Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Update July 25, 2006 - Fer God's Sake Bring Back De Oirish Girl

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Steve, Lister and Eileen have a discussion about Moley and the fires of hell she has brought upon Streetcars. Imagine their surprise when they find out that the new client she scored for them is actually a client of her psycho husband.

Lister and Eileen wonder why Steve keeps this lady around when she baits her husband and brings nothing but grief to the business. Ronnie, upon hearing this gets mad and stomps off. (I got to tell you, I'm kind of asking myself, "If you just left your crazy insane husband who runs a cab business, why on god's green earth would you go get a job at a nearby competing business and then schtump the owner?" I'm thinking Moley's more grief than she's worth.)

In the meantime it has been decided that Claire and Moley are not to drive the cabs until Crazy McCrazy hubby has settled down.

But you can't tame Moley's spirit and the minute she hears that Charlie Fellows (the stolen client) needs a cab and requests that Moley be the driver, she insists on picking him up. (At this point, Glacia thought maybe they're lovers and that she's using Steve as a beard to get Crazy McCrazy attention elsewhere...but alas no.)

A short time later, a woman comes into the streetcars office to warn them that Moley is in danger. She's Nick's (Moley's stepson) girlfriend and she's worried that Nick is getting himself into trouble. She tells Eileen and Claire that the Charlie Fellows call was set up.

They desperately try to get Moley on the radio, but she is out of the cab walking around Charlie's house looking for him, whilst Crazy McCrazy is stalking her with a rifle. Nick ends up grabbing her, while Crazy starts shooting holes in her tires.

The girls get a hold of Steve and he rushes to save her, only to be greeted with bullets in his tires and Crazy McCrazy saying in his evil voice, 'Ah, two for the price of one.'

At this point Mr. Glacia utters a worrisome giggle.

So, to sum up.... Bring BACK the Oirish Girl!

Fizzy Pops
Molly is coming on strong to our Kirk-eh and Fizz finally tells him that he is being persuade by the other woman. Kirk-eh is offended by this saying that Fizz should trust him and that Molly is just a co-worker/mate.

Molly, meanwhile, sews the seeds of suspicion in Kirk-eh's mind by telling him about overly possessive girlfriends who won't let their men keep girls as friends. She tells him to be careful of Fizz because she's seeing all the signs there and wouldn't be surprised if Fizz asked Kirk-eh to fire her.

BTW- weren't Kirk-eh and Fizz getting married? Is that still on? What happened?

Oh Daffyd!as
After a morning breakfast at Martin's house, Robyn mentions that she thinks that Martin w being overindulgent with David the night before. (Strange that she didn't also mention that the entire kitchen scene gave her a glimpse into what kind of dysfunctional craziness she might be getting into with this family.)

Martin replies that David has been through enough what with the parents divorcing, his stepdad trying to kill him, Gale as a mother.... Robyn replies that this is no excuse because lots of kids go through divorce and in addition, David is becoming a man and should be able to deal with reality.

In the end Martin talks with David and explains the facts of life to him and then adds, 'You're the only son I'll ever have.' What? What happens if Robyn bears another heir for Mr.Platt?

In Other News
The Duckworths warn Candice about the evils of musicians, under the assumption that she was sexually harassed by Status Quo. And reminisce about their lives and musicians and groupies - back in the day.

Sarah lets Jason know that she is free and single - all with a kind of crazed look in her eyes.

Leanne seems to be here to stay. She tries once again to talk to Jamie, who gives her the cold shoulder.


GoBetty said...

How many shells do you think McCrazy has? And what's with the son's teeth? And why didn't Steve just run him over?

Pamer said...

Pamer's Wife asked "what happened to Jamie Baldwin's teeth?"

That one phrase uttered by Martin totally suggests that Robyn will be up the duff in a matter of months...with a boy

beggy said...

I thought that Kirk and Fizz were living at the kennels in his parents house, but they seem to be sleeping an awful lot at the Battersby house.

Let's hope if Martin does produce another child with Robyn that it's a girl, so he doesn't have to eat the words he told David about being the his only son.

Debbie said...

My question is: Why would anyone date that psycho, McCrazy Jr.? That is what I found hilarious. She runs to tell Streetcars that her psycho boyfriend is planning to trap Ronnie? Also, she says that "he does everythig his dad tells him to do." Sounds like a catch to me!

Fizz is, hands down, my favourite character on the street.

Jacqueline said...

McCrazy Jr. seriously creeps me out.

John said...

I loved that Crazy Clayton's gun was not automatic, this being Britain. He might as well come after them with a musket.

I've been counting and I believe this is the third time Eileen has happily grabbed someone else's discarded food.

Last night, it was Moley's abandoned sandwich.

The night before it was Kelly's chocolates which Lister rejected.

And some time ago when Tracy made Steve a cheese and pickle, Steve rejected it and her. Eileen grabbed that as well, happily exclaiming "Nice sandwich, Tracy!" with her mouth full.

This is why I love Eileen. The other reason is that she hates Sarah Platt and her stupid family.