Monday, July 10, 2006

Update for Episode # 6144 July 10, 2006

The Foot Fiddler

Audrey comes by to find Gail looking like hell. (more so than usual at least) It seems she is upset about her inability to do the horizontal limbo with the man who hails from kiltland. Maybe it was the bad mood music she had playing when Phil came by for dinner. Maybe it was flashbacks of Richard. Who knows.

A brief personal aside, David has to be the rudest son in the history of the world. Someone needs to give him a good swift kick in the twig and berries.

The Twelve Tasks of Kirkules

It turns out Kirk has always wanted to be a best man more than he has ever wanted to be a groom. Much smarter than he lets on, our Kirkeh. The first of the twelve tasks he has to perform in order to be the best man for Les is to get a toy away from Schmeichel. After going to great lengths and depths (mostly depths) to accomplish this job, he eventually succeeds with a little help from Molly. Along the way he manages to have a bit of a tiff with Fizz in the Rovers. (a love triangle developing maybe?) In the end there is some kharmic retribution when Schmeichel knocks both Cilla and her chair on their backsides. Good boy Schmeichel!

There is Power in a Union

The strike continues at the knicker factory. The dynamic Baldwin duo have brought in scab workers in an effort to keep things moving but their work is not up to snuff. Mike returns from holiday to find things in a right state. Hayley fills him in on what has been going on, and Mike proceeds to give Danny what for, and tells him to get things straightened away post haste. Much manly talking ensues, but nothing gets resolved.

Coffee Break

The four generations of women at the Barlow residence have had enough of Ken doing his Mr. Hyde impersonation and implore him to have some coffee. Maintaining an iota of his dignity he accedes to their wishes for the good of the family and proceeds to jab an IV needle in his arm and mainlines a double espresso. Well, he just has a cup of coffee but everyone seems greatly relieved all the same.

Ham or Cheese?

Danny stops in at the cafe supposedly to get a sandwich, but if Frankie felt like talking he would be willing to engage in a little chin wag with her. To her credit Frankie responds with 'ham or cheese?' and doesn't fall for the sales pitch Danny is trying out on her. In the end she tells him to sling his hook and be gone. Three cheers for Frankie I say.

If I Only had a Brain

The Streecars/Connect Cabs saga continues. Ronnie is still gainfully employed by Steve as a concubine, er cabbie. Things have been peaceful between the two firms for a while. Then we see a nasty young man (Nick, the son of Jimmy Clayton) getting into the back of Claire's cab, where Joshua is sitting. He proceeds to threaten Claire and her family if she doesn't stop driving for Streetcars. Then he follows Claire home to make sure she knows that he can find her if he wants to. Claire had already called Ashley so he knew what had happened. Ashley then proceeds to put his boxing training to good work and gets stuck in on the thuggish lout. (nothing says manly like threatening a woman and her small child) Ashley proceeds to the Rovers and tells Steve what has happened and that Claire will no longer be driving for Streetcars. Steve still can't see the connection between what has been happening at work (threats and vandalism) with him employing Ronnie as a mattress test pilot. Really, can anyone be that stupid? Maybe the mole queen can do some weird tantric stuff that has caused Steve's brain to shut down completely.


Jacqueline said...

I don't understand. Kirkeh has spent his whole life around dogs and he doesn't know how to get a toy from one?

The bit of slapstick at the end with Cilla and Schmichael's one of the things I don't like about today's Corrie. That kind of cheap humour would have never gone down in the Enid's day.

John said...

I don't mind the slapstick, once in while. So long as Bethany doesn't start shooting purple lightning out of her hand, it's still Corrie to me.

On other hand, the missus, noticed that Schmichael's chew toy was Margaret Thatcher. Nice touch.

missusmac said...

Well, I almost fell out of MY chair when Hayley clomped over to Mike and began, in her best children's bedtime story voice:

"Well Danny slept with Leanne and Frankie kicked him out and... "

John said...

As much as Danny's sacking of Janice was probably unfair dismissal, is Underworld even a unionised workplace? I'm pretty sure it isn't, which is likely why it's located in the UK and not, say, Thailand.

If that's the case, what they're doing isn't a strike because there's no union. It's just a bunch of people not working and having a protest. The replacement workers are not scabs, nor is Sally.

What will likely happen is Janice will be brought back in with a warning, and the rest of the gang will be back, minus a few days' pay. If Janice had accepted her sacking, she could have gone to the human rights board, brought forth a case for unfair dismissal, probably would have won and would have returned with a small settlement, as well as back pay.

I think Hayley was trying to steer her that way as a last resort but the gang ended going the strike route.

Pamer said...

I think Janice will have some sort of revelation and see that she is hurting her friends and know, cuz she is so very compassionate.

BTW when is Mike gonna let slip that he is Danny's Daddy? I thought for sure it would have been last night.

John said...

Well, he did pointedly call Danny "MY SON," but it meant the same thing as when Atlantic Canadians call random people "Buddy," as in, "Give your head a shake, buddy!"

papasmurf said...

I don't think they are in a union, it was a attempt to be clever and work in the title from a Billy Bragg song - the whole UK theme you know...

Rob Swizzle said...

Isn't Steve's dad in prison for taking out Jess Quigley, a back alley mobster Stevey-boy got tangled up with? It's not believable he'd get mixed again.

And Claire? Why'd you stop your husband from laying a beatdown on your tormentor?

Jacqueline said...

I think Steve's just dumb that way.

Watching Corrie Classics, you can see how he really hasn't learned anything over the years.

John said...

I wasn't referring to the song title (which is a song I love, BTW). I just wondered, being an ex-CAW member and all, "Is any of this labour action even legit?"

Claire didn't want Ashley to lay a beating down on her tormentor because Joshua was watching. Also, if Ashley did unload a beating on Mr. Stiff Upper Lip, there would have been a follow up meeting with the business end of a lead pipe.

Jacqueline said...

mr. stiff ugly lip.

That guy is NOT pretty.

missusmac said...

I keep thinking I've seen the actress who plays Ronnie on another show or movie, a period piece, possibly something set in the 1940s or 50s?

Anyone out there know? I've googled her, but found nothing except an upcoming plot line. I don't want to spoil anymore plots for myself!