Monday, July 24, 2006

Update for Thurs/Friday

Lister has screwed over Kelly one too many times with his 'I've got an emergency darts club meeting' - he won't even hang out with her when the girls buy him 5 pints as incentive. She decides it's time for revenge and when he agrees to have a quick pint or two with her at the Rovers before his latest darts meeting, she has Janice watch as she pours a pouch of powdered laxative in his beer.

He claims that the beer has a yeasty flavour, but that he enjoys it. When the first dosage hits him and he goes to the loo, she throws another package into his pint. He drinks that, gets up again, she puts in another pack. 5 in all.

Janice becomes concerned and suggests that she stop, but Kelly is determined. Honey, when JANICE is suggesting caution - it's time to stop.

Lister is doubled over at this point, but just keeps on drinking. Honey, when your throwing up in the bathroom whilst drinking - it's time to stop.

Finally he collapses on the table and is rushed to the hospital. Kelly keeps quiet until the doctor says they can't give him pain killers until they know what's wrong with him. She then confesses that she gave him 5 packets of laxitive and everyone freaks out at this.

Why Won't You Love Me?
Eileen and Sean, the morning after the Battersby wedding are delighted to know that Jason has a young lass in his room. Since Violet was looking for Jason, they both assume it's her who upstairs gently sleeping in his arms. Eileen asks Sean to text her something like 'Welcome Home'.

Just as he whips out his Motorola, there's a knock on the door and our Violet is there in all her Violetty goodness. Eileen tells her that Jason isn't around and gets rid of her asap.

No one is happy to see Sarah come down the stairs and Jason quickly gets her out the door and walks her home. He basically tells her that it was fun but there's no future in their relationship.

Later, Jason and Eileen have a heart to heart. She tells him that Violet was came looking for him at the wedding which changes everything for him, and now he wants to get her back. Eileen suggests that he come clean with her about Sarah which he thinks is a good idea.

Violet and Jason reunite and he is about to tell her about his night with Sarah. Hoping to lessen the blow, he starts off by saying, 'Remember why we broke up in the first place?'

Violet replies by apologizing and saying thank GOD she didn't actually sleep with him, but she just couldn't because in her heart she knew that Jason was her soul mate and that she could never, never, ever sleep with someone else.

Jason responds, 'Yeah. Okay.'

Meanwhile, Sarah sees Jason and Violet snogging and is distraught. She decides to abuse Scooter and to stalk Jason via text messages. Last one being, 'Why won't you talk to me? XXXXXXXX Sarah.'

Wait, I Can't Read My Own Scribble
My notes say, 'Des Now Horse' and I can't for the life of remember the point where Des Barnes reappeared on the street riding a horse.

Then I realized, 'Dev New House'. Dev and Sunita have bought their dream home and he is showing it off to all and Sundry.

Okay, Bye Martin
Martin is going to move to Liverpool to live with Robyn and has told the whole family - except of course the one member of the family who won't be happy - David.

In Other News
Candice hasn't heard back from the Quo and assumes the offer to be their stylist is off.

Dr. Phil sees Gayle at Roy's Roll and she gives him a chilly reception. Audrey tells her that it's clear they both fancy each other.

Tracey sends Cilla a bill for the flowers and the window - with daily interest.

Cilla decides to take Yana to Spain and not her new husband.

The Platts are planning a Bonfire (is this for Guy Fox day?) and Sally offers to bring something like 'Parkent' and 'Bon Fat Toffee'? What?


GoBetty said...

Hilarious. It's Guy Fawkes, not Fox.

John said...

I'm kind of sad to see Scooter is about to depart our screens. He kind of a wasted potential in that he could have been a younger version of Roy Cropper. Now with Sarah-Lou's text-stalking of Jason, I fear he'll be leaving soon.

David Platt should take Martin's departure in the mature and understanding manner for which he's known.

Gotta say I loved the Kelly and Lister scenes. Poop jokes are awesome.

Eileen's revelation that it's NOT Violet upstairs was really funny:

"Violet?! Hey Sean, VIOLET IS HERE. AT THE DOOR!"

(ok, Blogger's word verification is starting to bug me...)

Pamer said...

Last year we celebrated Guy Fawkes with some transplanted Brits. it was, mulled wine and hot cider and we got to burn a huge effigy of Guy...he was like 13 feet tall!!

Eileen trying to wake them up using the frying bacon was pretty funny.

I won't miss Scootah, i think he's a total waste of screen time

kowy said...

Bonfire toffee is just home-made toffee. Parkin (now that I googled it) is something my Granny used to make for us. Good stuff!

It's about time Scooter got the heave-ho. I mean, really, what does he DO all day? And why did Gail let him move in?

Eileen is incredible. She needs a good storyline written for her.

GoBetty said...

Scooter. What a useless character. Why Gail let him move in - because she's a simpering chinless wonder doormat stuck raising her grandchild Bethany. I HATE SARAH LOUISE. I HATE GAIL! If only Richard Hillman had been more efficient!

papasmurf said...

gobetty, don't hold back, say what you really mean

kristin said...

gobetty, you echo my husband's sentiments precisely and accurately

also, i concur

Jacqueline said...

You know...I was kind of thinking - my god..the entire Platt family gives me the creeps. But I resisted.

I think we all know how I feel about Martin - won't miss his anger issues.

God bless you Betty!

Lisa said...

I was kind of hoping that he was a love child of Dev's or something so that there was at least a reason for him to be on the show in the first place. I'm all for members of the PETK (People For The Ethical Treatment of Koi) but enough already.