Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update - July 12th - Luke, I am your father!

Weatherfield Wars: Episode Four: A New Mope

Previously on Corrie:

"Danny, I am your father. Join me and we will rule Weatherfield together, as father and son!"

Danny can't believe it and thinks it's some kind of tactic from Mike and tells the tale of Angina Andy, who would fake a heart attack to close a deal. He died at age 94 of something other than a heart attack. Danny thinks the Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker routine is a joke and suggests that he is, in fact, Mike's daughter but he had a sex change, just like Hayley was once a man. Hey, he's his sister! He's his daughter! He's his sister AND his daughter!

But Mike tells him it's true. Danny says he owes Mike a belting on behalf of his father. He can't believe that Mike didn't figure that sex + nine months + baby = paternity. Mike said he just pushed it to the back of his mind, just like Danny did when he was in bed with his son's girlfriend. Danny always thought that his dad was a decent man and that no matter how he screwed up, there was a always a little bit of his dad in him. And a little bit of him in Leanne, too.

Mike leaves Danny alone after he rushes everyone out of the factory. Afterward, he calls Frankie who hangs up as soon as she hear his voice.

Lake Mike complains to Penny that he's messed all his relationships. Penny reminds him he's done well with her. Adam walks in and asks for pasta for lunch. Mike knows that Adam sure loves that pasta. If there's one thing Mike knows it's his son, and his son loves the pasta.

Danny sits alone in the dark, trying to reach his mother by phone.

Weatherfield Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Norris decides to have his name painted onto the sign at the Kabin. Rita is not amused.

Weatherfield Wars: Episode V: The Bigot Strikes Back

Claire doesn't think Ashley need worry about the Claytons. I dunno. Kind of directly threatened Joshua. I'd think twice before going back to work. But then, if Claire stays home because Nick threatened them, then the terrorists have won.

Later at the cab office, Jimmy Clayton comes in looking for the boss, meaning Steve. Lloyd the co-owner says he doesn't know where he is. He tries to smooth things over but Jimmy tells him he wants the organ grinder, not the monkey. Lloyd suspects this is a racist remark as Kelly comes in and gets the same treatment from Jimmy. Suddenly, Lloyd isn't interested in negotiating a truce and tells Enoch Powell to get stuffed.

Weatherfield Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Pished

Yana distracts Diggory as Les steals his cake (so much for my theory about Les trying to lead an honest life). Cilla and Les hide it from Kirk by throwing a tea towel over it and claiming it's Yana's budgie. Kirk meanwhile has returned from asking Blanche what size corset she wears. She smacks him with her cane.

Weatherfield Wars: Episode VI: Return of the ... oh, forget it

Janice wonders what's going on over the factor as it's suddenly gone quiet.

Violet's still pissed at Jason for working for Charlie. Jason says he needs work. Violet says she's not pissed but she's pissed.


Jacqueline said...

Best moment....when Kirk is talking to Blanche and we can see just past him....Les running down the street, cake in hand.


Working From Home Today said...

Oh man, I missed that! (Les running with cake) And how about that cake? Wow. It's, er, interesting.

I was surprised Lloyd didn't punch the guy out, but Corrie rarely goes the way I expect it to. Which is nice.

Jacqueline said...

The cake wasn't too bad. Remember, it wasn't special ordered, just a cake that Les swiped.

Actually, the topping reminded me of the topping I had for my wedding cake.

kowy said...

I'm betting that the cake is one of them foam ones that the bakers put in their windows for display.

Can't wait to see Bridecilla bite in to it.

Pamer said...

Ha Kowy i was thinking the same thing...styrofoam with icing on top. Surely we'll get to hear that squeaky scrape as Cilla puts the knife in....euw

Jacqueline said...

Du'h! I didn't put htat togehter. I was even thinking, 'Why would Diggory have a real wedding cake on standby?' Good call Kowy (even if it doesn't play out like that.)

papasmurf said...

I found the racist comments towards Lloyd and Kelly an interesting refelction of the attitudes being expressed in certain football parks in Europe these days - mostly in Spain and Italy. Art imitates life.