Monday, July 31, 2006

Possible TV Crossover

From Lisa:

Coz there's just not enough killin' on Corrie. Anyone up for making a top 3 list of who should be murdered on the street? Here's mine:
1. Tracey for being the bitch that she is & for reproducing
2. Gail, just because she's Gail
3. Norrice in a hail of gunfire as the truth comes out about his undercover life as an MI5 spy on Corrie.

What are you three? I'll wait until everyone rings in and I'll post your answers.

Glacia's pick would be (Gail being a natural given):

1) Sean. (No, of course not, I'm just goofing on you.) But Sally's got to go.
2) Leanne, just cause I don't like the cut of her gib.
3) McCrazy Jr, so I never have see those teeth again.


papasmurf said...

1)Rosie-I grow weary of her whining
2)Diggory-lots of possible suspects
3)Adam-I grow weary of his hair

Steph said...

1) Ashley - hotheaded, petulant child with an annoying voice to match
2) Jason - biggest dumb-dumb to ever grace the street and organ-grinder Charlie's monkey
3) All the Platts - this one is obvious

missusmac said...

I agree. Adam, for sure, for reasons that include his hair, his accent, and his total lack of personality.

I could live without Keith, no harm there.

And Gail, who is ick on a stick.

raindrizzlefog said...

1) Cilla - face like a smacked arse with a personality to match
2) Yana - general all-around skank
3) Blanche - crotchety old bag