Friday, July 28, 2006


You Call That a Send Off?
Okay, so he creeps me out a bit and he's not my favorite character and I don't think I'll miss him that much....but still....what kind of lame ass send off was that for our Martin after 20 years on the show?

No end of the show, walking down the street and looking wistfully up whilst thinking about how you're sad to go and miss everyone, but still, you're glad to start anew. No big goodbyes at the Rovers.

Martin's exit was half way through the show and was nothing but a few hugs and handshakes from the Platts, Sally and Kevin. The only thing remotely touching was David coming out to say to goodbye after earlier having a hissy fit when Martin tries to talk to him about the move. He says to Robyn, 'Take care of me dad.' aaaaaaw.

I don't what was going on with the producers and Sean Wilson, but I think the viewers deserved a little more than that for Martin. (Especially since his departure is a day after Candice's - which kind of lessens it on the whole.) Even Cieran got a better send off.

So having said's the Corrie Canuck tribute to Mr. Platt.

Here's the Mirror's interview with Sean Wilson regarding his time as Martin and being written off the show.

Finally, Corrie Net's profile on our Martin.

It's Bad When Tracey Comes Off as the Sane One.
That's it, I officially hate Moley.

After Steve came around to save her ass (even if it was Lloyd who got the job done in the end) from Crazy and Crazy Jr. Moley sees fit to give him the cold shoulder, snipe at him and generally be a bitch. She eventually 'opens' up to him and tells him how scared she is, etc., etc. Ugh, why is Steve attracted to all of this?

Tracey meanwhile comes into the pub and tells Steve that Moley is not allowed anywhere near Amy due to the fact that people get shot at around her. (And I got to kind of agree with her.) She stresses that Steve really doesn't know anything about Moley and what she has seen of her is trouble. (Again, got to agree with Tracey.) Finally, she threatens tell the courts about Crazy McCrazy if Amy is exposed to Moley again (And I'm still agreeing).

Crash Tests Daddy
Ravinder, one of the ladies who works for Dev has to go to the hospital to have an emergency appendectomy and asks Sunita if she and Dev can take care of her daughter, Amber until Ravinder's mom arrives from...wait for it....Canada.

Sunita agrees to this arrangement and when Dev comes home he is the proud temporary father to a teenager, in all her teenage glory - complete with earphones and attitude.

Okay, This is Just Embarrasing Now
Leanne is just making a fool out of herself at this point. She starts talking to Jamie while he's in the pub playing pinball and he he responds by first ignoring her and then by asking if she's crazy. Glacia has to hug her pillow for she feels pain in watching this.

Finally Jamie leaves and sits with the twins and Kelly to get away from Leanne and ends up asking out one of the twins. Hang on, which one was it? It's so hard to tell them apart. Ummm, lets' see. Oh I know, the SKINNY one.

Leanne is none too happy about this and runs out of the Rovers in tears.

But good for Jamie, he's got a sexy new haircut and he's jumping right back into life.

Ew, Eeeeew Make It Stop!
Gayle realizes that her life is going nowhere and asks Phil to go out with her to that pizza place everyone goes to. (What's the name of that place, btw? Luigi's?).

They talk and then things take a nauseating turn as they start teasing each other like teens in love and then finally then go in for the kiss which is all open mouth and chinless and 5 o'clock shadow 'n shit. And Glacia needs a drink - big time.

Phil walks her home and she invites him in for a coffee to which he replies that it'll keep him up all night. She responds, 'Then have it in the morning'. Which would be a super cool line, if it weren't from Gayle.

In Other News
Llyod is trying to win back Kelly and she tells him only if he breaks it off with the other woman.


GoBetty said...

Good one Jackie! Yes, Martin's departure was decidely low-key. He was such a nothing character anyway... TWENTY YEARS? I had no idea. I actually cried when Candice was leaving. The thing is, I think she and the other girlies were crying for real when she was saying goodbye. There was something genuine about it. Whatever, also a completely nothing character.

One question... if Ravinder is Amber's mom, and Ravinder works in Dev's store, and Ravinder is in hospital with a hinky appendix, why is Amber's mom coming from Canada? Or is it Ravinder's mom? Is it because they were both fish? Or that the mother was actually the doctor? What am I missing?

Jacqueline said...


Amber is Ravinder's daughter, Ravinder's mom is coming from Canada to take care of Amber while Ravinder is in the hospsital.

And to fish.

GoBetty said...

Yes, "have it in the morning" was a fucking brilliant line WASTED on chinless wonder GAIL PLATT WHOM I HATE. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH

kowy said...

John and I have agreed that there should be a very strict NO NOOKIE FOR THE PLATT FAMILY in the show.

NONE of the Platts. ESPECIALLY Gail. It's just gross and icky and oh so NOT attractive.

OK...maybe Bethany and Joshua can, when they're older. Poor Bethany can't help being born in to that family.

John said...

'You can have it in the morning.' - is sexy coming from Sunita, Tracy, Eileen, Violet, Shelly, Bev, Liz, Fiz, Maria, Sally, Claire, Molly, Deirdre, or Blanche.

From Gail it just gives me shivers.

Oh Corrie, why must you make see that which I cannot unsee?

Working From Home Today said...

Ha! Love the description of Gail's kissing scene. Bang-on!

Anonymous said...

What is so ickky about Gail? LOL...That Scotsman is much more ickky with that godawful scruff on his face...who would want him???

missusmac said...

Ewwwww! Gail and Scotsman sex. Ewwwww!

I'm sorry, but Phil looked like a street person throughout this, especially when they're sneaking down the stairs the morning after.

And trust Gail to be thinking, "Well, my son's in crisis and I'm the only parent present. Hmm, the best thing to do is get on with MY life and start shagging again..."

Anyone else thinking that Amber might be Dev's kid? Clues: the man's head keeps threatening to explode, and he is adamant he doesn't want her around. Bad idea, he keeps saying to Sunita.

I agree with John, the phrase "you can have it in the morning" would have been sexier coming from Blanche. Would have been sexier coming from Diggory, for that matter.


Carol St Amour said...

Glad to see the back of Martin Platt!!
Actually Sean Wilson who plays him is just as obnoxious. He lives in Saddleworth where my Mum lives and he thinks he is the lord of the manor!! Even tried to have a public footpath diverted round his farmhouse so fans would not be bothering him. As if!!

Carol St Amour said...

On the subject of Dev, i believe that Amber is not the only one!! Turns out Dev could be the superstud of Weatherfield!