Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Mighty Update

Kirkules hero of song and story, winner of ancient glory...

Kirk is in full hero mode and his trusty boy Newt, I mean Chesney is cheering him on. His next mission is to get Vera's girdle.

Bride-cilla is trying to make the tasks harder and harder so that she can get 'Billy' as the best man. Does anyone know who this Billy is?

Oh she's also hassling Les about the wedding cake. Apparently he's never been to a wedding and didn't know there was a cake involved.

Special Yana moment, using the tanning bed with her heels on. I love Yana.

(Also, kudos to Vera for telling Chesney that it's Mrs. Duckworth and Mrs. Hunt and not Vera and Blanche as far as he's concerned.)

Gayle comes to the decision that she can probably never has sex again (much to many viewers relief) and breaks up with Dr. Phil.

Glacia's special message to Phil:

Gingers Snap
Moley tells Claire that Ashley resigned on her behalf and Claire was completely cool with that.

Just kidding, Claire blew her top and there was a great big blow out between Ashley and Claire about this, but in the end Claire kept her job.

Okay, granted Ashley shouldn't resign Claire without her knowing it...but I think Claire should think about this for a second. Ashley's son was threatened and so was Claire, so I think Ashley does have a right to ask her to get another job.

If he all of a sudden wanted to because a firefighter in Iraq, she'd probably dissuade him.

Just my two bits. What do you think?

How Not to Decorate
Norris, now partner in the Kabin, wants to call in Colin and Justin to give the store a make over - or at least paint the front himself.

Rita tells him it's nonsense. Later,however, when Rita's making plans to go on a cruise while Norris minds the shop, we see him twirling his imaginary mustache and saying, 'Excellllent.' (Me thinks he has evil plans).

Your OMG Moment
The strike continues on much the same, but Mike is anxious to end all of this especially since the replacement workers aren't producing quality materials. He tells Danny that he puts profits over principals and that Danny better get Janice reinstated with a warning.

(Just a side come she wasn't sacked when she burned down the factory? I forget. I'd think THAT would be justifiable.)

Meanwhile outside, the girls are giving Sally a hard time and Janice wants to use Blanche's cane to beat Sally. Um....more reasons why this gal is not a star employee.

Mike and Danny continue to duke it out inside and when Mike gives Danny the big 'Don't shit where you eat' speech, Danny calls Mike a hypocrite. He says that Mike had so many affairs that he probably wouldn't know one of his own kids if he stood in front of him.

Mike replies, 'I see you.'

Danny doesn't twig, or maybe he does and doesn't want to go down that path and he continues on about how Adam will inherit everything.

Mike finally tells him that he's his son too.


(Oh Danny boy, it's been a helluva week for you, hasn't it?)


John said...

I can't wait for Kirk to capture the Ceryneian Hind.

I'm with Vera - kids are far too familiar with their elders these days.

Ultimately, it's Claire's choice to continue working but she should also be aware it could have consequences for Joshua. I think she believes it will eventually die down.

I wasn't crazy about reveal of Danny's parentage. It seemed clumsy - too many pauses in the exchange. But I'm glad it's out in the open.

And yeah, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to sack Janice, not the least of which included burning down the factory.

Pamer said...

I think Janice avoided getting her cards from the fire cuz she ended up in 'ospital. You can't fire someone when she's bruned just cain't

It was Nick who got the sack for the fire i think.

missusmac said...

Nick got the sack for two reasons: one, he wasn't very good at his job, and two, if Mike admitted Janice burned down the factory taking a fag break, he wouldn't get insurance.

Soooo, if I recall, Janice got to stay, as long as she kept her mouth shut, Mike got the $, and Nick got the boot. And everybody's happy...

Did anyone else notice Chesney's comment that Bill hasn't been around. He's "been in a broad..."

And Les admitted he was drunk at his wedding to Janice, so didn't know there was a cake involved.

John said...

Oh yeah, I forget about Nick's involvement in that scene. He was sort of a prototype for young, ineffectual middle managers at that factory, wasn't he?

Jacqueline said...

I'm just suprised that Les has never been to a wedding that he wasn't so drunk that he didn't realize that the wedding cake was being handed out to guests.

Pamer said...

yeah and I'm sure Les has at least seen 4 weddings and A Funeral to know about the cake tradition. They are really making him out to be a tool

John said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure there have been weddings where the bride and/or groom have been too loaded to notice details like what is done with a wedding cake.

I can see where in Les' younger days, he would have been drunk for days around his wedding.

When I was 17 (it was a very good year), I was handed a wrapped up piece of my brother's wedding cake, which I quickly unwrapped and ate. I was informed by my sisters that this is bad form and that one is not expected to actually consume the tiny piece of cake you're given. It's one of those rules that just never made sense to me. How can you NOT eat cake?

But back to the topic at hand, I prefer Les as the former crook trying to build a semi-respectiable life, rather than the cartoonish stupid dolt.

Jacqueline said...

Okay, Billy is Cilla's grown up son.

I consulted the Oracle and found out that we will get to see Billy down the road.

Glacia claps.

Now I'm going to eat the wedding cake i have in my freezer. I love wedding cake.

Pamer said...

Shades of Scorpius!!!

I just had to go to YouTube and watch some classic Mighty Hercules after seeing those pictures of Herc, Newton and Wilamene