Monday, July 17, 2006

Update from Friday

Danny Tries...

Danny is back on the street and looking rough. He calls him mom to apologize for his behaviour and then goes over to Frankie's place to tell her what's happened. Frankie tells him to get lost until he lets her know the 'Who's My Daddy' situation.

Frankie lends a sympathic ear - right up to the point where Danny ask if they can give it another go and being a married couple. He even has the nerve to suggest that she's the reason why they can't all be a happy family.

Frankie tells Danny to jump in a lake.

Kirkules and the Wild Boar
Kirkules's next assignment is to capture a wild boar. (I wonder if they wrote in Keith's pig just for this moment?)

Naturally, his first thought is to take one of Keith's pig and Scooter is there to give advice. Unfortunately, they get caught by Keith and Jack and Kirkules has to give up that plan.

Always the bright one, Kirkules shows up at the Battersby's with Roy on hand...the Wild Bore.

Glacia snorts vodka and oj out of her nose.

That was pretty damn funny. Especially since Roy immediately corrects them on the spelling starts droning on about Greek mythology and sks who is the Greek Scholar amongst the Battersbys. Oh, take your pick Roy, take your pick.

Inspired by Shel's previous generosity, Bride-cilla tries to get Tracey to give her a freebie on the flowers. Yes, Tracey, the soul of charity.

Tracey says she'll do the flowers for 200 pounds (or some such number).

Bride-cilla is insulted.

Sign of the Times
Rita has the sign on the store chaged to Sullivan and Cole (Oh, how I used to love the old 'Sullivan and Cole' musicals!).

Resigned to second biling, Norris checks to make sure the lettering is the same size.

Okay, You Can Stop Laughing Now
Mike and Penny, in some kind of weird After School Speical moment, decide to sit Adam down and tell them the dark family secret.

Adam, Danny is your half brother.

Adam laughs hard about this and then orders lunch.

Over time, with the right therapy, I think Adam should come out of this okay.

Two Timing Llyod
Janice gets Lloyd to set a date with Kelly who is mooning over our cabbie. Llyod takes the challenge and sets a date with her that evening - at the pub.

But then he gets a call from 'Tina' who wants to see him, so he cancels the Kelly date under the 'darts tournament' excuse. Which both Janice and Kelly know is a crock of hot pot.

Oh Lloyd, oh Lloyd.

In other news
- Scooter is still unemployed
- Security at Streetcars in tightened
- Jamie continues to be attractive with SHORT hair.


Pamer said...

Adam's Cheese and Pickle sarnie sure looked good, but I didn't quite get his comment on "not really liking the Ham" or some such ???

Also Lloydie-Boy needs a hair cut or some styling products. That mess is outta control yo!!!

I love Roy the Bore. First off he is pretty offended and then launches into the boring oblivous LOL

John said...

"Resigned to second biling, Norris checks to make sure the lettering is the same size."

Norris is lucky he doesn't live in Quebec.

Jacqueline said...

Funny enough, when Roy started talking about sign laws earlier in the week - my brain went, 'It's Quebec'.

Then I went back and removed the apostrophes from my thoughts.

GoBetty said...

Pronounced L'Yod. I love it!

mare said...

i missed corrie all last week and tonight too. what would i do without you all.

get up on sundays, i guess.

John said...

I get the idea that Adam sees he's inheritance as threatened by Danny and Jamie (and Warren, maybe?). Also, it may just be me but I think the writers have decided that he's just a dick.

He has none of Mike's head for business and ability to read people and he has none of Danny's charm. Or any of Ken's intellect or socialism. The writers are turning him into a spoiled rich kid with entitlement issues.

GoBetty said...

Ya, Adam's a bore. Whatever the hell happened with that Kelly Crabtree romance...?

John said...

No romance. They just had sex. She bragged about it a little at work but I think both knew it was a one-off.