Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Update for July 4th

Yeah, But How You Gonna Work Beside Her Day After Day?
Okay, I TOTALLY forgot that Frankie and Leanne work together at Roy's Rolls. The first day back at work they go at each other almost immediately. Roy, in a rare move of assertiveness, tells them that he can't have this going on at his restaurant so he sacks Leanne.

Leanne walks outside and sees Jamie going into his place, she calls for him but he ignores her. Jamie went out and got his hair shortened, which must explain the cold shoulders. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Oh, I kill me!) Suprisingly enough, we discover that there is a handsome boy under all that mop.

Leanne, with no job and no man decides to leave town. Les and Janice make a plea for her to stay, but it isn't enough. There's a kind of sad scene when Janice is kind of crying as Leanne gets on the bus, 'I know you'll never come back!'.

Martin Shorts
Robyn won't return Martin's phone calls after their night of love. He calls her at home, he calls her at work, he calls her mobile, yet still no answer.

So he decides to pop around to the school where she teaches PE - because NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING wins a woman's heart like having a man stalk her at work. Especially when she must maintain an aura of authority over a group of teenage girls.

In another sweeping move of discretion, Martin decides to write 'MARRY ME' on the score board in order to get her attention.

She tells him that they are through because she found out what kind of man he is. She won't however, tell him exactly what she found out.

Any guesses? I'm thinking she found out that he dated a 16 year, but that's just my thought.

The Secret Diary of Veronica Mole
The cabbies are pissed that Steve continues to keep Moley on staff while her husband wages a war of terrorism - terrorism I say - on their streetcars. They have a general meeting and confront Mr. McDonald about this.

Steve refuses to give in and suggests that they throw some of the same tactics back at the competing cabbies. Llyod says that Steve wouldn't be like this if Moley were a guy, and I kind of have to agree with him.

Moley says she's going to quit and leave Steve. Then they have sex and she changes her mind.

The last we see of them is when they are smooching on the street as angry husband watches from across.

I will say one thing though,

'moley, moley, moley, moley, moley, moley, moley, moley,moley, moley, moley, moley'

Up In Smoke
Ken's caught Deidre smoking and he is just fuming about it!

I Need a Church!
Les seems to be SOL with securing a church for the wedding, that is until he picks up a fare for a Vicker (Vicor? Viker? Victor?) who is the minister at a church in Chestnut, or Chesterfield, on Chippendale or summit like that. (Sorry kids, I was just in the middle of a tequila shooter when this bit was on.).

Anyway, it looks like Les is going to strike a deal and get a church for Bridecilla after all.


papasmurf said...

Vicar - in a tutu.

Obscure Morrisey reference.

I thought Leeanne quit rather than getting binned by Roy.

Did I miss a few weeks when Steve and the mole queen fell in love or was it all a little sudden?

John said...

'E was the Vicar of Cheshire, 'e was!

Steve and Moley pretty much jumped into bed together the first day. I can't keep track of how many times she's quit, only to end up in Steve's bed.

I agree Robyn found out about Katy, seeing as she teaches at a HIGH SCHOOL and all. I'm just surprised Martin managed to keep himself from chasing around all those hot 15 year olds in knee socks.


kowy said...

Completely un-related to yesterday's episode, but:

Now that Liz has been messing with Andy (I REFUSE to call him Handy Andy due to my love of the 'real' Handy Andy), is she now officially a card carrying COUGAR?

Anyhoo....I did feel a tiny twinge of pity for poor Janice when Leanne was getting on the bus. She does the 'bawling mom' part very well.