Friday, July 07, 2006

Scared Smokeless Update

Yes, Lucy has NOTHING to do with Corrie.

I just want to give a shout out to my homeboy Shatnerian that his point has been taken. I want to keep my squeaky lisp for evah.

Waaaaaaaaaaah, Daaaaaaaaaaany!
Danny has decided to wallow in self pity and drink to recover from this terrible mess he's made of his life.

Meanwhile, there's factory to be run and an anxious Scot at the helm. Adam tells Danny that they won't get the latest order out on time if they don't give the girls overtime. Danny tells him that they can't afford it and he's going to have to go out there and motivate them.

See, when I think of the word 'motivate' I think a reward for a job well done, free pizza, crazy shirt day, a round of pints, a roll in the sack with young Adam...but no, apparently motivate translated into Baldwinese is 'take away Sinead O'Conner singing on the radio'. Yes, Adam takes away their radio, telling them that it's too much distraction.

Even Haley protests this move along with the rest of the crew and Adam has to give in to them. Later when they're on a lunch break, he tells them to get back to work and they tell him to jump in a lake.

Adam finds Danny in the pub and tells them that he has to come straighten this out. Danny comes back to the factory, reads the riot act and smashes the radio.He asks if there are any questions to which Janet responds, 'Yeah. How's the family.' Which just gets her sacked.

In a show of support for Janice, all the workers (less Sally) walk off the job leaving Danny and Adam in the lurch.

My favorite line of the show is Adam turning to Sal and saying, 'Would you like some overtime?'

They Call Him Cuban Les
It turns out that Les IS going to steal the church for the wedding. (Cause the only other way to get a holy man to marry you is to become a God follower.) He also plans to have Father Hunter S. marry them to the haunting refrain of 'Three Times a Lady'.

Gosh, this gets me all verklempt as it reminds me of my wedding day when I became Mrs. Glacia McGillicudy Ricardo Luckinbill.

Martin, Ju Habe Sum Esplanen' to Do
Martin waits for Robyn to return his calls and waits and waits. Meanwhile, in typical Martin fashion when he's upset, he's surley and rude to rest of humanity.

Poor Violet innocently asks about Robyn and bloody Martin basically tells her to shut it and when she jokes about her big mouth, he nods his head and says, 'Yeah'.

In the end Violet walks into the pub to reunite with our Martin and you know he's all madly in love with her - because they've known each other for request 2 week period it takes for peeps to fall in love.

Have a Cup of Cuba's Finest
Ken is so strung out on his no-caffeine fest that he's become forgetful and agitated.

He ended up 'accidentally' stealing a book from the library and gets arrested whilst poor Tracey and Amy were left alone with Thomas the Train in the kiddie's section.

Babalu It's Dr. Phil
Gayle has been fretting about Dr. Phil not contacting her, until she gets a text message from him asking her if he's done something to offend her. She sees that some messages have been deleted from her mobile and quickly figures out that David's been erasing them.

She calls Dr. Phil back and leaves a nauseating 'teenage girl in love' kind of message for him apologizing for the missed communication and would he like to, you know, maybe, if he's not to busy, kind, hang out?

Glacia just drops a straw in the bottle of rum beside her sofa and starts sucking it back.

Dev and Sunita Mertz
Dev and Sunita go for the sonogram at the hospital to see how the 'twins' are doing. Dev tries to get the nurse to tell him what sex they are, but she tells him that it's against hospital policy to tell.




GoBetty said...

Gail simpering and chinless is just TOO MUCH.

papasmurf said...

I think the nurse was holding out for a bribe...

Pamer said...

I love the 'smash and grab' wedding idea. I can't wait to see if they can actually pull it off. Will Cilla know the truth and wonder why they are speed reading through "Paul's First Letter to the Corrinthians"? Why did you leave the motors running and why is the entire wedding party wearing trainers.

It's gonna be awesome.

Jacqueline said...
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Jackie said...

Actually in PEI they won't tell you the sex of the baby either. I still don't know the reason why, but I know that they won't tell, even if you beg. ;)

Jacqueline said...

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Now, GO! GO! GO!

Pamer said...

LOL is that really Paul's Letter??


Drunk Hunter S trying to slurr his way through that?? LOL

Jacqueline said...

not the whole letter, but the bit they usually read at weddings.

papasmurf said...

chapter 13 I believe

John said...

I think Dave Thomas on SCTV nailed Paul's Letter perfectly:

Dear Corinthians

How are you? I am fine.

Come on down to Rome sometime.


Jacqueline said...

‘The Corinthians Reply to St Paul’.

Dear Saul of Tarsus,

Please remove us from your mailing list.

The Corinthians

kowy said...

So glad you wrote that St. Paul thing. Saves me having to type it all. Yes, that's what I do for a living....type boring religious bits for weddings and sermons.

Oh...and I asked my boss (Rev. Bossman to you) about the using a Church without permission thing. He just looked at me funny.
Then, after I explained WHY I was asking, he just laughed. He'd let Les get married in his church - for free - just so he could meet these characters.

Anonymous said...

In alot of places, they won't tell you the sex of the fetus as long as it is still young enough for the parents to abort it. This is because some people (such as Asians - not to be racist) may abort the baby if they find out it is a certain sex (such as female)