Monday, July 17, 2006

Update for Epiosde # 6149 July 17, 2006

Warning - some of the images about to be described may be disturbing to some.

The Hen Night

Cilla and Yana are in the cafe bemoaning the fact that the male stripper they had arranged for the hen night is unavailable. It turns out the stripper had been recognized by his DSS case worker while performing a limbo at another party, and had been sent up for welfare fraud. (please note earlier warning) There is a clever joke lurking at the tip of my brain about a male stripper, his pole, and the limbo, but it just isn't coming together. You know where I'm going though. Cilla, in a loving mood, asks if Frankie will be able to hang on to a tray of food as well as she was able to hang onto her husband. Some verbal sparring ensues and Cilla ends up calling Frankie a hard faced southern slapper. It's good to know her upcoming wedding is smoothing out some of her rough edges.
We next see Cilla and Yana in the living room of the bride to be, their faces covered with mud masks and some sort of vegetables. This is apparently an attempt to beautify or disguise themselves. Les is told he is not to come home that night, because this is bad luck or tradition or something. Kirk is manfully trying to write his best man speech (is there one D in marriage?) but he too gets evicted so the girls can have a last night of quality time together.
The two hens are soon at The Rovers dressed as some of the sluttiest nurses the world has ever seen. Norris, having grown a spine recently, tells the two trollops that they are demeaning the angels of mercy that nurses really are by dressing the way they have. Of course Janice is in the Rovers as well and she and Cilla have some harsh words about old lover boy Les. Sean and Janice decide to leave and go to The Weatherfield Arms for a quiet drink. (Sean is worried the two nurses might try and 'convert' him) The girls are having a great time, and when a couple of drunks are found wandering down the street everyhting falls into place - Cilla can have have her last fling before the big day.

The Stag Do

Les is planning the best stag night of the year, and since he doesn't really have a best man yet he has to plan it himself. People don't seem to be too keen on the idea, but his co-workers eventually agree to show up when he makes it a co-ed evening. In spite of the fact Les is wearing his best pulling jacket the big night out isn't very exciting, most likely because they went to The Weatherfield Arms. Claire saves the day however when she gets the group playing some drinking games, and much hilarity ensues. Les is soon four sheets to the wind and having a wonderful time. When Janice and Sean show up, Les can't help himself and tries to get a leg over on Janice, for old times sake. 'It would be like pulling on an old pair of slippers' says Les, the snake charmer in his snakeskin jacket. Janice is not impressed by the plan though, and pours her pint down the front of his trousers. At the end of the night we see Les, barely able to walk, being brought home by his mates. He decides, against advice, orders, and any shred of common sense, to stop in at home to tell Cilla how much he loves her.

Hen and Stag

Cilla has brought home one of the drunken louts from The Rovers for one last night of passion. They are interrupted though by Les barging in to profess his love for his bethrothed. Cilla, in her red bra and panties, (please note earlier warning) and the half dressed drunken lout cause Les some confusion but Cilla convinces Les that it is her son Billy who has returned for the wedding. Les, his worries alleviated, proceeds to pass out on the sofa. The other bloke leaves in a hurry, telling Cilla that she and Les are perfect for each other.

Bits and Bobs

David wants to play a little footie in the park with Martin and Craig but both of them have previous commitments with their respective female friends. Martin promises to be available next time, but David isn't having any of it. He whines in the way only he can, and slinks off to his room to sulk and have some misogynistic thoughts that he can act out against his mother.

Violet, Jason ,and Charlie continue their strange little dance of work and romance.

Penny and Mike have a good heart to heart chat about the family and decide to help out by giving Jamie a job at Penny's firm as the transport manager. Danny is overjoyed by this plan and they all have a nice little family squabble down at The Rovers.


missusmac said...

Cilla was not just in plain red bra and panties, but red, shiny plastic-like bra and panties that were two sizes too small!

Arrrrwwwwk! The horror!

Gotta admire an actress willing to play this role for all it's worth, and she really is chewing up the scenery,isn't she?

John said...

Anybody catch was Robyn said to Martin as Cilla and Yana entered the pub?

Pamer said...

Robyn asked if they wre collegues of Martin's

Rob Swizzle said...

No wonder Craig went goth. He needs a healthy shield of nihilism around him if Martin "I nailed your sister and destroyed your family" Platt insists on trying to be his buddy.