Monday, July 31, 2006

Update for Episode # 6159 July 31, 2006

The Bad Son

David tries to ring Martin in Liverpool but only gets the answering machine. He leaps to the logical conclusion, that Martin is screening his calls so he won't have to talk to David. In a pathetic touching sort of moment David confesses that it would be nice to meet with Martin, even for half an hour somewhere along the motorway between Manchester and Scousertown.

In an effort to cheer David up Gail promises to take him shopping in the city so he can get the football strip he's been wanting for a while. Well, this is alright, but what he really wants is a new skateboard. Oh the gratitude. To make it more of a family outing thay decide to bring Bethany along, leaving Sarah on her own for a few hours. Whatever will she do?

The Bad Mother

Sarah goes by the builders yard to talk to Jason about getting some shelves put in for her daughter's toys. Jason doesn't seem too happy to see the young femme fatale, accusing her of stalking him, what with all the visits, text messages, and waking up in bed with her after doing the horizontal limbo one drunken night. Oh wait, that was his idea.

Sarah invites him to 'come around for a quote' later. (is this some sort of code?) Strapping young builder boy shows up with his tape measure in hand, to be greeted by a saucy sultry Sarah slinking about in a red silk kimono. He does a bit of work, she does a bit of flirting, he does a bit of measuring, she gazes deeply into his eyes. Finally, they have a bit of a snog under the stairs before brave young builder boy flees out the door promising to drop a quote through the door sometime soon.

The Good Mother

Frankie is upset with Jamie because he is taking the day off work to meet with Carol, who has something important to tell him. Frankie is worried that Jamie might lose his new job by taking a day off. (as if Penny would fire him) Carol texts her son, telling him to meet her at The Rovers when her bus has arrived. Frankie asumes that Carol already has a few bottles in her, but it turns out that Carol has given up the bottle, and has been without a drink for 9 days. (she did look a lot better)

It seems Carol found herslf passed out in a gutter one day, and when she woke up, she saw there was a pub a few feet away and her first thought was 'I wonder if it was open.' (sounds like one of the road trips with my rugby team) It seems at this point in the story Carol managed to fall under a bus of some type, but owing to it's realtive small size, she wasn't killed and only required five days of hospitalization. Since the NHS doesn't include merlot on it's hospital menus, Carol went without a drink for the first time in a while and realized she could survive without alcohol.

Jamie is of course excited by this news, and asks mommy dearest if she is getting any couselling or going to any meetings for support. Carol, not a fan of sharing her secrets with others, has formulated her own 12 step program. (trust me, it doesn't work) No doubt, she will soon be off the wagon again. Or on the wagon, whatever the bad one is.

Jamie and Carol go back to the house to discover Frankie looking fantastic as always, oh sorry, having a glass of wine at home alone in the middle of the day. Of course this means she is an alcoholic, and Carol offers to help her out in her time of need. Frankie, needless to say is none too impressed.

The Bad Father

Dev and Amber are having a spirited debate about what the whiny teenager should be have for breakfast. She wants pancakes, thin like Sunita made for her the other day. Dev says 'let them eat cake.' Or toast maybe. Amber wants smooth peanut butter, Dev says crunchy will do just fine. All in all not a good foretaste of what the twins have in store from daddy dearest.

Sunita comes out of her room holding the TV remote, which Dev says was lost but had actually been hidden by him in her drawers somewhere. It seems Dev didn't want Amber's sticky fingers messing up the remote, like she did the hi-fi. Sunita reminds him he will have to learn how to share when the twins are born.

We then see Sunita in the kitchen peering intently at a old picture of Dev (with his porn star moustache) and the woman who I assume to be Amber's mother. Sunita takes the photo down, and stares at it, deep in thought. Signifigance?

The Good Chefs

One of the patrons at Roy's Rolls is waxing rhapsodic about how wonderful the food is. It turns he has been searching for the best english breakfast in all Lancashire, and he has at long last found it. It turns out he is the award winning chef at some snooty french restaraunt 'Quelle Surprise of Chorley', and is reknowned as the enfant terrible of the northwest. (I thought that was Wayne Rooney) Roy and the wonder chef go on at length about the best way to cook beans and fry bread an the like. (I assume he is a real chef but I only recognize Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramey) Perhaps fortune will shine on Roy soon.

(I too have searched far and wide in my travels in the UK for the best english breakfast. Oddly enough, I found it at the bed & breakfast in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, if any one is interested.)

The Good Girlfriend

Violet asks Shel for advice about boyfriends, curious if she had ever had a good experience with taking a boy back after they had broken up. Shel blathers on about a boy she knew at age 11 and is of no help. Violet senses that Jason is distant these days, but can't explain why. Of course this is about the time he is under the stairs with Sarah sharing a moment of passion. Female intuition?


Pamer said...

Haley said "chuffed as mint balls". LOL

THat's a new one

missusmac said...

Papasmurf, I think I know that bed and breakfast!

I drove by it in October after having the best fish and chips ever at the little restaurant in Portugal Cove. Yum!

John said...

When the chef in Roy Rolls started waxing poetic about Roy's beans, I thought, 'Oh God, he's a food blogger.'

Then I realised blogging hasn't yet come to Coronation Street.

You'd think if Amber's mum wanted to hide a secret about her relationship with Dev, she wouldn't display a photo of him prominently on the kitchen bulletin board.

Oh, and nice 'stache Devendra.

Pamer said...

c'mon...Dev was rockin' that 'tache. You know the ladies were all over The Hot and Spicy Man from Mumbai

Jacqueline said...

Cheers for the use of the term 'strip'. When I moved to Toronto from BC and I'd used the term 'gym strip' no one knew what the hell I was talking about. I think most guessed I was refering to an erotic aerobics class.

papasmurf said...
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Jacqueline said...

Missusmac I'm thinking called this one.

Gillian said...

I think Dev and Ravinder (Amber's mom) had a thing back in the day. I don't think Sunita knows about it though. I think Dev is Amber's father, and I think she knows. I don't know if Dev knows though. And I believe they were at Ravinder/Amber's flat above the corner shop where she works, waiting for the grandmother to arrive from the airport.

papasmurf said...

Yes, that makes more sense to me now.

I have started growing my Dev aka the porn star stache this mmorning.

GoBetty said...

Why on earth wouldn't David call Martin's mobile?

Pamer said...

so "football strip" is just another name for a team jersey or what??

papasmurf said...

In the UK your team jersey or uniform is generally referred to as 'strip' for whatever reason.