Monday, July 03, 2006

Update for Episode # 6139 July 3, 2006

The Boy Toy

Deirdre comes round to pick up Liz for lunch only to discover she is still in her pajamas. (or whatever one might call her outfit) It turns out Andy the goat boy is still there, having found his 'fourth wind' when Liz was drawing her bath. They get sorted after a bit, Liz and Deirdre off to the Rovers and Andy off to meet his mom for lunch. The girls are having a great gab when Andy shows up at the Rovers with his mom, Sheila, who seems far too similar in taste and appearance to Liz to be a mere coincidence. (can you say Oediopus Rex?) After a period of uncomfortable small talk Sheila suggests that a double date with the two women and their son's might be a fun avenue to explore. Liz, to her credit , is not too keen on son-swapping idea and tells Andy that she is actually married, and that her dear hubby has been sent up for manslaughter but is eligible for parole in a few days. Bev and Deirdre back up her story, and Sheila and Andy make a hasty but dignified departure. You can be sure that Liz has checked out Maybe Phil can write his thesis on Sheila and Andy.

The Other Man

There are strange things afoot (acar?) at Streetcars with a rash of hoax phone calls ordering cabs - which is a wate of time and money of course, and mysterious oil slicks appearing on the back seats of the cabs, which is also bad for business. No doubt the machinations of the malevolent mind of Jimmy Clayton, who is quite unhappy that his wife Ronnie is working under Steve McLaren. (so to speak) I see trouble brewing...

The Pig

Fred and Keith have a discussion over the backyard fence about how to divide the pig come Christmas time. One of them has painted lines on poor little Porky showing where the cuts of meat will come from. Rosie and Craig take umbrage that the pig is being raised for slaughter, Fred takes umbrage at the fact that Keith has been taking deposits for the butchered pig bits from people in the Rovers, Rosie takes umbrage at being called a young lady, Fred takes umbrage that the two teens are satanists, Audrey takes umbrage at stepping in some free range droppings from the second pig that Keith brings home, no one seems particularily content in this scenario at all. I see trouble brewing...

The Bad Son

Gail leaves her place in a hurry without having found her mobile. It rings a moment or two after she departs, but David, after seeing that it was Phil who was calling, continues to sit on the sofa doing nothing even though he could have easily have caught his mom in the street. Later the land line rings, it is Phil again leaving a message for Gail to give him a call. David hears the message and deletes it. When Gail arrives home she asks David if there were any phone calls or messages, and he replies 'no'. I see trouble brewing...

The Good Son and the Bad Father

The Danny/Jamie/Frankie/Carol saga continues. The two women and Jamie are having an awkward breakfast together. Danny and Adam are having a manly talk in their living room about how you could cheat on someone you really loved. Danny tries to explain how he just got avalanched by events, how he didn't want anyone to get hurt, but he realizes the damage he has done, how he may as well have just stabbed Jamie in the heart. Later Carol comes by to have a chat with Danny, which begins with the usual vitriol being flung back and forth - 'I knew marrying you was a mistake from the first day of the honeymoon' was Danny's best line. Carol starts in about how she has hated Danny for years, but she still knows that he is the one for her, that she still loves him, that she has changed, that they could be happy together. Danny calls her a stupid deluded drunk and throws her out. Carol shows up back on Coronation Street telling Jamie to get packed so he can move to Birmingham with her, because there is nothing left for him in Weatherfield. Frankie, in a half-hearted fashion, agrees that this might for the best. To his credit Jamie decides to stay where he is, because Frankie needs his support right now, and that he understood her motives for not telling him about Leanne, and that they all know who is to blame in this scenario. Sadly, this leaves Carol truly alone again. I really felt sorry for this character. Excellent writing by the Coronation Street creative types again.


John said...

I loved how Handy Andy's mum proudly told the women she breast fed him until he was three. I kept waiting for him to say "Not bitty later, bitty now!"

Ang said...

I'm liking the boy toy!!!

Jacqueline said...

I was completely writhing in pain watching Carol throw herself at Danny.

Danny can be a bit mean, no?

I like Carol better after all of this, at least she's been of some use through this event and seems to have curbed her drinking a bit.