew it was for a review on the grounds that it would come off as a bribe. Food guy offers to pay for the food, but Roy won't accept it.

Haley is very excited about the review but needs to convince Roy because he fears getting burned again like the last time the media swept down upon him. (His granddad's contraption, I mean invention.)

Did Someone Call for a 'Handyman'?
Sarah complains to Charlie that Jason promised to come put up 'shelves' for her and hasn't done so yet. Charlie assures her that they will get done that evening.

Later than evening the handyman ringeth on the Platt door, and Sarah swings open the door only to find Charlie smirking in front of her. (Okay, even those who hate Charlie the most have to say, the Charlie smirk was gold this time.) He asks, 'Not who you were expecting?'

At that point she decides that the shelves can wait for a bit. (Anyone think that Sarah is being crazier and bitchier than her usually character is? She's never been that scheming, has she?)

Meanwhile, Jason is giving Violet the cold shoulder out of guilt. She thinks he still can't forgive her for the Charlie snog. But they kiss and make up at the end.

Okay, where DO They Serve Vodka By the Pint
Carol is on the street looking for Jamie after someone tries to break into her flat. She calls him and they arrange to meet in the Rovers. He quickly suggests someplace else, but she assures him that she'll be okay.

On her way there she has some catty words with Janice about their two kids and who's to blame for the mess. She continues on her way and sits down to a big glass of Weatherfield L'eau at the Rovers.

A guilty Janice approaches her and apologizes for being so rude, offering her an 8oz glass of vodka as a peace offering. Carol refuses the drink and Janice says 'suit yourself' as she leaves the drink in front of Carol.

OMG - as a bit of a vodka 'fan' I can totally relate to the look Carol gives the glass after Janice leaves. The lust, the desire - it's all there.

Let's sing it together: 'The look of love, is in your eyes...'

And Sally Continues To Be a Bitch
Sophie is sad that she doesn't have the latest and greatest pair of sneakers on the block and does hte classic, 'Oh daddy, I'll just die without them' on Kevin. Kevin, because he's a dad and is fond of his daughter, decides to treat her to them as a suprise.

But then Sally swoops in and tells him to take them back - he's overindulging her. (Besides, they need the money for Rosie's career as a fabulous person.)

Glacia really hates Sally at this point and hopes that Kev puts his foot down.

And finally,
Jamie's asked Jo out again - for a 'do over' date.


Pamer said...

That glass of voddie must have been a voddie tonic or summat...couldn't really be a tumbler full...could it?

Jacqueline said...

only in my deepest most fufilling fantasies.

missusmac said...

Janice will spare no expense to fulfill her evil plans, even going so far to splash out on a full glass of vodka.

Usually I never see a plot line coming until it smacks me in the face. Must be that glass of vodka I had the other night...