Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Update for Episode # 6156 July 26, 2006

The MacDonalds and the Claytons

The show opens with Steve manfully cowering on the floor of his car while Jimmy does some auto body work on Steve's car with a shotgun. (If you're going to get killed at least go out with a little dignity) Steve, Ronny, Jimmy, and son Nick have a spirited debate about the nature of love and how this affects all of their respective relationships. Ronny, showing more cojones than lover boy MacDonald, decides to go home with Jimmy for the health and safety of all.

In a brief aside, Nick Clayton has to have the ugliest face ever shown on a televion screen. My cat, who is usually above these sort of superficial judgements, promptly coughed up a particularily nasty hairball when Nick's face was shown on the TV tonight. Back to the story...

Lloyd, in a rush to find a loo, er sorry, to rescue his co-workers, drives like a man possessed to get to the scene of the crime, in spite of Eileen nagging him over the radio to wait for the police to come. Lloyd arrives in the 'nick' of time and manages to sideswipe Jimmy without doing him too much bodily harm, then does a magnificent U-turn, picks up Steve, Ronny and the shotgun, and then beats a hasty retreat, with the Clayton boys in hot pursuit. Steve, fresh from his hunter safety course proceeds to point the shotgun at everyone around him except Jimmy and Nick. In spite of having the pedal to the metal the Streetcars cab is no match for the big bad german schnellwagen and they are soon trading paint in a thrilling car chase down a county road. (I kept expecting Maya to show up in a red convertible to join in the fracas) Thankfully the police finally show up and the chase ends with the cars in various places off the side of the road.

The three musketeers retire to The Rovers for a large brandy to settle their nerves. Ronny declines, deciding she wants to go home and 'change her clothes.' This seems to be some sort of code for wanting to sweat up the sheets so Steve slinks off to join her, leaving Lloyd to down the three brandies on his own.

Message in a Bottle - or two

Gail gets a call on her mobile, informing her that son David has been found in a field at school as drunk as an Irishman. (apologies to the Irish) It seems that David is having some difficulty adjusting to the newest change in his life and is trying to find some meaning in a bottle or two of Thunderbolt. Gail and David are soon found in the headmaster's office. (the headmaster seems to have attended the SS School of headmastering in Nurenburg) Gail explains all that her poor son has been through and how it will never happen again, but to no avail. It seems that the headmaster has decided to make an example of Mister Platt - pour encouager les autres. This way all the other miscreants at Weatherfield High will indeed learn a lesson. Ah, it reminds me of my high school days, four sheets to the wind...

Later David arrives home in a cab (with a paper full of puke for Martin) for some serious discussions about what has happened and why David gone loaded on Thunderbolt, when he should be getting soused on some fine English ale like a proper yobbo. (see When Craig is asked why he isn't a bit tipsy he replies that he is more of a bourbon man, which is of course what all the goths prefer.

The Departure of Candice

Candice continues to work her poor finger to the bone at the salon, her chance at stardom as hairdresser for Status Quo apparently having passed her by. Then, a fax appears (seemingly a first for the salon) telling Candice that she will be picked up @ 3:00 by someone from the band, in a carriage made of glass, or some other form of conveyance. Showing remarkable organizational skills and mental acumen for the first in her life Candice manages to get all her personal affairs in order in about 20 minutes. She then waits outside the salon (a bit tacky on her part) for her Prince Charming to show up and take her away from her life of drudgery and to a much better place. Or Holland, whichever comes first.

The clock continues to tick and Candice is still waiting for her ride. It might be that the fax is some sort of a cruel joke that has been played on Candice. (they never say by who though) Audrey, the kind soul that she is comes out to commiserate with Candice. The two of them share what their dreams and anbitions are and realize that things are really quite fine in Weathefield and it isn't all that bad at the salon after all. Much hugging and crying ensues, the issue of Candice leaving seems to be resolved.

That is until a tow truck pulls up, with the manager of the band in the front and his car attached to the back. It sems a mechanical problem has delayed him from his appointed destiny with fate, or Candice. More tears are shed, good-byes are said, Adam is broken up with by card, and Candice gets in the back of the car and disappears from Coronation Street - maybe forever.

Kirk and Fiz go to the dogs

Kirk and Fiz have a bit of a scrap in The Rovers about whether or not Molly should get the sack at the kennel. Kirk says that she should stay - the dogs love her, the cats love and...Kirk likes her graft. (some sort of code perhaps?) Much is said that was unintelligible and obscurely slangy so I'm not sure what happened exactly here. It seems Molly is staying though.


John said...

Thanks for the update Papasmurf.

Yup. Candice is gone for good.

I know the car chases are good for ratings and stuff, but really I'm more interested in Keith Appleyard and his pigs and nettle wine this this stuff.
Maybe I'm getting older.

raindrizzlefog said...

Vocab week on the Street...first it was the 'squits' and now...anybody know what Kirk called his underwear when he was arguing with Fiz about Molly and all the things he has to do? "Change my ?? every second day."

kristin said...

Don't you love that corrie has to bring characters back before they can get rid of them? we hadn't seen either Candice or Scooter for ages prior to the wedding of the year. not sad to see either of them go

Anonymous said...

#1 - the car chase was is most of the moley story. As Mr. Glacia says, 'What the fuck?'

#2 - I can see why David drinks Thunderbolt, from their website a few fun facts:

Brand Image
VeryMacho.Daredevil.Adventurous.Highly potent.

Consumer Profile
-21 to 35 Primarily Males.
-Self independent. Unpretentious individuals.
-Believers in rough and tough life style.

That's Daffyd all over.

#3 - Was the guy who plays Adam sick that day? Or would they have to give him time and a half to come in? The letter seemed like a 'quick fix' by the writers.

Love - Bitching Glacia

GoBetty said...

That was fucking hilarious. "schnellwagen". And yes, I too had thoughts of Maya during that wonderful car chase through the beautiful countryside.

John said...

Actually David's Thunderbolt was made-up-for-the-show brand of cheap n' nasty cider - the kind a teenager would drink. The Thunderbolt you're referring to is an Indian brand of lager.

In any case, it's about time we got some binge drinking on this show.

I don't think Adam would have bothered seeing Candice off because he's a dick. He's probably forgotten they're sort of dating.

And "graft" = "work" as in Kirk thinks Molly is a good worker.

papasmurf said...

I got graft - it was the word Kirkeh used when talking about his underwear (I assume) is what I missed

Anonymous said...

You all forgot about Martin leaving tonight! We don't have to see his poxy face again! YEAH!